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Best Part:​ You can do this even if you have a tiny (or even NO) list, ZERO experience, and laughable ​technical skills.

Dear Future Rainmaker,

If you’re tired of opening your Paypal account only to see $0.00 in commissions ­ and want a clear path to $50 or $100 days, then you’re in the right place.

Below, I’m going to reveal how you can get your little hands on a proven and TESTED 4 part system that’s been bringing me cash like this almost on demand​:


With the right tools and lots of failing, I’ve been fortunate to get daily commissions like clockwork – as you see above.

But before I show you how you can too, let me ask you:

Are you ​spinning your wheels ​thinking about when will you FINALLY make any money online?

Have you bought every shiny object under the sun, but haven’t fully figured this stuff out yet?

Are you tired of the boring circle of frustration day in and day out as your dream of the I.M. lifestyle flies further and further away from you?

If you answered “yes”, I got good news for you, because I’ve created a 4 step system to destroy all the problems you’ve had with making money online.

As you can see above, I made $548.18 by spending just 19 minutes of my day.

Yes, in the time it took me to go to the store and come back, I used what I’m about to share with you ­to make $548.18​.

Can you imagine spending less than 20 minutes to create paydays like this? Well if you can, then you’re in the exact place you need to be.

Because in a minute I’ll show you exactly how to copy my success.

But, first things first:

From The Desk Of:
Jason Fulton & Andrea Fulton


Who Am I? And Why You Should Listen To Me

Hi, I’m Jason Fulton and I’m a full time online entrepreneur. I’ve made over six figures with my online ventures, as well as, helped dozens of students reach success with my help and guidance.

Nowadays, I live comfortably, providing for my family and taking vacations whenever I please thanks to my online efforts…

…and one of the main reasons I can afford these pleasures is by ​“working” just 19 short minutes and profiting ​immediately​­ anytime my greedy little heart desires.


It wasn’t always like that though…

Not long ago, there was a point in time in my internet marketing career where I didn’t even know what I was doing.

I had bought countless products, tried a bunch of methods, and wasted thousands of dollars on “the dream”.

You know the “dream”, don’t you? After all, it has been shoved down your throat by those scammy ‘gurus’ practically on a daily basis. You’ve seen them blatantly trying to rip you off: “make millions by tomorrow only by pushing one button!” Like you, I’ve blindly followed these ‘gurus’, and fallen for their tactics ­ just to later realize they don’t even use what they’re selling themselves.

This led me to a vicious cycle of buying even MORE products, systems, and “latests” tricks only to lose money hand over fist.

(To be completely transparent, some of them still remain collecting virtual dust in my hard drive untouched.)

I can’t even begin to tell you the feeling I had constantly in the pit of my stomach -­ the feeling of letting my family down as I failed over and over again.​ Watching the disappointment in their eyes as they begged me to quit and give up and do something else.

It sucked, being broke, unhappy, and on the verge of depression.

I knew I had to do something…

After an insurmountable amount of time and trial and error, it finally happened:

I Discovered The Secret Formula To Generating Unlimited Amount Of Commissions Almost At Will


I knew I couldn’t give up. I had to give it my all and keep pushing.

I built a tiny list ​and started trying to make the best out it. Testing out some of my own theories.

Tweaking and testing as I went. Some failed, some made money. I tweaked and tweaked. As soon as I made some sales, I optimized them.

Until I finally figured it out.

I ended up creating a really simple, step­by­step 4 part system for the average person like you and me. So you can see massive results when it comes to bringing in commissions with relative ease.

Now, if you ever wondered how to finally make money fall into your lap…

…wondered what to actually sell…

…what products you should stay away from…

… how everyone else seems to be making cash, but you’re not…

…and how to get these results:

See the PROOF inside My personal accounts:

Then I’m very happy to see you still here with me, because…

…If you’re not making easy cash like this whenever you want ­ then you’ve got a problem that I’d like to help with.

They Made Me Do It!

After some arm ­twisting, I shared this formula to my small circle of friends and previous students. They tested it on their own, and this is what they had to say:

Now you too can finally make money online ­- almost effortlessly.

You’ll be able to write your own checks whenever you want. Not only that, you’ll have the perfect system within minutes ­- to get tons of commissions deposited directly ​into your Paypal account…

…I’m talking about cash you can use TODAY!


Rapid Income Trigger


The secrets revealed inside Rapid Income Trigger will turn you into a commission generating MACHINE because this is…

Based on a real $100/day case study

Extremely unique method

Simple step-by-step system

Very easy to do

100% newbie friendly

Gets results within 24 to 48 hours


Let’s Have A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside…

  • I’m going to show you how to find a red hot converting offer every single time that generates you instant commissions.
  • A quick-fire shortcut to generating 100% success rate with your promotions (Hint: It’s extremely simple and you can do it in seconds) ­
  • How to (ethically) mesmerize your prospects into buying every offer you put in front of them using ‘The Trigger’ (Never before seen in this industry)
  • Look at Your Paypal Account for instant commissions being deposited

Yes, if you have eyes, ears and fingers, you can do this.

Just look at what I was able to do implementing this exact system in a day (when I played around most of the day)…

You can expect to see income like this…


Warning! Rapid Income Trigger is NOT:

Not about boring SEO.

Not about creating complicated videos.

No product creation involved.

No Tech Savviness needed

Not about waiting a long time for commissions ­ your commissions get deposited straight into your Paypal account!

Would You Trade 19 Minutes To Make $119.69 Per Day?


