Power Prism:
Captivating Customers in Chaotic Climates


After 22 years of teaching entrepreneurs to build prevailing business, nobody in the marketing space has a better formula for Definitive Selling Proposition than we have right here in Planet Perry. And I have a growing number of clients to prove it.

Michael Strickland built Ship A Car Direct into an internet dominating Powerhouse. Ed Harycki created LoanBuilder which was purchased by PayPal for megabucks. LoanBuilder is the #1 small business lender on the planet today. Mark Riffey sold his software company for $32 million two years ago and is continuing to grow it 20% a year.

Tim Francis founded Great Assistant. Mark McShurley turned the roofing industry on its ear. Finn Peacock built SolarQuotes into the #1 solar power clearinghouse in Australia. Shanyn Stewart turned her tax consultancy into a multinational conglomerate.

These are just a very few quick ones off the top of my head.

But I am disappointed and alarmed because to be blunt:

98% of clients, despite our best efforts, STILL have CRAPPY USPs and nothing even resembling a DSP. So even though John and I have never been better at pulling this off when we have a willing client, I am concerned because we are in VERY dodgy, volatile economic times and most peoples’ messages are lame.

It’s worse than that, though, because of AI, the clock is ticking for every single person reading this to


Once and for all. Before someone else does. 

If you do not solve this problem now, you are going to be buried. I estimate you’ve got 7-13 months before you are in deep, serious trouble. You need to fix this NOW.

Why A.I. is urgent right NOW

A.I. is transforming industry after industry from 70/30 or 80/20 to 90/10. 10% of the players rake in 90% of the money. That means fewer winners, more losers… with the winners winning bigger than ever before.

Houston does not need 55 roofing companies. It needs 5 or 10. Once A.I. has done its work there’s only gonna be 5 or 10. This is even more true in online industries that do not involve hammers and nails and shingles.

Power Prism is about NAILING the things that A.I. cannot nail for you and giving you the pieces that A.I. can assist you with so that you become one of the prevailing players instead of just another also-ran.

And it’s not like you have to wait six months for the benefit. You can start crushing it now.

Online content and information marketing transformed nearly every industry 15-20 years ago (and left legions of old-school players in the dust forever). Now it’s happening all over again with A.I.

That’s why there has never been a time when it was more imperative to wield a sales message that penetrates epic levels of noise and clutter… grabs your target customer by the jugular.

Advertising is insanely expensive. It’s so hard to find people who can manage traffic well. Almost none of them will fix a bad offer.

Labor is expensive and in short supply. Your own fixed costs have gone up 15-40% since COVID. Government assistance is long gone, interest rates are high, money is hard to borrow, and an increasing number of competitors are desperate, willing to undercut prices to make it to next week.

90% of people fall far short (despite having been warned for years: You betta get your sales message dialed in.You betta fire back a rock solid answer as to why they should pick YOU instead of any and every other option).

Everyone attempts to solve this with hacks. More click-baity headlines… more intrusive tactics. They churn out more QUANTITY of content with “the power of A.I.” (even as quality of content suffers)… chase workarounds, schemes and shortcuts… ramping up activity, casting about for the next piece of driftwood they can grab, burning out the clutch.

There’s gonna be a lot of dead bodies washed up on shore.

They’ll have nobody to blame but themselves.

A.I. only hastens your demise, because it doesn’t solve any of your fundamental problems. It only makes your existing problems obvious to more people. Most use A.I. to churn out more mediocrity. Diluting coffee grounds with sawdust.

A.I. has all but eradicated the need for humans to do lower and even intermediate level marketing tasks. It has deteriorated $100 per hour gigs into $10 per hour grunt work…and in some cases made them simply evaporate into mist.


Yet A.I. has catapulted true high level thinking to unprecedented levels of power.

A.I. will help you write copy. Pretty good copy, if you ask it the right questions. I and many of my clients are using it to shave hours off every week. It’s a godsend.

But it won’t tell you what’s superior about your product or how to position it. It won’t build you an ‘espresso machine’. It won’t make your business into a Star. It won’t turn driftwood into treasure. It won’t make a mediocre service worth 10X the price you’re asking.

