What would you accomplish if you could put your content syndication on Autopilot and rank content and videos while you sleep?

You want a way to get ahead of the competition in a long lasting and scalable way.

With IFTTT 2.0 you’ll be able to spend less time working on you and your client’s SEO while reaping the benefits of safe and long lasting backlink strategies that work while you sleep.


Many in the SEO world know how difficult and time consuming backlink generation and content syndication can be. You are going to learn exactly how you can save hours and hours of your time, generate more more revenue, and take advantage of a strategy that will safely rank your content and videos all over the place!

Companies have paid us hundreds, and thousands, of dollars to have these types of content boosting systems built for them – and you’ll be able to know exactly how they are made and replicate the process in no time.

Additionally, you’ll be in the company of other ambitious SEO’s, marketers, and content syndicators, in an exclusive (and private) community, sharing tips and tricks to help you get even more out of your IFTTT networks.



See Exactly How To Master These Methods

Not only will you see how IFTTT Networks can automate your SEO needs, but you’ll get access to precise, step by step, video and written training that will let you (or a VA!) build these networks fast.

Other training in the online marketing world is “incomplete” or “close to complete” – but our meticulous training program has complete screen recordings of EVERY step and is updated when changes occur – you won’t be left trying to figure it out on your own!

You Cannot Afford To Ignore Evergreen Content Syndication


  • Sell Networks For $$$ – These IFTTT Networks or “Syndication Networks” sell for hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars to clients!
  • Clients Want It – Makes fast and easy results with less effort; something clients love!
  • Saves You Time And Money – Set up once and it works while you sleep!
  • Increases Your Traffic – Get targeted traffic from many locations via IFTTT Networks
  • Increased Your Lead Generation – Having more content, more powerful sites, and “being everywhere” means YOU will get more leads
  • Content Syndication Works – “Being Everywhere” is a necessity in today’s online world

Implement Our Processes And Start Enjoying Results Like Our Students!

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Turning Your Content Into Revenue Generating & SERP Dominating Powerhouses

You don’t need to be a technical know-it-all to benefit from IFTTT Networks. With our training you will be able to generate content that will rank like crazy and get you authority backlinks, generate leads, and more!

When you see these simple, but powerful, techniques you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing it – and you’ll be glad that you’re on the inside!


IFTTT 2.0 is a 6 module comprehensive training course.

You will learn how to create IFTTT Networks that will help you

Dominate search results.

IFTTT SEO Academy 2 IFTTT SEO Academy 2


  •  Another PBN Course
  •  “How To Hide From Google”
  •  Rehashed Newbie Material…
  •  Short Term Churn And Burn
  •  An Expensive Tool
  •  An Endless Cycle Of Upgrades…

These Epic Bonuses – Are YOURS!

Bonus #1: Ongoing LIVE Webinars For YOU

You’ll have membership access to our LIVE webinars each
month where we will fill you in on any updates, inside tips, new methods, and more.

Can’t make it live? No problem, we’ll record every single awesome webinar and put it right into the members area so you can watch it when you need to!

Did we mention that Semantic Mastery is known for it’s insanely high value webinars? No?

Well – know that this a bonus worth $100’s or even $1000’s per month that you’ll get private access to!

  • Live – Up to date info when you need it
  • Private – Only for active IFTTT 2.0 members
  • Ongoing – New updates, methods, and more EVERY month!


Bonus #2: Private IFTTT SEO Group

It’s been proven time and again – interacting with others helps boost your skills. You’ll get instant access to the private Facebook community where you can learn everyone’s tips and tricks and see the amazing results people are having with their IFTTT Networks.

  • Power Of A Mastermind – Scientifically proven to boost skills, networking, and more
  • Exclusive – Only for IFTTT 2.0 members
  • Save $$$ – Private SEO groups can cost $100 or more per month!
  • And So Much More…


Bonus #3: Livestreaming Sites

We all know Web 2.0’s and social sites have real power. But something most people don’t know is that live streaming sites can be integrated into networks as well – find out exactly how we do this!

  • Additional Syndication – More properties to boost your content!
  • Easy To Setup – More power for little additional time!
  • And So Much More…


Bonus #4: Advanced RSS Tactics

You won’t believe this bonus – it’s awesome! Not only do we show you SUPER powerful ways to use RSS but we’re giving you a free plugin and automation script for even more power!

  • Free Plugin – Our custom made plugin to make your RSS feeds even more powerful!
  • Automation Script – Save even more time with our FREE social automation script
  • Powerful RSS Tricks – Combine RSS feeds, create new feeds, and tons more
  • And So Much More…


Bonus #5, 6, 7, and Beyond: You’ll Find Out Inside!

