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Hey guys,

You may have remembered that year I showed you a method on how to rank your submissions in the google news box and many of you made an absolute killing doing it.

What was funny was seeing all the responses on the forums about how we managed to do it, everyone thought you either had to get on the front page of reddit or that you needed to blast out tens of thousands of links per day but they were absolutely wrong.

Those of you who had the course know that we only had to create 1 or 2 links on very specific sties and ping them in order to get our reddit submssions in the newsbox within minutes.  Sadly those days are gone, reddit has cracked down heavily and google news has all but thrown reddit out of the google news but we have another opportunity.

It’s a little site called youtube.

While reddit posts are difficult to get in the newsbox, youtube is a lot easier – so long as you know the process to follow and that’s what YouToNews is all about.

In this course I’ll show you the entire process from A to Z that I use to get my youtube videos in the newsbox and how you can do the exact same thing.

Now before you get excited I should warn you that unlike the reddit method this isn’t instant. In the reddit course I showed you guys how to get in google news just by creating 1 or 2 special links and waiting for about 10 minutes.

Those were fun and profitable days but today it requires a little bit more work. The good news is that you only have to do this process 1 time for about 30 days and then after that you’re all set.

Once that 1 month is over all you have to do is create 5-10 links and wait about 30 minutes anytime you want your video ranking in the newsbox.

That’s it.

Now the newsbox is pretty fun and interesting but that’s only half of what you’ll learn, By using the process outlined in this course not only will you be able to rank in the newsbox but you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly rank your youtube videos in the standard web results.

You see you can’t accomplish one without the other, by merely working on getting your videos into the newsbox, you automatically optimize them to rank in the web results and chances are you probably haven’t come across this tactic yet.

How do I know? Because nobody else is doing it. In fact, everyone else is flat out IGNORING it.

This tactic can’t be automated software and it requires some forward thinking on SEO in 2015, but most people are still stuck in a 20010 SEO mindset.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a competitor who’s ranking on the 1st page of google with 0 links and you’re wondering how they manage to do it, this is why and what’s funny is they don’t even realize what they’re doing.

It’s something that traditional SEO experts have been ignoring for many years and once you see the course you’ll be blown away at how you’re the only person who’s doing this.

With this dual approach of the newsbox and long term web rankings you get the best of both world, on demand rankings for google news bring you a flood of visitors which will help with organic youtube rankings and related video positioning while the long term serp rankings bring you traffic for many years to come.

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