BUT… When you are the undisputed #1 choice, able to command premium fees because the essence of your offer is well defined, A.I. opens all manner of delicious new avenues to you. It doubles the productivity of every staff member, enriches your cash flow and accelerates your next product to market even faster.

Power Prism Straight-Lines You to a DEFINITIVE Selling Proposition

John McGee and I developed a set of tools we call Power Prism. They are astoundingly effective in getting to the core of your customer avatar story … buzzing through the skepticism and media noise like a chainsaw.

When we sit someone down and ruthlessly roll through the process, we hit pay dirt.

(Or else we figure out you shouldn’t even be in that business in the first place. Which is every bit as valuable. You might as well find out now and change course while you still can.)

By the end of the process you:

  • Increase your fees 30-50%
  • Get Fast Return On Investment from paid traffic
  • Play with the big dogs
  • Celebrate record sales months
  • Issue a crystal clear sales message impervious to competition

“Isn’t This Just Definitive Selling Proposition?”

My sales leader, Tiffany, was chatting with a very sharp marketer the other day about Power Prism.

He said, “Looks like it’s Definitive Selling Proposition stuff. I’ll just buy that course.”

Couple problems with that….

FIrst Problemo: While many people have purchased the DSP course over the years…and I stand behind it 120%…very few, if ANY, marketers who buy it seem to actually DO the stuff.

How do I know?

Because we (me, Josh Long, Robert Michon, John McGee) never see ANYONE who has a killer DSP.


We see a lot of entrepreneurs who THINK they have one. 

Pro Tip: Customers rarely buy the thoughts inside your head.

In 4 hard scrabble, brass knuckle videos, we will lay your sales message on the anvil of truth and HAMMER it.

By the end of video one you’ll know exactly where your positioning is VULNERABLE.

By the end of video two you’ll have an A.I. playbook to help you strengthen those weak spots into durable steel.

By the end of video three you will have the irreducible core of your Definitive Selling Proposition and know how to deploy it for massive advantage.

By the end of session four you will know how your DSP can help you leverage Star Principle, Simplify, and THE business strategy of the 21st Century…

Network Effect. 

You’ll see how your message can be a tool for benevolent world domination.

Second Problemo: The DSP course is $1497 and covers LESS THAN HALF of what we will cover in Power Prism, which is …$1497 for New Renaissance members. ($1995 for non-members).

Essentially the same price for FAR more tools, insights, and ACTION. 

Yes, we will cover DSP essentials in Power Prism, but this is DSP squared.

DSP cubed. 

DSP for the A.I. age. 

DSP with Star, Simplify and Network Effect baked in. 

In fact, if you ask us nicely we’ll even throw in the DSP course so you’ll have that too. 

How’s that?

Perry, Is A.I. Really Making All This As Urgent As You Say?

Yes. Because while most people are just using A.I. to do proofreading, make outlines or plan vacations, some are using it for deep competitive intelligence and write sophisticated software programs.

Chris Downey is writing software in 3 days that takes his colleagues 5 weeks.

The distance between the A.I. doers and the huddled masses is increasing by the hour.

Most of your competitors are asleep at the A.I. steering wheel. But not all of them. 

It only takes ONE rival, playing their cards well, to bury everyone else… including you. And their advantages don’t even have to be obvious.

The best moats are moats that are invisible… it looks easy to knock off but In Real Life it’s devilishly difficult. Like client Matt Coffman who builds websites and does marketing for therapists. Many people have attempted to knock him off, but it’s much tougher business than it appears to be, and his systems are humming like transformers in a 500 megawatt electric substation.

That’s what I love best about Network Effect for Mere Mortals. Because in all likelihood, your “Nail It” sales proposition is going to nail it because of some below-the-radar power move that doesn’t fit into a bumper sticker or tidy elevator speech.

John McGee and I developed a set of tools we call Power Prism. They are astoundingly effective in getting to the core of your customer avatar story … buzzing through the skepticism and media noise like a chainsaw.

When we sit someone down and ruthlessly roll through the process, we hit pay dirt.

(Or else we figure out you shouldn’t even be in that business in the first place. Which is every bit as valuable. You might as well find out now and change course while you still can.)

