The sequel is here! Learn 5 new killer shots, video editing skills, in depth theory, 360 pano’s & more in this course!

Phantom Filmschool 2 - the easy way to shoot like a pro

Course Description

Nick Bauman

“This is an excellent course and a great addition to the first one. As always, the instructor is very organized and very detailed. He does a great job making sure everything he teaches is easy to understand.


Michel Rivet

“This filmschool course 2 is a great add-on to the filmschool 1 both are amazing. The filmschool 2 teaches you how to do color grading in your videos and also you will teach how to do panorama 360 spherical and the possibility to send them to youtube, vimeo and others. if you Learnt from number one like I did you will love this new course, its so amazing. ”


This course builds on from everything taught in Phantom Filmschool 1.

The course begins with some in depth theory lectures on Heading, Rotation and Gimbal Pitch modes. Then we go into video editing specifically for aerial video and tackle color correction and exposure correction for those above the horizon bright areas. We have 5 new killer shots and then end off with the easy way to create edit and publish 360 pano’s or photospheres.

After completing this course you will have new knowledge and skills giving you a greater level of confidence when flying and shooting video. Your audience will be blown away by your awesome pro cinematic shots which will look beautiful and well edited. You will also get more quality footage per battery and fly with a greater degree of safety saving your self hundreds of wasted dollars in repairs.

Here is the curriculum

– The theory of Heading, Rotation and Gimbal Pitch modes such as interpolate (useful concepts for mastering autopilot)

– Video editing for aerial: color correction & handling exposure issues specific to aerial video

– The Rise : Basic Rise, Lookdown Twist, Rise and Pan and Rise and Reveal (4 shots in this 1 shot)

– The Lookdown approach (a beautiful new approach shot)

– The Pan (overcome the challenge of trying to do a smooth yaw manually with the left stick – just use autopilot)

– The Selfie (as seen on the Solo – 2 methods to setting up with awesome shot)

– The Up and Over (a new shot aimed at rising above tall subjects like buildings, trees etc)

– How to create, edit and publish a Photosphere/360 Pano (the easy way to do this)

You have a DJI Phantom 3 which is brilliant piece of technology. Come join this course and use your Phantom to create stunning pro cinematic video!

What are the requirements?

  • Be familiar with the techniques taught in Phantom Filmschool 1
  • Must be able to fly a Phantom & Must have read the Phantom manual
  • Must know the rules and regulations & must know how to properly calibrate a Phantom
  • Must be able to measure height of obstacles in area to ensure that you set your missions above obstacle height
  • Must have a decent PC that can run Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut or similar
  • Must have the Litchi app (camera settings in Litchi only supported on Android version)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 15 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Shoot amazing auto pilot shots with the Litchi app
  • Shoot 5 new killer shots
  • Color correct videos
  • Edit videos with high exposure above the horizon
  • Create, edit, stitch & publish a 360 pano/Photosphere
  • Understand the principles of Heading & rotation
  • Understand the principles of the Gimbal pitch modes & interpolate
  • Get more usable footage per battery
  • Fly and shoot aerial videos with greater confidence

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to master aerial videography & shoot stunning pro cinematic videos
  • Anyone who owns a Phantom 3
  • Preferable if you have completed Phantom Filmschool 1
  • Not for Phantom 2 owners

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