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Barefoot Blueprint

An Investment Newsletter For Wealth Builders
Treading Their own Path to Above Average Wealth

Let me level with you on one thing. You will never get rich quick.
No matter what the hustlers tell you, it just isn’t true.

But there is a Blueprint to true wealth – a slow, steady, safe method that, over time,
turns trickles of money into raging rivers.

Want to see how it works? Read on…

Dear reader,

Close your eyes a moment. Actually, that’ll make it hard to read – leave your eyes open, but I want you to do something for me. Don’t worry – I think you’ll enjoy this.

I want you to picture a life without any financial stress. If you don’t know what that looks like, let me paint you a picture…

When the weather turns ugly, you plan a holiday to Bali, without wondering where the money will come from. Sounding good?

Sick of your boss? Let him know just where he can put his job – because you’ve got enough socked away to afford a few months leisure, looking for the dream job that has (until now) eluded you.

Maybe you’ll even wind up working for yourself, with no boss at all. That’s the choice I made, and trust me, I haven’t regretted it for a second!

Imagine going shopping without a pit of fear in your stomach, wondering if you’ll overdraft this month, or add another digit to your credit card debt.

Picture being able to afford to buy a nice new HDTV… and then mounting it on a wall without worrying about security deposits, because you own the wall!

Have kids? Tell them they can do anything, knowing full well you’ll be able to afford whatever fancy uni they get into… and maybe even spoil them with a year’s walkabout after. And when misfortune befalls someone you love – when illness or injury strike – you can put the rest of life on hold without worrying your financial ship will sink.

That’s the sort of life that everyone deserves. Unfortunately, most people think it’s reserved for people who wear suits, carry briefcases, and enjoy cigars and liquid lunches. Or those born into wealth.

They are wrong.

When you decide to hang ‘em up and retire, it shouldn’t be a superfund balance that determines your future. If you do something about your future today, retirement doesn’t have to be an awkward boot out the door from your employer, complete with gold watch, and a one-way ticket to claim the pension. You can do it on your own terms… and we can start right now.

Living The Barefoot Life

I’ve got a secret for you – you can live a life free of money worries. I don’t care if you make $20,000 a year or $200,000 – with what I’m about to teach you, anyone can do it.

I know –this sounds like the kind of promise you hear from every get-rich-quick character out there… not to mention a few ‘legit’ financial planners too!

I should know – I have seen firsthand how that system works – bleeding customer accounts through fee after fee…

That’s not what I’m doing here. In fact, this is the opposite – I left that world because I couldn’t stomach the way it treats clients. I believe people deserve to know the truth about their finances. Afterall, you’re the one slogging away at the old coal mine to earn it.

Instead of figuring out how to bleed people –I want to show them how to help themselves.

Folks with a bunch of letters after their names like to make personal finance sound complicated. They like to obfuscate by using specialised language when plain language would do better (like saying ‘obfuscate’ instead of ‘confuse’!)

I’ve got a few words for those people…

By teaching you what the insider’s know… showing you the common-sense principles that are behind amassing true, real wealth… I’m going to show you exactly how to take control of your financial destiny.

When I’m done, you won’t even need me anymore (though I hope you’ll think of me fondly). When I’m done, not only will you have complete control of your financial destiny – but you’ll never lose your way again.

It won’t happen overnight. Outside the lotto, there’s no such thing as get-rich-quick.

But that’s also the secret to the success of this Blueprint. If you’ve got the patience to follow through on it – and not everyone does – but if you do, than I can show you how anyone can become a millionaire.

And while it may not happen overnight, it won’t take your whole life, either. And you won’t have to live like a starving artist in the meantime.

In fact, if you follow the Blueprint successfully, you’ll have more cash in the bank… have more time free to spend how you like… and more chances to treat yourself too. In short, I can show you how to turn almost any amount of income into a safe, steady path to a million dollars.

And over the next several minutes, I’m going to show you exactly why I can make this bold promise, and exactly how we’re going to put seven figures in your pocket.

