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Product Description:

Powerful Online Training for Agency Owners

Have you ever wanted to sit down with someone that has run a successful agency and have them tell you exactly what worked? And get all the agency systems, processes, documents, and so much more? That is what the Agency Playbook is all about.

This program is only for owners that want to build a team or that already have a team in place. The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if carried out, will lead to results. We have organizations have that increased their results by using the principles in this program – just check out the stories all over this page. It doesn’t matter if you’re small, big, startup, or just someone who wants to get better at business, the Agency Playbook will work for you.

Actionable Strategies for Agency Owners

Over the past 15 years, I’ve created and perfected this system by running my own digital and creative agency and worked with hundreds of agency owners like you. The Agency Playbook is divided into twelve systems that every agency owner needs in order to get to the next level. Here is a breakdown of what is covered in each system.
System 1: CLARITY: Create a crystal clear path to where you are going, what you need to do, and what to say ‘no’ to.
System 2: SPECIALIZE: Discover how to become an authority in your market.
System 3: ATTACK: Develop an actionable strategy that allows you to get the attention of your ideal client from setting up the first meeting, positioning yourself as the expert, to a follow up that closes the deal.
System 4: ATTRACT: Position yourself so that your ideal clients are reaching out to you instead of you seeking them out.
System 5: NURTURE: Learn how to capture more leads, how to warm-up your prospects and get your clients to buy more from you.
System 6: PROFIT: Start charging what you are really worth and learn how to eliminate most of your scope creep.
System 7: CONVERT: Acquire the step-by-step process we used to close 80% of the business we wanted and the single strategy you can use to increase your chances of winning a pitch by 20X.
System 8: DELIVER: Find ways to streamline your delivery for more profit and learn how to take on more work with limited resources. Get the exact process for protecting yourself on delivering work to the client including all of the documents we used: change order forms, creative brief, questionnaires. Also, learn ways to interpret what the client really wants, obtain sign-offs, and so much more.
System 9: PARTNER: Learn who to partner with to help drive additional revenue. Build a list of allies / partners that can help you generate larger revenue than you can alone. Learn the scrappy stuff we do to get partners thinking of us, plus how to identify the experts and get them to spread your message.
System 10: AUTOMATE: Build a business that makes you money even when you’re not working your butt off. Discover how to set-up processes and systems so you do not have to do everything yourself. Learn what you need to automate in your business and what systems you can use to do so.
System 11: OPERATE: Running a business is hard! Learn how to establish a better cash flow, how to bonus your team, and how NOT to give your employees ownership while giving them incentives and a sense of ownership.
System 12: LEAD: Identify best practices for managing a sales team. Determine who and when you should hire, plus how and why to setup an advisory board. Understand, as an owner, which KPIs you need to measure and learn how to build a culture that attracts top talent without paying them top dollar.


This is where you get constant access to other agency owners and me. Enjoy the insights from other, sharp, dedicated entrepreneurs who are in the same boat as you. Share course work with our team so we can help you refine your campaigns in process. Network and get more business from inside the private group, andrReceive the encouragement of a capable community that wants to see you succeed as they do the same.


Here is a list of just a few  documents that you will be able to customize and learn from:

  • Marketing Proposal Template
  • Project Plan Documents
  • Operating Agreement
  • Legal Documents
  • Project Approval Documents
  • Financial Formulas for Cash Flow Projections
  • Key Employee Agreement
  • Spreadsheet for How to Bonus on Project Profitability
  • Scorecard for Executive Bonus Plans
  • Creative Brief Template
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Employee Separation Agreement
  • Release of Claims Agreement
  • Terminating a Client Letter
  • Creative Brief Document
  • Mission Plan Document
  • Concept Approval Document
  • Client Edits and Changes Document
  • Change Order Form
  • Project Approval and Launch Document
  • Design Team Checklist
  • New Project Setup Checklist
  • File Folder Checklist
  • Creative Process Workflow
  • Development Process Workflow
  • New Client Entry Process Workflow
  • Final Client Changes Checklist
  • Change Order Form

Got questions?

Here are the most common questions about the Agency Playbook:

Q: Do I have to attend anything? 
A. No. Everything is delivered through our online portal system, so you learn at your own pace. You’ll be guided through the teaching, coaching, and resources but you decide when and where you learn.

Q: How long do I have access to the materials? 
A. Forever. We believe you should get access to the systems you pay for as long as you’d like. Once you’re through the trial, the material is yours for as long as you need it.

Q. Will the Agency Playbook work for me? 
A. Yes, if you are an agency owners who wants to build a team or that already has a team in place and is looking to grow. The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if carried out, will lead to results. We have organizations that increased their results by using the principles in this program – just check out the stories all over this page. It doesn’t matter if you’re small, big, startup, or just someone who wants to get better at business, the Agency Playbook will work for you.

Q: What exactly do I get with the Agency Playbook? 
A. Register today, and you will get: Access to Systems 1 – 12 which include video coaching and training. Ready-to-use resources that will help you grow your business. All the agency documents and processes that we used at our agency. And so much more…

Q. How is everything delivered to me? 
A. By email. You’ll be sent instructions direct to your inbox on how to access the materials through our exclusive online portal.

Here’s what others are saying…

“We were running 1.5 months behind in accounts receivable before getting the Playbook. Since using the cash flow worksheets Jason provided we are now running current and no longer have to utilize our credit line to fund payroll…” ~ Alex Membrillo / CEO, Cardinal Web Solutions

“I love the course! I used the proposal on Wednesday to close a client on Wednesday. I’m using the concept approval tomorrow for first time. The Playbook has added a whole new level and direction to my Agency and marketing skills – yes, you can quote me on this :)” ~ JP Richards / Digital Marketing Drake

I just wanted to say, I just went ahead and committed to Jason’s “Agency Playbook” about a month ago and by the second email (not even digging fully into the Playbook itself) I started to write sales emails better (specifically my subjects) which helped potential clients reach back to me and in the process of closing a deal that will more than cover the cost of my investment. Sure, I thought “Why spend so much money on something that seems so simple” but it’s a TON of excellent content from Jason that’s helped me in just a month!” ~ Dan Marino / CEO, Dan Marino Design Co.

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