Now quickly, let me break it down…

Step 1: An exact never fails plan to uncover products which will bank you 100% commissions every single day.

Not every offer is created equal. There are tons of offers which are toxic and kill your chances of making a single dime. Follow this step to find exactly what to use for maximum opportunity. And which offers to avoid like the plague…

Step 2 ­ A quick-fire shortcut to guaranteed commissions

Yes, it’s true ­ there is a specific step to make sure you get the correct information. There are nightmare stories about not being paid when you take your time and make commissions. This is crucial to making sure you get the money you deserve. Follow the instructions and you won’t have any issues.

Step 3 ­ “The Trigger” – This unique method converts even the coldest and most skeptical prospects into a daily buyers. 

Now this is the bread and butter of the entire system. When spending just 19 minutes to implement this “trigger”, you will have the power of marketing and mastery on your side for the lifetime of your online career. It’s something no one shows you in the online world which is near and dear to my heart. Which is why you NEED to have this information in your arsenal. Follow the steps and you’ll be amazed.

Step 4 ­ Check your Paypal Account.(Yes, That is All)

Yes, the step is for your gratification and accomplishments. Once you complete the others steps, you can relax or repeat the same process whenever you’d like to feel the rush of commissions filling up your bank account.

It’s an amazing feeling to have this kind of control over your business and life. Which is why I’d be doing bad by myself to keep it locked away.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

“How Much Is Rapid Income Trigger?”

You might be concerned that Rapid Income Trigger, with the 19 minute trigger ­will cost you quite a bit…

…and, in all honesty, it really should.

After all, Rapid Income Trigger has already helped dozens of people achieve daily commissions almost on demand​, faster and easier than ever.

First I want you to think about how much it will COST YOU not to finally take control of your life. How will your family feel if you’d keep spinning your life in the same circle?

There are horrible and scary outcomes which I’ve seen in the past from folks who pass up on HUGE opportunities. Words like Divorce, Alimony, and Bankruptcy have been thrown around.

And I’d imagine the cost of making your freedom a reality, to be well into the thousands (most likely priceless…)

But, come on ­ as much as I’d love to charge a high ticket price…

…you probably already have spent an arm and a leg ­ so let’s subtract what you’ve already spent and add it to this investment.

Naturally, the price of Rapid Income Trigger sold by itself will be $47 (which is a complete steal), but that price is NOT for you. I’ll explain why in just a moment…

Here’s what this will do for you…

Give you freedom to live life and spend time with your family more often

Relieve you of money stress once and for all

Create a skill 95% of marketers don’t know ­ and use it for the rest of your life

Create real happiness inside yourself, knowing you can provide better

Alone, Rapid Income Trigger can help you become more successful, but I get objections all the time. With the first one being “I don’t have a list ­ Do I need one?”

This is where my good heart comes into play. I’ve got you covered when you pick this up today.

To make your journey easier and with less stress, you’re also getting at no cost​…

Fast Action Bonuses

(for those that grab this today)

Bonus #1: ​No­List Method (Retail Value $47 FREE!)​­ Now you’ll be able to generate those commissions WITHOUT a list. Perfect for beginners who need some cash FAST!

Bonus #2:​ $270.64 & 44 Sales Case Study (Retail Value $​97 FREE!)​­ In this 5 minute video, I show you how I made $270.64 in only 48 hours. Follow what I did and replicate it on your own.

Bonus #3:​Solo Ad Hit List Rolodex (Retail Value $​97​­ FREE!)​­ You’ll also get access to a list of the best of the best ​solo ad providers, ​revealing even my most private contacts that deliver consistent, high converting traffic with the peace of mind you’d expect from established professionals.

Bonus #4:​Facebook Mastermind Group (Retail Value $197 ​­ FREE!)​­ To top it all off, you won’t feel alone anymore. You’ll join a community of like­minded people and action takers like you and be able to discuss strategies and get instant feedback.

Total bonus value: $438​­ Yours FREE today!

As you can see, I’m giving you EVERYTHING you can possibly need to succeed.

Now Rapid Income Trigger should have a retail value of at least $47 ­ and that’s excluding all those incredible bonuses.

And, when you add in the bonuses, the retail value of Rapid Income Trigger is $97

Yet, that price is NOT for you as I have a much better deal headed your way.

Of course, you could choose to continue down the path you’re on right now and end up spending double or triple the investment you’ll make today in other lackluster courses, trainings or even very expensive coaching.

You could even try to figure all of this out on your own, figuring out how to build your own system from scratch, not making a single dime and losing more money than you’ll make.

Keeping the pressure from life on…

But that’s not what I want for you. I simply cannot let “price” get in the way of you achieving YOUR online goals.

This means you won’t even come close to paying $97 ​for Rapid Income Trigger today only, and only on this page.

No where close to that!

Cut that price in half… and you’re STILL not close!

It’s not even $27!

Rather, your investment today in Rapid Income Trigger, which includes over $438 ​in quick­start bonuses is:

Just 1 tiny payment of only $7.

That’s right, for less than a ticket to the movies, you can get my formula to start getting a flood of INSTANT CASH PAYMENTS straight to your account.

But you must hurry though…

Rapid Income Trigger is set up as a dimesale. Which means the price increases every sale. So if you want to get it at the lowest price​ you must get it quickly.

I like rewarding action­takers, and that’s why I’m limiting this offer to only three days. This means after 72 hours, I’ll be taking this formula off the market.

So act fast and click on the “Buy Now” button below​ to lock in your discounted price today for only $7.

Sales Page: Click Here
Price: $9.95
Download Size: 690MB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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