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Not Getting New Clients From LinkedIn?

New Program Shows You How to Grow Your Business in Only 19 Minutes a Day Even if You’ve Never TOUCHED Social Media Before

How to Leverage the Power of the World’s #1 Business Social Network to Grow Your Business Virtually Overnight!

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2


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From: Melonie Dodaro

Imagine Logging Into Your LinkedIn Account and Discovering a Steady Stream of New Leads for You to Follow Up with Every Single Day!

That’s what happened to me after I finally discovered the true power of social media… social selling… and especially social selling leveraging the gigantic database on LinkedIn.

Before learning the secrets to using LinkedIn to grow my business, I struggled to figure out the right sales and marketing tactics to attract more leads, prospects and clients.

If you’re like me, you know just how frustrating that can be.

But AFTER I dug in and learned everything I could about how to use LinkedIn to effectively grow – and MANAGE – my lead flow, my business changed.

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In no time, I was asked to share those secrets with others who needed help growing their business.

At first, I was reluctant. I already had a successful business and am not one to want to claim the spotlight.

Truth be told, I’m a total introvert and prefer to spend my time alone or with just a few close friends.

In fact I think that social media has been the best invention, especially for introverts like me!

From Clueless Beginner to Author of an International #1 Bestseller – Thanks to LinkedIn!

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Of course, the next step was to write a book…

…Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead – writing a book has been one of the most gruelling experiences of my life! My new book, “The LinkedIn Code” gives you an inside taste of what’s possible with LinkedIn. But, a book has limitations and can only contain so much information.

Even when it’s an international #1 bestseller!

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2 newbestseller

Along the way I made just about every mistake possible…

That’s why I can speak with authority about what works and what doesn’t. Many of my past students immediately recognize their own mistakes. Once fixed, they see an instant boost to their own profiles and results on LinkedIn.

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You’ll Walk Away With the Skills to:

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 25 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 26 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 27

And much more!

Each module is carefully crafted to build on the one before it and once you’ve completed the course you’ll be ahead of 97% of all LinkedIn users – and, most importantly, virtually ALL your competitors! This advanced LinkedIn training makes all the difference in your performance.

Here’s a short summary of what the Cracking the LinkedIn Code training program includes:

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 28 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 29 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 210 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 211

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 213 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 212

Ready to change the course of your business for the better?

Powerful Stuff. Each module is packed with the kind of “insider info” that only someone who has mastered LinkedIn for business can really share. Aside from this powerful video based training system, you get checklists, cheat sheets, templates and real-live examples so you are ready to break through after this course!

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 214 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 215 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 216

Bonus LinkedIn Training for Real Code Breakers!

If all that isn’t enough to convince you Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0 is the training you need to take your business to the next level… how about a few bonuses that I’ve never before shared!

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 217 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 218 Cracking the LinkedIn Code 219

That’s a lot of training!

Normally, you would expect to pay a lot for this powerful LinkedIn training course that’s designed to make you a top 3% LinkedIn user. After all, once you’re in that position, the income comes faster than you ever thought possible. I know this to be true!

(I charge a small fortune to speak to corporations about this very topic. And they usually have me back several times. The value in this program is easily over $3000. You could make that back from a single new client.)


Since I want you to have the same kind of success using LinkedIn that I’ve had – and honor the people who helped me along the way, I’m offering this program for the low price of just $297 CDN.

And the best part is you can take this at your own leisure. It’s on-line and self-directed. You could finish it in a few days or a few weeks, whatever works best for you. (The faster you complete the course the sooner you could be growing your business!)

So why not invest in yourself, your future and actually profit from Cracking the LinkedIn Code yourself. Get this powerful LinkedIn training and watch your profits soar!


Before you go ahead and order… there’s ONE MORE THING to consider…

Check this out…

Cracking the LinkedIn Code is an incredible value. In fact, the price will soon rise. And I urge you to grab it now – so you can get started leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.

But before you do, let me make ONE MORE incredible offer to you… (Most marketers hide their upsells on a second page, but this is too important!)

You can also receive a full Video Profile Critique personally done by me where I review your profile and suggest changes you should make to further optimize your results.

You’ll show up at the top of the search results sooner and get found faster by anyone that is searching for your services. Not only that, but I’ll give you some extra personal comments about what you can do to make your profile pop!

The LinkedIn Profile Critique is a service I current offer for $247 and the results speak for themselves.

But as part of the launch package for my new international #1 bestseller, I’ve decided to offer anyone who invests in Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0 a steep discount.

You can add a personalized Video Profile Critique to your order for only $100 – making your total investment just $397! You save $150 – but only if you act now.

Because this is a personalized service, I have to limit these to the first 49 clients. After that, the offer closes.

Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to have me review personally review your profile and offer my personal critique with a video you can watch to make the changes on the spot.

OK, it’s decision time! Which Option will you choose?

Choose which of the following 2 options you would like to register for by clicking the corresponding Add To Cart button. See you on the inside!

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