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Giant Marketing Kit v31

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated because you want to increase your conversion but haven’t been able to do that?

Do you want to be able to increase your sales, but something is stopping you?

Have you ever felt like tweak your sales letter, reduce your selling price, and you want to increase your conversion, but sadly it doesn’t always work for you.

You get some results, but not consistent results; and that’s frustrating. And it’s difficult to keep the right mindset. However, you know you also get frustrated because you may need to spend thousands of dollars to get your conversion increase, and that deep down inside sometimes. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Here’s the thing.

My name is Maulana Malik. I’m a Web Designer and Developer since I was a kid, and for the past 5 years I’ve been working with hundreds of IM Gurus to help them increase their conversion and sales!

“Maulana is my secret”

Maulana is my secret!!! He is the man behind my record breaking WSO‘s Commission Overload and Profit Snatcher!! This is one of the best web designers and developers in the game- PERIOD!

With sexy themes and design layouts your guaranteed to increase your conversion! Take action and click the BUY button- Maulana is the best and great to work with!

Congrats brother!

But first, why do you care about conversion?

You care because you know how the math works.
A 1% improvement in conversion can make the difference between getting rich and going broke!

10,000 visitors x 1% conversion = 100 sales
10,000 visitors x 2% conversion = 200 sales
10,000 visitors x 5% conversion = 500 sales!

with the same amount of advertising,
a 4% increase in conversions can mean

Now, most people would think “what I need is a designer”.
But a designer is going to cost you a minimum of $2,000 and you
STILL WON’T get as many great marketing tools as you’ll get with :


Giant Marketing Kit v3

Giant Marketing Kit v3
All in Single, Huge Package of
Marketing Goodness for ALL MARKETERS!

Affiliate Marketers can use GMK to create AWESOME Landing Pages!
Product Owners can build Amazing and Highly Converting Product Designs!
Offline Marketers can create even more compelling websites for their clients!
Website Flippers can use it to build sites with Amazing Graphics making the sites Easier to Sell!


giant marketing kit is a very popular marketing kit firesales giant marketing kit is a very popular marketing kit firesales with thousands of happy customers. Giant Marketing Vol 1 & 2 kit crowned as JVZoo Pick Of the day, which proves that this product has a good quality

we are now proudly introducing a new volume : Giant Marketing Kit Vol. 3 : FLAT EDITION

Giant Marketing Kit IS NOT just graphics collection, it includes :

Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Ultimate Mascot Creator V.3
A TON of graphics collection

Landing Pages
Ready To use Mascots
a grand total of 30 modules! unlimited ideas and use!


attractive appearance – guaranteed to skyrocket conversions!This approach to flat design doesn’t use visual effects such as gradients and shadows, which can cause compatibility problems between different browsers. A flat UI also tends to be easier on the user’s eyes due to the lack of depth and bright colors that can cause eye strain.

Less Is More!Flat design is very much in vogue right now – In short, flat deisgn is aiming for simplicity, clarity and an emphasis on user experience. Your design will be easy to navigate, with information presented in a clean, uncluttered way. This means looking at every single pixel on your store and evaluating it’s influence on user experience.
fast loading – great for SEO!A properly designed website using flat design will load much faster than a conventional website using memory intensive graphics and images. And search engines reward fast websites with higher rankings. This is a huge benefit of flat design.

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