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While some sales experts market themselves as the most sought-after, Jack Daly’s proof is in the numbers.In the last five years Jack Daly has delivered over 650 training sessions to over 5,000 sales managers, over 100,000 sales professionals, and over 100,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners. It is typical for Jack’s private clients to experience average annual sales growth of 50% and higher. Jack has been the CEO of 6 fast growth companies, receiving the distinguished award of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur-of-the-Year and being listed as #10 on the Inc. 500 list.

What You Will Learn

The Jack Daly’s Sales U™ curriculum was designed to provide Entrepreneurs & CEOs, sales managers, and sales professionals the tools, knowledge, and application to successfuly sell in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. Jack Daly pulls back the curtain and leaves no stone unturned. When you complete the curriculum, you will have the tools and knowledge to grow the sales of your business, grow the sales organization of your business in quantity and quality, and effectively build a culture that attracts A-players.

Curriculum 1 – Sales

Course 1 – Sales RX: Sales Systems & Process Checklist

In this course, Jack teaches 4 high-payoff systems that drive goal achievement for any sales professional. Jack gives practical tools and actions to differentiate you and leverage your uniqueness. Jack shares 4 power tools that help you out perform and outearn the competition. Jack shares sales processes to keep you sharp, effective, and time-efficient.

Course 2 – Turning Goals into Sales

In this course, Jack reveals the 6 keys of time management. Jack also shares pipeline management essentials and the systems you should employ to regularly drive your activities to grow new, existing and referral business. You will also learn several simple actions to take to ensure you are leveraging the internet and modelling the top producers to strengthen your sales game.

Course 3 – How to Sell More Effectively to More People: Identifying & Selling Different Personality Styles

In this course, Jack will teach you how to identify and sell successfully to all different personality styles. Jack will demonstrate how to communicate more effectively in ways that resonate with each buyer segment while teaching the 4 main personality styles and sub-styles so that you can be highly effective with even the toughest buyer. What you learn in this course will help you in every aspect of your life whether with customers, prospects, clients, management or personal relationships.

Course 4 – How to Win the Mental Game: 50% of Success is a Head Case!

In this course, Jack asks you: Where’s your head? Are you scattered or focused? Unsure or confident? “Flavor of the month” or solid plan? All the while, Jack is demonstrating that the most productive salespeople are “canned.” Jack will teach you the secret of effective time management, how to control the “controllables,” how you can raise your own bar of performance and model the masters on a road to success. Jack will also teach you where to invest your time when it comes to sales calls and how/when to ask for the business.

Course 5 – Beating Call Reluctance: Getting Thru The Gatekeeper

In this course, Jack stresses the importance of getting “IN” before you can get a shot at landing new business. Jack shares gatekeeper insights you need to know or you’ll pay the price. You’ll also learn pre-call preparation techniques that every seller must use to increase success. Jack will also reveal the five myths of gatekeepers that prevent you from getting through; ten outbound voicemail tactics that get calls returned and ten inbound voicemail tactics that add value and help you stand out. The goal of this course is to learn how to keep your call skills sharp and have FUN doing it!

Course 6 – Why Should I Do Business With Your Company?: How to Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In this course, Jack teaches how to create a unique competitive advantage that wins more business. Jack shows you how most “why” statements fall short and the key elements that create success. Jack will also advise the key areas and guidelines that get prospects wanting more and make you difficult to resist, and why different customers need different why statements. In this course you will walk away with some stellar examples to get you started in creating a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Curriculum 2 – Sales Management

Course 1 – Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur (and Sales Manager)

The premise of Jack Daly’s Sales U is simple…shorten your learning curve, learn from others mistakes so you don’t make them too, and profitably grow your sales organization in a shorter amount of time. In this course, Jack pulls from his 30 years a entrepreneur and sales manager to teach the key mistakes he made, the lesson he learned, and then teaches you how to prevent it from ever happening in your business. Jack discusses topics like leverage, systems and processes, culture, measurement, measurement, recognition, relationships, and more.

Course 2 – Sales Management Essentials – The Sales Manager’s Checklist

In this course, Jack teaches the steps to maximize your sales leadership and how to create greater leverage to grow your results. Jack shares his three key foundations for sales growth and success through the sales manager and team development game plan. In the game plan, Jack educates you on the following areas: goals achievement, key activities and minimum standards, 1-on-1 meetings, achievement tracking, accountability, training and success tools, culture systems, leadership, and motivation.

Course 3 – Recruiting Top Sales Performers: How to Multiply Your Top Line Sales and Bottom Line Profits

In this course, Jack answers the following questions: why should I be recruiting when we’re fully staffed? How should I set minimum standards of performance? I found a solid top performer outside my industry, should I hire them? How can I get help to locate sales superstars? Should others be involved in hiring besides the Sales Manager? Is using a sales profiling tool a good idea? If so, how can I best use it? Jack answers all these questions and more, teaching you the skills necessary to recruit top talent to increase your top line sales and bottom line profits.

Course 4 – High Payoff Sales Meetings That are Worth Attending

In this course, Jack teaches you the keys to success, productive, and engaging sales meetings that your salespeople actually look forward to attending. Jack first identifies the main challenges you must overcome to have a productive sales meeting, then provides twelve “Blinding Flashes of the Obvious”. Finally, Jack wil show you how to turn your sales meetings into proactive training and development time that will produce a ROI for your organization.

Curriculum 3 – Culture

Course 1 – A Winning Culture by Design: The Secret to Your Ultimate Business Success

In this course, Jack teaches you how to get bigger and better results from your team. Jack provides a real-world blueprint for building a culture of performance to produce greater productivity and results! This breakthrough strategy to create a winning culture maps out the combination of key ingredients to create greater motivation, measurement and accountability from your team. The most lucrative businesses come out of building a dynamic culture.

Course 2 – Compensation, Recognition, & Rewards for Sales People

In this course, Jack teaches techniques to increase your sales team’s productivity, including how to create effective “alignment” in a win-win compensation plan. Jack shares his four keys to produce a motivating and profitable compensation plan along with the seven elements of an effective compensation plan formula. You will walk away with the seven compensation plan components that drive your sales results, and the strategies to construct winning rewards and recognition systems that ensure consistent motivation and results that will attract top sales performers.

Course 3 – High Profit Sales Contests: Why Do Them, How to Make Them Profitable, Contest Examples That Work

In this course, Jack will teach you the building blocks of profitable sales contests—how often you should run a contest, how to find and source funding, how to select winners and use creativity to ultimately make your contests profitable. Jack will share the six factors in the sales contest design process, examples of great sales contests, twelve sales contest criteria and 35 ideas to shape them, six keys to creating a highly productive culture by design and the sales contest scorecard to be sure you get it right.

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