But first – why should you listen to me in the first place?!!

It won’t happen overnight. Outside the lotto, there’s no such thing as get-rich-quick.

Who Am I? And Why Should You Care?

My name is Scott Pape – though you probably know me as the Barefoot Investor.

Look around the financial news, and you’re sure to see me pop up – whether on TV, or one of my weekly newspaper columns syndicated around the nation, or helping Richard Branson get his Aussie venture off the ground, or kicking back with Warren Buffett, or explaining the ins and outs of tax policy for the Australian Government.

I’m the go-to man for journos on TV and in print when they need finance explained in simple language, and the go-to man for wealthy individuals like AFL players, or powerful organisations like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

I could go on, but I won’t bore you – you didn’t come here to read my CV.

What is important, though – and what has made me one of the most trusted financial advisors in the country – is that, even though I work in finance, I’m not really part of the system.

I’m an outsider

I grew up in Ouyen (never heard of it? Don’t worry, no one else has either). I chased the bright lights in the big city and, as soon as I made enough money, bought my own farm, where I now live and raise sheep (and a family).

I’ve never been about the newest tech toy or the fanciest car like a lot of the people I’ve worked with – for me it’s always been about financial freedom.

It may sound corny, but it’s absolutely true – I don’t much care for designer digs or swanky suburbs. I care about freedom…

The freedom of living without debt hanging over my head … or worrying about how I’ll pay my next bill. The freedom of owning my own home outright … and knowing, when it’s time for me to whack on the gold watch, I won’t have to second-guess if I’ve saved enough to retire.

I don’t have that black shadow hanging over me. And you know what? Neither do the thousands of people who’ve kicked off their shoes and walked with me over the past decade.

Who are they?

Barefoot Blueprint

They call this the ‘Bundle of Wealth’

Why? Because it’s full of reports, videos, podcasts and exclusive invitations to live events that will help you grow your money and begin to build passive income.

This is my life’s work and all my best gems are here for our Blueprint Community to take advantage of 24/7.

Become a member today and start treading your path to a life of financial freedom. (Please note all resources are delivered digitally).


Who’s a Barefooter?

They come in all shapes, sizes, ages and occupations. But Barefooters all have one thing in common: they’ve made building wealth a priority. They may not be flashy talkers, but they’re slowly and surely heading towards incredible wealth and – even more importantly – financial freedom.

Financial freedom can mean different things to different people. I’ve helped one woman set up her own yoga studio in Bali… and I’ve helped pensioners get their super performing like it should. I’ve helped a literal Barefooter live a life where he surfs every day… and I’ve helped young couples figure out how to afford retirement, save for their kids’ education, and take a big holiday every year.

To be clear – not everyone is cut out to be a Barefooter. It takes a certain amount of commitment. But here are some things you don’t need to worry about:

  • Your age. A tenderfoot working his first job or a pensioner finishing her last are equally welcome – and will get just as much out of going Barefoot.
  • Your income. Flip burgers or own a business – doesn’t matter. The principles I teach apply to everyone – and will help everyone too.
  • Your savings. I can show you how to start investing with as little as $2000 – and, if you don’t have that much, then you really need to become a Barefooter! Everyone has money to invest if they have power over their own super fund. I’ll help you get that first nugget saved away, so we can get you on the path to wealth.

Of course, not everyone is ready to be a Barefooter. It’s like playing an instrument or quitting ciggiess – you have to want to do it for yourself, not for anyone else. So ask yourself…

  • Do you want to live a life free of financial storm-clouds?
  • Have you ever struggled with a stubborn financial obstacle? Like a debt that just won’t go down, or savings that just won’t go up?
  • Do you know where you want to go with your money but you struggle to get your partner or your family on board?
  • Are you ready to commit to a plan – one that can dig you out of any financial hole… and teach you how to stow away as much money as you’ll ever need? And by plan I don’t mean ‘budget’ necessarily…

If you answered yes, then I think we should get a Blueprint in your hands today. You’ll make a great addition to the team, and we would love to have you on board.

