The most honest statement you’ll read about Business Acquisition today:


BEING ABLE TO SELL is the KEY to succeeding in Business Acquisition, and that critical skill is finally attainable through:

Dear Business Acquisition Practitioner,
Do any of these statements describe you?
  • I’m not getting results as quickly as I’d like in my Business Acquisition journey
  • I’m having trouble actually connecting with potential Chairmen, Board Members and potential Acquisition Partners
  • I can’t get past the gatekeepers to reach the decision makers
  • Even when I do connect with the decision makers, I’m hearing NO a lot more than I’m hearing YES
  • I find the conversations I’m having difficult and uncomfortable
  • I’m beginning to wonder if I made the right decision… maybe I should just quit
If any of those do sound like you, keep reading…
Several times per year, my Sales & Marketing head, John Sanpietro, and I get together with the members of my VIP Group.
We discuss many things, and help the VIP Members work through any challenges they’re having.
Inevitably, when someone is having difficulty moving forward, whether it’s finding a Chairman, Board Members, or potential Acquisition Partners, it’s because of one issue:
Lack of Sales Skills!
To put it simply, they just don’t know how to sell.
Whether you realize it or not, the Business Acquisition Process is one sales presentation after another. Think about it:
  • You have to sell yourself, and your idea, to a potential Board Chairman
  • You have to sell yourself, the idea, and your Chairman to potential Board Members
  • You have to sell yourself, the idea, your Chairman, and the Board to potential Accountants and Lawyers
  • You have to sell yourself and everything else to banks for financing
  • Then, and this may be the hardest part of all, you have to sell a potential acquisition partner and convince them to let you acquire their business!
  • Hell! You even have to sell to get past the gatekeepers!
As we like to say… “If You Can’t Sell… You’re S.O.L.!” (Shit Out of Luck)
And here’s something else nobody is telling you:
The time when you could just get on the phone, make 1000 phone calls, and count on acquiring a business is long gone!
Because you are not the only person acquiring businesses! There are private equity firms, consolidators and “bots” (many of whom have no idea what they are doing).
The only way for you to succeed in Business Acquisition… I mean, really succeed… is to set yourself apart from the bots out there. And the way you do that is to elevate your sales game.
So, that’s the bad news – You can’t sell.
That’s not your fault. When you learned about Business Acquisition, the odds are you weren’t told it was all about being able to sell. Probably because if they told you that, you might not have jumped in.
BUT, here’s the good news – You CAN learn how to sell!
Nobody was born knowing how to sell. Somewhere along the way, they were all taught. And if they can be taught, so can YOU!
To that end, back in March, John and I conducted a unique, live, day-long event called:
This full-day, virtual event was incredibly well received by everyone in attendance:

The event not only included sessions on various, critical sales topics, conducted by John Sanpietro and me, but will also featured live roleplays, which we conducted with some of the attendees! (more on that below)
During the sessions, here are just some of the topics we covered:
  • The Sales Mindset – What it is and how to get it!
  • What You Need Before You Make Any (and EVERY) Sales Call at any stage in the Business Acquisition Process!
  • The Important Differences Between Selling To Potential Chairmen, Board Members, Experts, Banks, and Business Acquisition Partners
  • Opening Lines That Get You Noticed!
  • How To Use A ‘Sales Script’ Without Sounding Like You’re Using A Script!
  • How To Handle and Overcome Objections!
  • How To Listen During Sales Calls (The MOST Important Skill!)
  • The Three Things You Never Want To End A Sales Call Without!
  • How To Close A Sale Effectively!
…and more!
Perhaps the most valuable part of the Sales Summit were the roleplays you’ll get to listen in on! Here’s how they worked:
Either John or I played the role of the person our attendee was trying to ‘sell’ to. It could be a potential Chairman, Board Member, Accountant, Lawyer, Bank or Business Owner/Acquisition Partner. We detailed a specific situation, and they attempted to get through the scenario with a successful outcome. At the end of the roleplay, we then analyzed the conversation, pointing out the positives, as well as what we thought needed improvement.
During our Masterminds, these roleplays are often the most popular segments, and where the greatest practical learning takes place.
Here’s The Bottom Line:
When you’re finished watching the Sales Summit, you will have elevated your sales skills dramatically, opening the door to more quality conversations, more positive interactions, a faster sales process, more closed deals, and faster, more efficient success!
An even though the live event has passed, we happy to tell you the entire Summit was recorded, and you now have the opportunity to access those recordings for a limited time!

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