There’s even more awesome bonus material available for those who join – but you’ll have to join today to find out what it is!

  • Not Just 1 Bonus – We’ve got some great surprises waiting for you!
  • Start Now – Join all of us today!
  • And So Much More…


Thousands Of Businesses And SEO’s Are Benefiting From Our System

jeff-guyn-ifttt-testimonial-feb-2016 IFTTT-testis-1 IFTTT-testis-3 ifttt-testimonial-feb-2016 IFTTT-Testiss-1 big-difference

Why IFTTT SEO ACADEMY 2.0 Is Different

Most SEO courses teach you syndication to large numbers of “orphaned” Web 2.0 sites that get spammed and banned.

We want to show you through IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 how you can create powerful content syndication networks that not only rank your content (written, video, podcast, etc) but provides REAL ranking boosts to your websites and other online properties as well.

You are going to see exactly how to accomplish this with our step by step processes that have already shown hundreds how to achieve long lasting success.

Are you ready to generate more traffic, leads, and revenue?

It’s time to get started.

Here’s What You Are About To Receive With Your 
Premium IFTTT SEO ACADEMY 2.0 Membership

  • On Time Updates – We update fast!
  • Easy To Adapt – Solutions given step by step so it’s easy to stay up to date.
  • Single Location – You know exactly where to go for updates and new videos.
  • Instant Webinar Access – Get access to all IFTTT 2.0 members only webinars regardless of when you joined!

Module 2: Setup

  • Free Tools – We show you exactly the tools you need to make the process fast and easy…and they are free!
  • Staying Safe – Detailed walk through of making sure you create networks safely – no massive bans here!
  • Browser Configuration – See exactly how to set up your browser to make the creation of your networks safe and fast.

Module 4: Linking

  • Connect Correctly – Training includes precise and detailed connection methods so you don’t spend hours trying to it out!
  • Attribution Links – See exactly how to configure IFTTT for the best attribution links that will boost your content!
  • Powerful Recipes – Get access to our private recipes and put them to use for your own networks.

Module 5: Advanced Training

  • Best Practices – Anyone can hook up an RSS feed – do you know to get the most out of it?
  • Tiered Networks – Exponentially boost the power of your syndication!
  • Video Syndication – Find out exactly how you can get videos to rank and STAY on the first page of search results!
  • PBNs – Power up your PBNs and make them safer and more powerful!
  • Video Marketing – Boost videos like never before for solid rankings and client lead gen – a money making area that you can now take full advantage of!
  • Online Reputation Management – One of many lucrative ways to reap the benefits of IFTTT SEO!

Bonus 1: Powerful Live Webinars

  • Live & Private – Exclusive Up to Date Information When you Need it!
  • Ongoing – New updates, methods, and more EVERY month!
  • And So Much More…
  • Power Of A Mastermind – Scientifically proven to boost skills, networking, and more
  • Exclusive – Only for IFTTT 2.0 members like yourself!
  • And So Much More…

Bonus 2: Livestreaming Sites

  • Additional Syndication – More properties to boost your content!
  • Easy To Setup – More power for little additional time!
  • And So Much More…

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not already familiar with Semantic Mastery and our thorough products, you might be skeptical. That’s completely normal and why we’ve taken all of the risk. We’re offering you a 30 full day money back gaurantee.

You have 30 days to put to use this powerful training and see just how valuable it is! If you are not completely satisfied just contact our support team and we will refund your money.

We think you’ll make the right choice and us and countless others who are generating more traffic, leads, and revenue on the inside.

See you soon!

You Missed Out On This Awesome Launch Bonus…(24 hours only) Dominate Video Rankings

Our team at Semantic Mastery is comprised of SEO and marketing professionals with tons of experience using YouTube to gain business exposure.

YouTube videos are priceless when it comes to spreading the word about your products and services, and they can even help establish you as an expert in your industry.

Sure, you could spend hours, days, or even weeks scouring the web to learn how to set up your own video channel and even do a few fancy extras to make it more appealing and easy to navigate.

We want you to take advantage of our collective experience to succeed without all the B.S. that sucks your time, money, and energy.

But You Can Still Join Us In IFTTT 2.0 And Take Your Content Syndication, Rankings, & Revenue To Another Level!

You And Your Clients Businesses 
Need Traffic, Leads, And Safe + Powerful Long Term Strategies.IFTTT 2.0 Is The Way To Make This Happen!

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Price: $47 month
Download Size: 8GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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