And when I say team, I mean it. I’ve got my own parents signed up, my in-laws, my friends and a few of our competitors following my Barefoot Blueprint. My staff too – because we aren’t just trying to make a buck. We believe in this stuff!

Turning Common Sense Into Uncommon Wealth

“Your stuff is just common sense,” an old bloke once said to me when I was introduced to him at a media gig.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” I retorted.

See, I reckon that what the investing world needs is not more graphs and tables, not more confusing acronyms like ‘CFD’ and ‘NTA’, not more miracle schemes that will ‘triple your money in 30 days’.

What it needs is some common sense. After all – it’s not really that common. If it were, there would be more independently wealthy people walking around today.

That’s why I started the Barefoot Blueprint. The wealth-building strategies I teach you in the Blueprint are all common sense – there’s nothing magical about them. It only appears that way.

Because if you follow the principles I lay out in the Blueprint, after a couple years you’ll see you’ve ‘magically’ got more money. And that money will help you make more money – until, at the end of the day, even with just an average salary, you’ll be a millionaire.

Hmm… So what’s this Blueprint anyway?

In the Blueprint I get down and dirty. I wade into the mud and help you find the nuggets that will make the difference between a payday-to-payday life, and one where you’ve got millions in the bank.

It doesn’t take a huge salary. It doesn’t even take crazy frugality or a starving artist mentality. It just takes a few sensible decisions… a few sensible steps… a few common-sense practices that allow even an average wage-earner to have seven figures in the bank.

In the Blueprint (and some special bonus reports I’ll send along as well), I’ll walk you through each decision you have to make. I’ll help you…

  • Set Up Your Buckets – so you save and invest a bit each month without scrimping on life’s little luxuries.
  • Create And Manage A Portfolio – because, while you don’t need to have millions to invest, you’ll never get millions without investing. We have two rules when it comes to investing: Never lose money, and slowly but surely compound your way to incredible wealth. In the Blueprint, I’ll show you how to do both.
  • Live The Six Steps To Financial Freedom – the most important message I’ve got. This is my entire lifetime of lessons boiled down to the essentials – the six things that every financially free person does – and anyone owned by the bank doesn’t.

Blueprint will teach you everything you need to know to become an expert investor.

Want To Master The Markets? I’ll Show You How To Make Them Work For You

Common-sense finances are a great start to the Barefoot path… but to become a millionaire, you need more. That’s why the Blueprint goes beyond just getting your finances in order – and teaches you how to accelerate the growth of your wealth.

As part of that, each month, I’ll give you a specific stock that my team and I have researched, vetted, and given our seal of approval, complete with buying instructions.

If you’ve never used the stock market before, consider these picks a pathway to safe, reliable investing. It’s an easy way to get started. And even if you’ve already got an investment portfolio set up, these stocks will make a fine addition. In fact…

  • Last year we beat the pants off so-called professional fund-managers. 7 of our 9 recommendations finished the year with higher prices than their purchase price.
  • Our top stock gained 66.25% – in less than a year!
  • More than half our recommended stocks have delivered double-digit share price gains… and they’re paying out healthy dividends on top of that! (Quick tip: Dividends – profits a company shares with stockholders – are where the biggest money is made. That’s the secret all successful investors know – our big gains in share price are just icing on the cake.)

If you follow the stock market at all, you know that’s an incredible track record.

And if you don’t, the Blueprint will teach you everything you need to know to become an expert investor.

In fact, I’ll give you a quick taste right now… showing you exactly how a little common sense can turn anyone into a millionaire:

A lot of people – those concerned with their finances – manage to put away a bit every year. Let’s say you do that – $5,000 a year, for 30 years. If you put that into a bank account earning 5%, you’d wind up with $370,413. Not bad… but not really enough to kick up your heels and relax either.

