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“I Will Show You Every Step-To-Take And Exactly HOW To Take Each Step, To Reach A Full-Time Living Online In As Fast As Six Weeks (Or Less!)”

Eric Louviere Coaching

I Just Brought In Over $50,000.00 Last Month With This Same “Niche Marketing System” I’ll Be Showing You (Step By Step)!
dotpoint82 You Don’t Need Your Own Products!
dotpoint82 Heck, this can be run on your smart phone!!
dotpoint82 My Staff Will Set You Up With Your Own Niche System FOR YOU!
dotpoint82 Weekly LIVE Group Mastermind Calls! (And recordings)
dotpoint82 Private Facebook Group!
dotpoint82 Access To All The Content From My Last Blitz (it was 4-weeks!)
I’ll Act As If I’m Starting From Scratch With No List, No Contacts, No Big Advertising Budget, No Big Skills, NOTHING… And I’ll Breakdown For You Every Move… Every Step… Every Single Thing I’d Do (and have done) To Reach Six Figures From SCRATCH… All Within 6 Weeks Or Less!!
Dear Friend,
Oh my! This is the blueprint you want.


I’m going to start from scratch… and act like I have nothing to my name. I mean nothing!

I’m talking no list, no contacts, no branded name, no guru status, no skills, no big budget, no nothing…

And I’m going to walk you through every single move and step I’d take to produce a six figure income within 6 weeks or less!

I mean, listen, I’ve done millions online and have been at this for 10 years now, totally kicking ass. I’ve helped countless people reach full time incomes online and I’ve had former employees reach a million per year and even a million per month!

I know my stuff.
People pay me as much as $50,000.00
to $72,000.00 per year to consult them!
But in this new blitz program, you will be able to get access to an absolute, full, complete, BLUEPRINT you can follow step by step (point by point) to reach a hefty income fast!

How powerful is that?

My intention is to lay out the best blueprint or plan you can follow and trust in that it works. This blueprint is real and it’s not some black-hat technique or some gizmo scheme that is bound to get slapped and stop working next week.

This is a REAL plan and blueprint you can follow today, right now and even next year or beyond because it will still work and it will stand the test of time!

Besides, that’s the right move to make anyway, focus on a REAL business not some stupid scheme that is bound to lead to frustration and depression.
Get busy generating cash flow!
98% of people in this same market you are in… never get even the simplest online business live and functional online, even after many years of being in this business chasing “the dream”.

Answer these questions honestly (don’t be in denial):
1 Do you currently have a niche market picked and 100% committed to? Seriously, what’s your main niche market you are attacking right now?
2 Do you have a squeeze page up and online and functional, live and able to get subscribers?
3 Do you have auto-responder emails loaded up in your auto-responder account so your subscribers can get emails from you? Do you even have an auto-responder account?
4 Do you know how to set up a squeeze page? What do you use to set up squeeze pages or lead capture systems?
5 Do you have affiliate offers you promote?
6 Do you drive any traffic at all to your stuff?

Most likely, you have none of the above. Sure, you might have dabbled with each of those above and learned about each of those above, but show me your squeeze pages!
I’m not being rude or harsh here,
I’m waking you up!
Frankly, I’m not looking for tire-kickers or people who live in “poor-me-world”… it’s time to either step up to the plate or get off the field.

I don’t mind being the one to make people out there realize they are not cut out for this either. Heck, if I can help people to stop wasting their time, I’ll be that guy.

It does not bother me a bit. I’m saving them from a decade of wasted time and disappointment. They’d be better off going and getting a new job.

This is why for the past two years or more I’ve mostly focused on higher-caliber people who “get it!”

I’ve focused on the people who are willing to put skin in the game. Tire kickers and people who want something for nothing simply clog-up our business and cause harm.

Instead, I want passionate, positive people who are motivated and ready to make something happen! I want people who are driven to generate cash. I want people who are willing to do whatever it takes.

Increase your confidence!

You can do this! I mean, teenagers are making big money online… people from all walks of life! Anyone can do this.

You just need focus and leadership and someone who knows what the heck they are doing to show you the way and help you!
Raise your confidence
up higher right now!
Be bold and confident and inspired!

Be the best YOU!

Go grab opportunity and seize it! Make things happen. Go get motivated and go get obsessed! Take leaps of faith and risks!

But for the love of all things sweet and juicy, please stop bouncing around all over the place and get laser focused on ONE way to earn money!

I know plenty of morons who earn huge incomes simply because they focus on ONE THING! That’s it. They are not even good marketers or smart. They barely know what they are doing… yet they earn big incomes because they stuck to one thing!

FOCUS and Confidence and persistence! That’s all it takes!

Raise your game up! Get jacked-up. Get super inspired! Explode your confidence and walk around with your head held high!
I’ll Get You Started… Then You Take
It From There And Keep It Going!
Listen, I’m not going to do this forever… but for a limited time, I’ll take on a small group of people and rock their worlds fast!

I’ll blow them away and get them all set up in their own online business fast!

Finally, you will be able to see your business live and in color online. You can show your friends and family and say, “Hey, look at my business by going to my site here!”

I’m going to whip you into shape and I’m going to take 6-weeks and transform you into a winner who is loaded with confidence and who has their own online business!

Are you ready to finally play the game instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the rest of us play the game?


Hey, most people are not ready to earn money and they continue to sabotage their own success. If you are not ready and motivated to earn money, then you will continue to sabotage it because money does not match-up with your personal attitude.

