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“THE EXOCET MISSILE SEMINAR: How To Hone In On The Two BIGGEST Money Making Revelations Of The New Millennium!”
“At Last! Discover The Shortcut Secrets To Pocketing Fistfuls Of $$$ and Cash-In On The Biggest Money Making Revelations Of This Century…
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Now, at last, you can get the real TRUTH on the BIGGEST opportunity of this century from master copywriter Pete Godfrey….
Ultra-Profitable Copy Confessions Of a Pro Copywriter

Sit in for a full power-packed day as they reveal in this DVD …
– How to find the head turning hook that reels customers into your copy, riveting their eyes to your message.
– How to nail the “hidden emotions” your prospects feel so they eagerly embrace your message and can’t wait to order.
– How you can unleash thousands of dollars of junk in your house to a starving market.
– The SINGLE biggest element to include in your copy and why missing this element will cost you the sale every single time.
– Why your fortune depends on some basic “street-savvy”… and how to instantly install this skill straight into your brain as if by magic.
– The RIGHT angle to take for different markets so you are almost assured of a WINNING promotion.
– How to write killer headlines that stop your prospects cold and get them into your copy…compelling them to passionately read every word.
– How to use pictures, graphics, banners and other tools to bump your response!
– The ONE thing you must do to develop your copy skills and why ignoring this piece of advice will cost you BIG time.

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