But if you put the same amount of money into shares earning double-digits returns – just like the stocks you’ll find in the Blueprint – you’ll do a lot better. In fact, if you average a 12% return – something I’ll show you how to do – you’ll have $1,501,198!

There you go – you’re a millionaire already! And that’s before you factor in the massive wealth you can accumulate from dividends, and all the rest of the financial ‘common sense’ you’ll get in the Blueprint.

How to handle bills… how to eliminate debt… even how to never pay for another car – it’s all in there!

Of course, you should have a healthy dose of skepticism before you go into this – I’d expect nothing less. And there are certainly enough charlatans in this business that you’d be wise to do your own investigation of my service.

But to help you with that, I thought I’d share some thoughts – entirely unedited – from some of my Blueprint readers, saying how I’ve helped them:

“I jumped at the chance to become a Blueprint holder. I have always been in survival mode, so now at 50 I have taken a big deep breath and taking charge of what money we have with your expert help. I started listening to you on the telly and would dash into the room when I heard you were on. Always the same advice that sounded like common sense.

I have listened to a couple of people before and lost money – I went against the principle that ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it is’. Now I go with the slow and steady approach. I began with a Mojo account and that has grown to $5,000 since I began this journey with you. In one of your emails you posed the question ‘Am I better off this year than last year?’ YES WE ARE. Thank you.”


“Many moons ago I caught your Barefoot show on network TV and decided to buy your book. At the time I was in a tough spot – I had a knock on the door telling me I owed over $90,000 in false tax claims.

Six years on, I’m now debt free, have around $20,000 in Blueprint shares, a healthy Mojo account, and have most things I’ve ever wanted. So for this I thank you!”


“I just wanted to say that today has been one year exactly since I bought my first ever shares. It’s the first of the month so I decided to log onto Computershare and see what my shares are worth.

They’re worth a lot more now than what I paid for them! My shares are roughly 66% AFIC and 33% Woolies. That’s all I own and they’ve gone up a whopping 33%. Thanks. I’ll be buying some more of the Barefoot recommendations when the price is right.”


“Thanks for your Blueprint. The best finance-related thing I have ever bought into.”


How To Become A Barefooter

I truly believe that The Blueprint can change your life. I believe it because I’ve seen it. Our subscribers are a great bunch, and they write in regularly. I love reading their emails and letters and it’s proof to me that people are seeing results.

For that reason, I want to make joining The Blueprint as cheap, easy, and useful as possible. And to that end, I’m going to shower you with goodies as well.

I’m going to give you – at no cost – 17 (and growing) invaluable reports. My business team wants me to charge hundreds of dollars for them – at least to cover the countless hours put into making them. But I’m not going to charge you a thing. Here’s a taste of what you get…

Investing 101: A Guide to Making Your First Successful Investment. Perfect for the newbie and the old pro alike. In this guide I’ll lay out everything you need to know to make money in the markets. Even if you think you know everything about investing, you’ll still find some useful nuggets here… because this guide isn’t like others. This is real-world advice, from my years working on the markets. These are the things that brokers and financial advisors won’t tell you – because if you knew all these secrets, they’d be out of a job!

How to Make Your First Profitable Investment. Once you know the basics, you need to start putting your money to work! That’s why I’ve included this report – which will take your through each step, right to the best investment I know today. Regardless of what the markets do, this investment is guaranteed to generate cash for you for years to come.

How to Increase Your Returns 20-Fold. Amazingly, even the most seasoned veterans usually make a few rookie mistakes that depress their investment returns. Correct them – and put these rules in place instead – and you’ll see your returns increase 20-fold… or more.

How to Put Your Money on Autopilot. Most people have busy lives – I know! I’m one of them! And when you’re busy living a good life, the last thing you want is to constantly worry about what to do with your money.

