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Webinar Legend eClass

by Allen Bogdanoff

The Webinar Legend eClass Turns Newbies into Pros

Jason Fladlien is reinventing Webinar Legend to focus more on helping webinar-hosting newbies from the ground up. Sounds interesting? Then join us in a webinar Sept. 27 at 12 PM PST.  We will update this page if we snagged an exclusive replay for you. Register for the webinar here.

Webinar Legend eClass is one of the most comprehensive courses that teach an internet marketer how to create a webinar that can turn visitors into customers. This is another brainchild of Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos that allows marketers to learn the techniques of putting on successful webinars.

Jason and Wilson are known for their informative webinars (we’ve all seen them), and with the Webinar Legend eClass, you will be able to create high-quality webinars too. The Webinar Legend eCourse is priced to be affordable, at two payments of $97 each spaced one month apart.

A Little Background on Jason and Wilson

Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos are also well known for some of their other programs, you may have heard of (or even own) S3Flowshield, WP Twin, or WP Squeeze Pro, to name a few. The list of programs they have authored is long, and gets longer by the day. And with the launch of Rapid Crush Software Club, the productive duo have gone into overdrive, launching about 2 new applications per month.

What is the Webinar Legend eClass?

One of the easiest marketing strategies that a marketer can employ is to host webinars. And if you want these webinars to work to your advantage, you need to master some of the profitable tactics that can be used while you present them.

Just a few years ago, not a lot of people knew what webinars were and how they can be used as part of their marketing campaigns. Fast forward to today, and most professional marketers are giving webinars. You may have seen a webinar or two posted on YouTube or shared on Facebook, and I’m sure you have received many webinar invites in your email inbox.

This threefold focus of the Webinar Legend eClass is, I think, a good method to organize the discussion of how to give webinars for fun and profit.

Focus 1: Valuable Presentation

The general rule in creating content – any content – online is to make it as valuable and as high-quality as you can. As they say, quality content is king.

The same goes in creating a webinar. You need to present information that would add value to your attendee’s life. The Webinar Legend eClass will teach you how you can make an enjoyable webinar experience for your potential customers and how to create a “closing” that can generate sales for you (with 25 included webinar “closes” that you can use).

Focus 2: Technical Support

The Webinar Legend eClass in my opinion does live up to its promise of assisting amateurs to learn how to give a webinar. Even marketers who aren’t technically inclined shouldn’t have any problem keeping up with the process – from start to finish.

Jason and Wilson will also guide you all the technical aspects that you need to be familiar with when you are making a webinar. Learn a technique that uses Gotowebinar to “follow up” on you attendees, as well as the right way to monetize your webinar recordings.

Focus 3: Getting Traffic

The third focus of the Webinar Legend eClass is how you can go about getting traffic or attendees to your webinar. The course lists some inexpensive ways to promote your webinars (think Facebook, Twitter, advertising, and affiliates).

Jason and Wilson also included some tips and techniques for affiliate marketers, including how you can use Web 2.0 sites to drive hundreds of attendees to your webinar.

The Overall Verdict

Overall, I think Jason and Wilson did a good job with this course. It’s one more tool to help experienced as well as beginning online entrepreneurs build their business and online reputation, while making a profit at the same time

As I mentioned before, the Webinar Legend eClass is very in-depth so you have to make sure that you set aside some time for this class.

Another thing about the Webinar Legend eClass that I enjoyed is the fact that their tips are applicable to almost any product or service. It’s not focused on just a certain niche, and the advice given applies to much more than just giving webinars.

4 Bonuses Included in Webinar Legend eClass

Aside from the actual course, the Webinar Legend eClass also comes with three or four “fill-in-the-blank” webinar templates that can be used when you create your first webinar, so it’s perfect for webinar virgins. There are also four bonuses included in the package:

  • Webinar Pitch Secrets Manual
  • $100,000 Webinar Deconstructed
  • Webinar Email Swipe File
  • How to Record Your Webinars

And as usual, you will receive Jason’s 30-day risk free, money back guarantee if for some reason you weren’t satisfied with the Webinar Legend eClass course.

Check out the short video below where Jason takes you through the inside of the Webinar Legend course.

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