By the end of the process you:

  • Increase your fees 30-50%
  • Get Fast Return On Investment from paid traffic
  • Play with the big dogs
  • Celebrate record sales months
  • Issue a crystal clear sales message impervious to competition



Video One: Spike Your Volatility Resistance Score by 20 Points or More

A fast powerful exercise to “score” your business and show you is trapping you at the sub-$100/hour level and what to do to move up to $1,000 per hour or more …

Rapid-Fire, John and I show you ..

  • What your current traffic illuminates about your business’s defensibility
  • What your difficult customers are telling you about your power
  • What your competition’s growth tells you about your A.I. vulnerability
  • One sure indication of whether your product, service is street-ready?
  • Your Secret Sauce: Is it a secret … and is it a sauce?
  • Is your value visible? This keeps entrepreneurs stuck in the $50/hour sand trap like nothing else
  • Is your light shining too wide and too weak? Weak beams mean you never get to $1000 per hour
  • What does the Power Prism say about your promise? Perhaps the number one key to getting ot $1000 per hour

And more. At the end of the video you’ll know what’s keeping you from earning $1000 per hour or more and have a plan to eradicate it and level up.


Video Two: Your Power Prism Artificial Intelligence Playbook

Scott Schang has developed some razor sharp tools to help you craft your Power Proposition in Hours … not Weeks.

Here are some of the A.I. X-Rays Scott Will Share …

  • How to Do Comprehensive Competitor Research & Analysis Fast

Conduct meticulous research to “spy” on your competitors’ strategies, offers, propositions … and uncover weaknesses you can exploit

Quickly compare customer stories and gain invaluable insight into their buying processes. Do you know why your prospects decide to buy from your competition?

You will.

  • How to Do In-depth 360-Degree Customer Analysis

Scott will show you how to execute an examination of your unique customer base

How to use your online reviews, “oral histories” and case studies to find out if your messaging matches your customers values, desires, and bleeding necks.

What are you missing? What dangerous assumptions are you making?

  • Using A.I. to Quickly Craft a Compelling & Differentiating Story

Scott will show you how to merge insights from competitor research and customer analysis to create a compelling narrative … and sales-grabbing offers

Scott’s strategies will help you highlight your unique selling propositions and distinctive benefits. Carve out a “value gap” between you and your competitors and capture attention and interest like never before.

Plus, Scott will give you his “A.I. Power Prism Playbook.” A quick and easy-to-follow guide for how to do all this fast and furious.

If you are not using A.I. tools like Scott’s to slice all the flab and gristle from your Prime Rib Proposition … you must assume your competitors are.

The race is on.

Scott’s insights, strategies and playbook will help you catch up … or sprint out to an insurmountable lead.


Video Three: Your Power Prism Promise

We Put Your Business on the Anvil and Pound Out All the Slag Until You’ve Got a Purified, Powerful Proposition

  • The s-i-m-p-l-e but profound “equation” you must solve to perfect your funnel-filling promise
  • Are you wasting money on traffic … that’s keeping you stuck at a mediocre income?
  • The least expensive way to get the hardest and most expensive conversion: The FIRST one.
  • How to narrow your focus to the highest paying, easiest to work with customers … who gladly pay you more money
  • How to “force” your customers to do what you say … and get tremendous results … and give you glowing testimonials … or else.
  • Are you promising what your customers really want? Can you deliver what they really want?
  • Why you need a guarantee even if you don’t guarantee anything … how to craft an implicit promise that pulls profit
  • What your worst customers tell you about your USP
  • What the Power Prism shows you about your products, processes, systems, delivery mechanisms, and customer service … and how to tweak them to boost revenue

By the end of this video, you will know the irreducible core of your clearest, most powerful, most unique messaging and how to use it to craft killer offers …


Video Four: How to Propel Your “Chainsaw to the Clutter” Sales Missive into “One in a Million” Territory

In this video, you’ll look at your Power Prism and apply the most powerful 21st Century business strategies. Star Principle, Simplify, Network Effect … from powerful messaging to world-domination strategy.

Josh Eaton and his Top Speed Golf crew knew that mediocre messaging was fine for organic, unpaid, warm traffic.

But to truly succeed in a competitive, noisy, distracted, expensive, skeptical market … they needed unique, eye-ball-grabbing, uber-confident messaging.

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Download Size: 3.3GB
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