The BPM Method for Facebook Ads

[Dominate] & Scale
The BPM Method combines the power of branding, with the expert execution of performance marketing.
This complete operating system will change the way you think about advertising and how you execute Facebook ads, forever.

Relevance – Relationship – Rapport. 
Ever wondered why some products and services sell better than others?
Despite the product or service not being as good as the ones not selling?
Brand-driven Performance Marketing.
Ever wondered why some advertisers are more in control of their campaigns than others?
Or how they can churn our consistently amazing results?
Brand-driven Performance Marketing.
Ever wanted to know exactly how to target your perfect customer, at the perfect time with the perfect ad?
And get them into the perfect funnel and becoming loyal customers?
The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method is a collection of Frameworks responsible for helping me profitably spend well over $30M in Facebook ads and my agency overseeing over $1M per month in ad spend (on top of the millions I’ve invested in TV, paid search, direct mail and more).
In fact the BEST investment I ever made was reading marketing books and learning from experienced brand marketers, and bringing that into the world of performance marketing.
This has been the spine of my success with Facebook Advertising since failing with my first ads in 2012.
My methods are older than Facebook itself… and it’s now all updated and ready for 2020 and beyond!


Business managers, accounts, pixel mastery, data, insights, funnels, templates and more!
How to get started from scratch to clever use of custom audiences, lookalikes and structured testing PLUS a MEGA LIST of audiences you can use TODAY!
Learn tried and tested copywriting strategies and develop the right creative formats to reduce costs and increase conversions.
The Graduation Framework: my signature strategy that’s served me well for so many years, despite the changes within Facebook- Learn how to test audiences and creatives efficiently without wasting spend.
 Your toolkit for reducing your costs and improving your profits including the Ads Sniper Strategy and The Punisher Method.
Maximise profits with every ad, ad set and campaign to squeeze lower CPA and higher ROAS.
A breakdown of tools and techniques to improve results through conversion rate improvements in your sales funnel.
Automation allows you to run your account on semi-auto pilot, as long as you define and test the rules that work for your account together with CBO.

First, understand how scaling works and then master the GT-CBO method, V-Scaling, and H-Scaling.

and a course which remains up to date as it’s the same material we use in my agency!
I’m giving away my agency’s templates for you to use in your business or for your clients – these took many years to develop and thousands of dollars to create.
Audience research and creation is one of the biggest challenges for many. Let this bonus swipe file take the effort out of thinking up new audiences and uncover new ways to use your existing assets.
You’ll get access to a student only private Facebook group full of past training videos and designed to allow you to network with and learn from your fellow students.



A complete guide on how I master ad copy and avatars. Download and swipe my exact formulas to build relationships with your audiences.

  • Video & Written Based ‘Do It Yourself’ Learning Via Online Portal
  • Instant Access To All Online Modules From Account Setup, Marketing Strategies, Testing, Optimisation, Scaling and Automation
  • Course Lifetime Access
  • ​Course Lifetime Updates
  • ​Software & Service Discounts On Tools I Use To Profit & Scale
Congrats on taking your first step towards Facebook Ads domination! 

WARNING: my training works and makes people a lot of money when applied correctly. Agencies use my strategies for their clients, business owners buy the training for their team and entrepreneurs get great performance for themselves.

BUT it requires YOU to put the hard work in, to learn and implement. Just follow the path and see the transformation others like you have already experienced.
Here’s what you’ll receive today:
  • Full Training Course: Full access to the Marketing, Ecommerce, Testing, Optimisation & Scaling Frameworks plus more from day 1.
  • Advertising Operating System: Take our entire agency advertising operating system that we charge 5-figures for to use right away in your ad account.
  • Lifetime Access: You’ll retain access to the course and any updates for the lifetime of the course
  • Bonuses: Cheatsheets, funnels, case studies and student Facebook group.

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