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Do you Know If You have “Trapped” Sales?

Discover The Secret To Unlocking Sales Hidden In Places Your Tracking Cannot See, Because It Wasn’t Setup To See In These 4 Specific Places…

How To Find Out If You Have Trapped Sales In Your Sales Funnel…

Imagine you’re sitting on 100’s, maybe 1,000’s of sales and you just can’t SEE how to unlock them… yet?

If you could see the hidden sales, obviously, you would do something about it right?

Of course you would, which is why this could be the most important piece you read all year.

If you’re a direct response marketer selling either ecommerce, digital, physical, or service-based products, then I can almost guarantee this crisis is affecting you.

4 “Trapped Sales” Problems & Their Solutions

1. Increase Conversions With Better Tracking

[Case Study] When BT Financial Group wanted to increase online leads, they turned to a tracking expert. By using the insights gained from a proper tracking setup, they increased online conversions of their application by 60%.

2. Reduce Cart Abandonment With Better Tracking

[Case Study] Brian Gavin Diamonds is a Texas-based jeweler that specializes in custom engagement rings. Its ecommerce site is responsible for 95% of its sales. In just the first month of having better tracking, the company was able to identify that it had over $500K in abandoned sales. Based on insights from their new tracking setup Brian Gavin Diamonds was able to realize a 60% increase in customers.

3. Optimize Your Sales Processes With Better Tracking

[Case Study] Air Show Buzz (ASB) is a hub for air show and aviation enthusiasts. They needed to measure video views, online sales, the usage of a downloaded application, and the impact of social media. After making the decision to setup better tracking, ASB was able to finally see impact of popular content on sales and employed strategies that pushed visitors to the right content which led directly to revenue increases.

4. Increase Advertising ROI With Betting Tracking

[Case Study] Optimizely offers innovative, data-driven marketing solutions for its clients. The company was looking for an equally data-driven solution to provide rich user insights and to bring users back. Optimizely’s new tracking setup paid off with solid results. The company saw 59% lower costs-per-click (CPC) and not only did the numbers prove the campaign worked, but customer testimonials began to pour in about how much Optimizely’s users loved the ingenuity and creativity that went into personalizing the advertising experience.

These case studies and more can be found here.

With better tracking, you can improve every aspect of your marketing and sales…

What these case studies tell you is that with better tracking, you can improve every aspect of your marketing and sales. From lower click prices, to higher conversions, to reduced cart abandonment and more.
There is no marketing problem that cannot be solved through better tracking. And you could even say the key to solving every marketing problem starts with better tracking.

How To Choose The Right Tracking Tool
When So Many Are Available

A good tracking tool must be…

  • Above and beyond anything else, the tracking tool must be ACCURATE.Make sure you choose a tool with the credibility and track record you can bet your business on, because you will be betting the future of your business on their accuracy.
  • In order to solve the many varying marketing problems you will encounter, the tracking tool must track more than just clicks and conversions. It should track every activity a visitor could make from view time to button clicks and even video plays.
  • Massive integrations is a necessity because what good is a tracking tool that doesn’t integrate with all of your other tools? Including ad networks!
  • Obviously, it must be affordable. If you can’t afford the tool, then it’s not helpful is it.
  • Lastly, and maybe 2nd most important, you must trust that the company isn’t sneaking a peek at your funnel. There are many new tools on the market run by marketers who are quietly peering through all your data to create their own funnels. Or WORSE, holding live events revealing your secret tactics.

We’ve hired a former Googler to create a conversion tracking masters course that makes tracking easy for you.

He recommends 1 tool over everything else…

  • Tracks clicks, conversions, funnels, events, and more. Even allows you to block bots and click fraud.
  • Native integration with the world’s largest ad networks and every major marketing tool currently existing.
  • It’s FREE!
  • It’s the world’s most used tracking solution and backed by a billion dollar tech giant. They have acres… ACRES… of servers ensuring you the most accurate tracking under the sun.
  • You can trust that this company isn’t going to swipe your sales funnel and become your competitor. Nor are they going out of business anytime soon.

Former Googler Releases Conversion Tracking Masters Course That Teaches You How To Unlock Trapped Sales From Your Sales Funnels


And Doing So With The World’s Most Powerful… and Free… Tracking Tool

If you’ve been struggling with setting up tracking for your whole funnel, then obviously this course is a no brainer for you. It’ll pay for itself the first month just from the trapped sales it helps you unlock.

What if you’ve already got tracking though?

When I sit with clients, one of the first questions I ask them is if they have tracking already set up. 9 times out of 10 they have only elementary level tracking setup. Do you have cart abandonment tracked? Are you blocking bot traffic and click fraud? Are you tracking scroll depth and video view depth?

Then I would urge you to keep reading, because you have a lot to gain from a better tracking setup. You can’t see where you’ve got hidden sales hiding in your sales funnel.

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