The Freelance Formula is a practical formula for building a 6 or 7 figure freelance business, that eliminates overwhelm, provides a clear roadmap, and works no matter your business history or skill set.

Fit in and Fail

Seth Godin said it best, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

Your question, do you stand out?

Learn step-by-step how to get recognized and sought after for your unique talents (even if you’re not sure what they are).

A Complete 6 or 7 Figure Business in a Box

Instantly deploy a system to select a unique specialization, attract clients, close deals,
and earn more money in less time—all templates included.

Architecture of Your Evolution

The precise roadmap you’ll follow (with examples).

🔳 Roadmap to 6 figures in 60 days

🔳 Evolve from 6 figures to $250K

🔳 Exact steps to go from $250K to $500K to 7 figures


Internal Evolution

Science-based tools to build a confident mindset.

🔳 How to overcome analysis paralysis

🔳 Rid yourself of overwhelm and spinning

🔳 Productivity systems of high performers


The Market of One Model Evolution

The mental model that will change the way you view freelancing.

🔳 The 5 steps to build a differentiated business

🔳 Scale from services to products

🔳 Case studies of 7 figure freelancers


From Zero to Legit Business in 4 Hours

A precise roadmap to get through the red tape and straight into earning $$.

🔳 Exactly what you need to do to start your business (LLCs, bank accounts, etc.)

🔳 What you need and what’s a waste


Position Your Practice

Learn how to position and message your practice.

🔳 Simple process to identify your most profitable customer

🔳 Harness the “jobs to be done” framework to select a profitable specialization

🔳 Secrets of selling to small companies vs big companies (and the best place to focus)


Value Pricing Secrets

How to earn 10X more in half the time—no tricks or gimmicks—just a more effective strategy.

🔳 Understanding the 3 kinds of pricing strategies and how to pick the right one

🔳 Stop trading time for money with Value Pricing

🔳 Case Study: How I landed my first $50K deal, and first $100K deal (and you can too)


From Order Taker to Strategic Advisor

Be seen as a trusted advisor, not just “another one of those.”

🔳 The 3 tiered engagement model to reach 7 figures

🔳 Give advice rather than implement projects

🔳 Creating scarcity to ensure predictable revenue (counterintuitive!)


Business Development Blueprint

Attract clients even if you hate selling.

🔳 A precise system to close clients FAST

🔳 Attract clients without wasting hours on building a “personal brand”

🔳 The 2-hour/week ritual that will guarantee you 6 or 7 figures in predictable income


BONUS: Six Figure Proposals

Close 80% of clients using this framework

🔳 How to lead discovery meetings (with templates + checklists)

🔳 How to lead a second meeting (with templates + checklists)

🔳 How to lead a proposal meeting (with templates + checklists)


Client Management

Turn a single engagement into a 7 figure relationship.

🔳 Secrets of profitable client management

🔳 The exact systems to implement

🔳 How to go from one-offs to strategic retainers (no charging by the hour)


The Referral Framework

A precise process to use referrals to generate consistent business.

🔳 The exact messages I use to cultivate 6 figure referrals

🔳 Templates included


Evolving to 7 Figures with Tier 1 Clients

How to land Tier 1 clients, no matter your skill set.

🔳 Trade up to Tier 1 clients that won’t blink at $50K engagements

🔳 Demystifying selling to big companies

🔳 Secrets to systematize and outsource

  • Transitioning from full time corporate to 7 figure freelancer overnight!


Money Management

Where and how to allocate the money you learn to ensure optionality.

🔳 How to start with zero money

🔳 How to manage cash flow

🔳 How to deal with taxes, budgeting, etc.


From Side Hustle to 7 Figures

How to start while working and quit your job quickly (without ever taking a pay cut).

🔳 Secrets of a FAST transition

🔳 The 1 step you can take TODAY to profitably quit your job

🔳 Side-hustle strategy—how to earn 5-6 figures on the side


Outsourcing Formula

How to profitably have others do the work (if that’s what you want).

🔳 When and how to outsource work

🔳How to keep 80%+ margins

🔳 Traps to avoid


Learn to Enjoy Your New Found Freedom

Learn to truly enjoy your success without fear (whatever your definition).

🔳 From 7 figures to 8 (if you desire)

🔳 Realizing your version of success

🔳 Living a free lifestyle—mentally and physically—while building your business


BONUS: 1:1 Personalized Roadmap

🔳 We’ll meeting to establish your 30, 60, and 90 day action plan

🔳 It will be a rock solid plan to reach your goals

🔳 This is a $2K value yours free as a founding member


BONUS: Lifetime Access to the Community

🔳 Now you’re never in this journey alone

🔳 Normalize success

🔳 Take inspiration from those ahead of your, and help those behind you

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