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WARNING! 99% of all real estate investors FAIL!
wealth was never meant to be a
or going broke in the process! If you have to even
leave your house to do a deal, then your chances
of failing have just gone up 90%.
Let’s see if we can fix this before you spend
another DIME on a course!

The Secret to Building Wealth is About Two Things:

●  Simplicity
●  Relationships


Have you had enough of getting involved with wealth building programs that give you zero leverage, confuse you to the point of becoming paralyzed and empty your wallet instead of FILLING IT?

If your answer is yes, then let’s go over these two key ingredients right now!

Let’s first talk about Simplicity

The first time I was introduced to this system it took me only 14 days to make my first $3,000.00.  And that INCLUDED the time it took to learn what order the agreements went into, tie up a property and CLOSE.  (And no, there were no banks involved) I was given by a friend a few simple agreements and a concept that no one seemed to be doing.  I then turned those simple agreements into this easy to understand system that is based on RELATIONSHIP LEVERAGE.

Adam King – Cooperative Purchase Sample agreements

The agreements originally consisted of two special “cooperative” option agreements, a few lease agreements and a special closing document that utilized the cooperation of the seller.  It then turned into 6 full blown strategies utilizing the exact same principles as the original program.

That’s it.

My friend didn’t tell me how to fill them out, which order they went into or what to do because he himself didn’t know!  In short, the deals were so simple that I was able to start my real estate career the VERY NEXT DAY after TWO FULL YEARS of struggle!

So what was the real reason for failing to do a deal for my first two years?  I had no leverage because I was complicating everything and making it all about me.

Since that first memorable day back in 2002, I have have been involved in hundreds of acquisitions using the principles of the Cooperative Purchase and have made some very powerful changes as I went along.   I further turned the system into a much clearer, simpler and easier to understand set of “blueprints” as well as real life examples of each deal strategy.  This was the first hurdle to get over when it came to the material.  Simplicity.

The next hurdle was fear and how to master the “people” side of the business.  And of course, that meant not only building great relationships, but knowing how to start them with ZERO resistance.

Please read on…

The Secret Behind The Cooperative
Purchase and Getting Past Fear

As you saw in the video, the Cooperative Purchase is like no other system in that it leverages the relationship of the seller, the buyer or both.  This is done by cooperatively working together in order to achieve the same result.  The SECOND I started using the “put them first” tactic in my negotiating, everything changed.  But I was still finding it uncomfortable cold calling and just going after leads. (Which by the way, is expensive as heck to the new investor too)

So what did I do?  I began to create another relationship in order to “get” sellers and buyersfull coursethat no one else was doing.

This secret is actually what made the system so easy for me to apply because it made negotiating enjoyable instead of difficult, confusing, scary or one-sided.  While everyone else was running around throwing up bandit signs (and getting fined for doing so) and cold calling, (I don’t care who you are, cold calling creates too much resistance and just plain sucks!) I was talking and meeting with sellers all day long without lifting a finger to get them, or the fear of trying to break down their barriers.

This secret was an addition to the Cooperative Purchase that used the same principles and after almost 6 years I have decided to include it at no extra cost.  It’s called The 5 Questions to Success™ joint  venture system and it allowed me to literally flick a switch whenever I wanted a bucket full of pre-screened, motivated sellers that I DIDN’T HAVE TO CONTACTED FIRST.  I even had my secretary use it and pick up deals the very first day without ever leaving the office!

What the Cooperative Purchase System Covers

How to tie up a property with an option, locate a tenant/buyer and assign your interest. (aka how to perform a Cooperative Lease Option, Wholesale a Lease option, or Cooperative Assignment)
Simple three step process on how to tie up a property with an option, locate a buyer and release your interest at closing for a check. (aka selling on straight option, or wholesaling without the headaches)
How to tie up a property, locate a tenant/buyer, assign your interest and collect an assigment fee PLUS create a promissory note for any remaining equity and get paid when the tenant/buyer cashes out by releasing your interest.
How to fully structure a land contract (or contract for deed) and hold or assign your interest.
How to option a property with little to no seller resistance by using a non-exclusive clause within your special “Cooperative Option Agreement.”
How to use the Cooperative Option Agreement to structure a lease option deal without creating any other agreements and simply assign your interest.
Full lease option and land contract structure if you have bad credit and need a home to live for yourself and your family.
Two forms of collecting on promissory notes (when you want $5K and the tenant/buyer only has $3K etc) that can be attached to the house AFTER an assignment! So you are OUT of the deal but still have leverage by utilizing the property itself.
How to set up deals out of town with real estate agents and leveraging your marketing with other investors so you never have to leave your office!
And much, much more…


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