C’mon, it’s time to step-up and make something – anything – happen in this business.
If you don’t EVEN have a squeeze page,
then you are NOT even playing the game!
Do you have a squeeze page live?

If not, you need this blueprint worse than you even realize. If you do not even have a squeeze page up and live online, then you are just watching and observing the rest of us play this game of business.

You’re up there in the bleachers, in the stands, watching us play the game. You are busy eating hotdogs and popcorn cheering us on, yelling at us to throw the ball, yet we are the one’s down here on the field having fun, getting dirty, scoring and having a blast!

Where are you?

Get in the game already!

I’ll take you and show you the way in this BRAND NEW PROGRAM!
OK, Here’s What You Get:
In a nutshell, simply read the following benefits of this quick and exciting program and decide if this is either for you, or not:
dotpoint40 I will show you a full-blown, NEW blueprint system you can follow to reach up to a six-figure income fast.
dotpoint40 I’ll show you step by step and I’ll act as if I have no list, no name, no skills, no budget, no contacts, nothing…!!
dotpoint40 I’ll do LIVE group sessions teaching every insight and step weekly for six weeks!
dotpoint40 I’ll answer every question for you via emails and live group sessions
dotpoint40 I’ll add you to a private FB group for six weeks of access!
dotpoint40 I will set-up a full blown, custom, online “niche” business system for you!
You come away with your own signed-off, full-blown, business system…FINALLY!
Here are some more exciting details about this 6 Week Program:
  • You can even sell this business I set up for you if you wanted!
  • This is a six-week program!!
  • I will be a content creating machine over the next six-weeks to cover every detail I possibly can on this simple system!
  • I’ll send you video after video with simple step-by-step actions to take
  • I’ll get on live group calls and coach you personally on these calls
  • I’ll record the calls
  • I’ll answer any of your questions on the calls
  • I’ll personally tweak your system for you on these calls
  • I’ll work on your system and do some heavy-lifting for you!
  • I’ll do some copy tweaks for you (huge and worth the price alone!)
  • I’ll even help you set up the entire system for you!
  • The target is to get you profits earning fast!
  • Some will earn in a matter of a few days! Others a week or two and everyone better earn profits within 6-weeks!
  • The system is based on earning income from a unique system I’ve used and also taught friends and family how to do too! (It’s simple)
I’ll show you the real nuts-and-bolts for driving traffic and earning up to six figures, even if you are:
dotpoint82 Brand New
dotpoint82 No List
dotpoint82 No Name
dotpoint82 No Skills
dotpoint82 No Budget
dotpoint82 No Product Creator
dotpoint82 No Tech Skills
dotpoint82 No Time
dotpoint82 No NOTHING!
If you can follow my simple instructions and understand the words coming out of my mouth, then you can do this blueprint!
Show up with nothing but a desire to succeed and a willingness to take action and I’ll help you get to pay dirt!
One of my clients told me that all he wants is to simply generate some quick money and later he will go after six or seven figures. He wants to be rich someday but right now, he just wants results and money coming in.

He’s been at this for years too, so he’s motivated to simply bring in cash-flow so he can tell his wife that all those countless hours in front of a computer paid off.

I mean, he’s like, “Screw Making Millions Like You Eric, I’ll Be Happy To Just See Profits Coming In… Later I Can Go After Millions!”

He said as soon as he physically sees the cash coming in… then he will go “bat-crazy” to scale-up and reach six figures fast! He would work until his eyes bleed once he sees the money coming in.

I can totally relate to this and I see more clearly now what so many good people want and need, which is simple, quick results!

That’s why I want this to be a short, quick, to the point, mind-blowing 6-Week Program!
Basically, This Is A ‘6-Week BLITZ’ Program To Get
Cash-Flow-Profits Coming In For You QUICKLY!!
I’m taking a small group and I’m going to school them for the next 6-weeks on every single step to take to get real cash-flow-profits coming in. This is going to be a blast!

The live calls will be epic and life-changing! The content will be smoking-hot for earning money and the breakthroughs will be off the charts!!
This System Is A Simple, Yet BRILLIANT, Niche Marketing System For Earning Quick Profits With As Minimal Action Needed!!
Although I will teach every step needed and really cover every loose end, the system is quite simple and is carefully designed to help you get to pay dirt fast and with as little action as necessary required.

This is a brilliant marketing system that will blow your mind, and it is a system you can depend on too for the long-term!

This system is where so many marketers miss the mark and fail miserably, so if you’ve tried affiliate marketing before and failed, it’s because you have not done it THIS WAY!
Early in the year, I did a 4-week blitz and taught a ton of content for that blitz program. If you buy this BRAND NEW 6-week blitz program, you get access to all the content from the past 4-week blitz program I did earlier in the year!
Get access to the 4-week blitz I did early 2015 as an added bonus (no charge).
Note: If you bought the 4 week blitz, you do not get the 6-week blitz free. You’ll have to buy this new program.access to the 4-week blitz I did early 2015 as an added bonus (no charge).
Eric… My Man… This Is A Tremendous
Opportunity… But How Much??


I’m only looking for a small group of people who are ambitious and serious, but I’m going to make the program affordable to anyone who is serious.

This program can be worth 100X what you pay for it because once you get revenue coming in, everything changes! What if you went on to earn six or seven figures!?

I’ve seen it happen so many times I’ve lost count!

If you want the REAL truth and a quick system, then this is what you are looking for right here!

The cost is a one time $997

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