That’s fine – because you’ll actually make more money when you put your cash into a few key investments and then forget about it. Set up just a few key things, and you’ll make more money… with less risk… without having to worry a bit. Because, after all, that’s what this is really about – eliminating money worries and finding financial freedom. With this report, you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

The Business of Being Barefoot: My Five Lessons for Business. This special audio report is for anyone who wants to take the Barefoot lifestyle to the next level – and make it their actual business. To my mind, this is the ultimate goal – but of course, that’s because I’m an industry outsider myself! It was always my dream to escape the office politics and me-tooism that comes with being a 9-to-5er. If you have the same dream, then this special report will be an invaluable tool, showing you exactly how to escape the rat race yourself.

That’s five reports, worth hundreds of dollars, that I’m giving to you, free. It all comes with your subscription to the Blueprint.

By now, you should have a good idea what that includes – all the knowledge I’ve acquired from my years working in finance. I’m going to teach you exactly how to go from someone getting by, to someone living high.

It all starts with the core of your Blueprint subscription…

  • A monthly newsletter profiling a new investment, along with buying and selling instructions
  • Access to our entire Blueprint portfolio, with guidance for each stock
  • Updates at least once a week, looking at what our investments are doing – along with my exclusive commentary on the news of the day (insights that businesses pay me thousands for if I bring it into their boardroom)
  • Access to our entire archive of past newsletters, updates, blogs, and market commentaries
  • A number of special offers and benefits, available only to Blueprint subscribers – including special VIP discounts and sales.

I’ve known for years this information is worth much more than I charge. My wife reminds me almost daily. In fact, when I was working inside the markets, I knew plenty of brokers who charged thousands – tens of thousands – for access to this kind of knowledge.

But charging that kind of money defeats the purpose, doesn’t it! And what kind of Outsider would I be if I just did what everyone else does? That’s why I’ve always sworn to make this affordable for everyone – it’s why I’ve never charged more than $397 – and you have my pledge, as long as you’re a reader, you’ll never pay a penny more.

And I’m not stopping there. I’ve been able to negotiate a very special deal with E*TRADE for my newest subscribers. As soon as you sign up, I’ll give you a code that’s good for up to $500 in free broker’s fees at E*TRADE.

To be clear – this isn’t some coupon book full of discounts you’ll never use. And this isn’t some reduction of costs that could, maybe, add up to $500 savings if you make certain trades often enough.

No. This is up to $500 of FREE brokerage to spend at E*TRADE. And – if you’re serious about following the Blueprint and taking control of your financial life – you’ll be making trades like this anyway.

Take away the cost of a subscription – and you’re up $103 when you join!

And you don’t even have to pay a dime if you don’t like – and still keep the $500! If, at the end of 30 days you aren’t happy, you can quit – I’ll refund all your money – and you can keep the $500 from E*TRADE  (Please note you will need an ANZ bank account to use E*TRADE and this deal is for new E*TRADE customers only – it’s not available if you already have an E*TRADE account).

This is a 100 percent 30-day money-back guarantee. If, after your first month as a subscriber, you feel like you haven’t gotten value… you aren’t using your subscription… or you just plain don’t like me… let me know, and I’ll issue you a 100 percent refund of your entire subscription price, no questions asked.

And again – even if you cancel a minute into your subscription – you’ll get to keep all of your bonuses.

But that’s alright – because I’m confident you’ll be so happy with The Blueprint… with so much stress removed from your life… and so much money made… that you won’t want to cancel.

If you’re anything like my regular subscribers, you’ll be a reader for life.

But that’s far down the road. For now, I’m getting you $500 at E*TRADE just to try the Blueprint. I’m trying to entice as many people as possible with this offer – because I want to help as many people as possible. I want you to become a subscriber and join the fastest-growing community of wealth-builders in the country.

To take control of your financial life and start making money right now.

But don’t delay. E*TRADE isn’t going to leave this deal open forever – and, frankly, I don’t know when they’ll be tired of giving away $500 to our new subscribers. This offer could go away at any moment – so please, click the button below now, and lock in your subscription!

Tread Your Own Path!

Scott Pape

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