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Updating FormCraft to 2.0

If you are updating your FormCraft plugin from a previous version to FormCraft 2.0, it is very important that you read this.


The download package does include the documentation, but I have also prepared a comprehensive online documentation.

Illustrative List of Features

  • Amazing new fields (smiley rating, star rating, thumb rating, sliders, range, date …)
  • Over 23 fields, in all
  • Retina-optimized images for fields
  • Responsive forms
  • AJAX-powered form interface. Send forms without re-loading the page
  • Form validation
  • Auto-save form data for the end-user
  • Conditional laws to show or hide fields, set email recipients, set redirection path
  • File uploader with support for multiple files
  • Embed maps, videos and other widgets
  • Export and Import forms across different installations of FormCraft
  • Free online form template gallery
  • Form analytics in WordPress
  • Different ways to show forms (popup, slide up, fly in, widget)
  • Drag and drop, GUI form builder
  • Get all submissions in your inbox
  • Search through all submissions content
  • Access all submissions and uploaded files from the WordPress admin
  • Create multi-column layouts with the click of a button
  • Get all submissions in your inbox, with attachments for uploaded files
  • Customize email body for notification
  • Send auto-responders
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Compressed form data
  • Dedicated form page

What’s New in 2.0

  • Re-designed dashboard.
  • Re-styled forms.
  • Re-designed popup, fly-in, and sticky forms; now with improved and more snappy animation.
  • Improved form builder performance for the back-end as well as the front end.
  • Reduced the number and size of files loaded with the plugin.
  • Math logic.
  • Ability to search through form submissions.
  • Improved conditional logic: now specify multiple fields, separated by comma; conditionally set emails and redirection path
  • Improved file upload field, with more validation, better styling.
  • File uploads now appear as attachments in email notifications.
  • Adding a reset button in text field now works.
  • Improved captcha – easier to read, and less conflict.
  • Use Google Fonts with the forms
  • New and simpler way of using the FormCraft widget to add forms.
  • Better IE compatibility.
  • Conditional logic can now be used with the slider field.
  • Overhauled the email sending back-end.
  • New form themes.
  • Ability to bind the popup forms to existing elements on the page, without having to modify the elements.
  • Alphabetic and alpha-numeric validation now accepts spaces.
  • Custom styling for dropdown fields.
  • New method of adding options to checkboxes, radios, and dropdowns. The new method is far more easy, and allows for changing the order.
  • Radios, checkboxes, and dropdowns can have labels different from their values.
  • Custom styling for dropdown fields.
  • Multiple forms with the same ID can now be used on the same page.
  • Multiple instances of popup forms can now be used on the same page.
  • Multiple file-upload fields can now be added in one form.
  • No conflict mode to resolve issue where the theme tries to force styling on radios and checkboxes.
  • Ability to prevent multiple submissions from the same device.
  • Removed BootStrap as a dependency. Result: less conflict, more speed.
  • Ability to change the number of rows for multi-line text fields.
  • Added Password field.
  • Style sheets are now loaded in the header.
  • Ability to customize the email body for notifications.
  • Support for TLS, and custom ports for SMTP email method.
  • Changed the charting library. Result: faster loading speed, better charts, and works when not connected to the internet
  • You can now specify date-range to see analytics for a particular period.
  • Improved date-picker field.
  • Made the uploaded files more secure.


Please check out the FAQ section first to see if your query has already been answered

If you have a general query, you can use the comment section of the plugin.

If you are having issues with the plugin on your WordPress installation, please use the form on my profile page to directly contact me.

Form Templates

Visit our online form template gallery.


FormCraft retail license is not compatible with multiple sites in a WordPress Multi-Site installation. If installed in a WPMS installation, it works on the main site.


  1. MailChimp
  2. AWeber
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. GetResponse
  5. MyMail

To use the MailChimp / AWeber / Campaign Monitor / GetResponse integrations, download this free plugin
Read our integration guide


If you are having trouble installing the plugin, click here for a step-by-step guide to installing plugins on WordPress.


How to Update Without Losing Data
Note: Updates can make some important changes to the form styles. After over-writing the plugin files of the new version with the old one (do not delete the formcraft dir or the old files; simple overwrite them), check all your forms. If the styles are off at some places, go to the form builder, remove, and re-add those fields.
Note: If you are updating from a previous version to 2.0+, plead read this.

Version 2.1 (12th Jan, 2015)

  1. New Feature: Form to post
  2. New Feature: Now sync dropdowns, radios, and checkboxes to your newsletter integrations
  3. New Feature: You can disable submitting empty fields in emails
  4. New Feature: See submitter’s IP address in emails, using the tag [IP]
  5. New Feature: Users can now select multiple files for upload at once
  6. Bug fix: removed index.php from showing in file manager
  7. Bug fix: datepicker and dropdowns now work when you click on the icon
  8. Bug fix: some backend PHP changes

Version 2.0.9 (30th Dec, 2014)

  1. Minor backend changes

Version 2.0.8 (18th Dec, 2014)

  1. Feature: Math logic now allows calculating difference in dates
  2. Bug fix: Multi-column layout not working in some cases
  3. Bug fix: Using special characters in labels was breaking some forms
  4. Bug fix: Dashboard tabs not appearing in WP 4.0.1

Version 2.0.7 (10th Nov, 2014)

  1. Bug fix: BackWPup conflict fix

Version 2.0.6 (21st August, 2014)

  1. Bug fix: Better html tag filtering for input fields
  2. Bug fix: Fly in forms weren’t showing up in some cases
  3. Bug fix: Line breaks in emails
  4. Bug fix: PDF extension fix for file upload field
  5. Bug fix: Uppercase extensions fix for file upload field

Version 2.0.5 (2nd August, 2014)

  1. Security fix: File upload now uses an exhaustive list to determine which files can be uploaded

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