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The Rich Bitch Life is Here!

Join the Movement Today, and Say Yes to Being the Star of the Fucking Show! For 1% within the 1% DRIVEN Rich Bitches who want the Business, the Money, the Body, the Purpose-Driven VIFP EVERYTHING, and are ready to Step Up and Claim It.

The show is your life baby. Time to live it, when you join my Rich Bitch Life Movement today!

Born to PERFORM and be seen, to be the star of the freaking SHOW, a show led COMPLETELY by you, where your wish is your command, you MAGNETISE your tribe, your art and voice is EXPLODED into the world and you watch yourself MAKE millions, IMPACT millions, and ENGAGE THE WHOLE WORLD …

The Rich Bitch Life …

This is NOT some one day fantasy about being shit hot rich, shit hot in SHAPE, living like a VIFP and having it all.

It’s also NOT just about unapologetically celebrating who we are, how we want to choose to live, what we STAND for and stand against.

It’s not even just about BEING a rich bitch, although that’s certainly part of it

The RICH BITCH LIFE is a place where you’ll COMMIT, fully and perhaps for the first time ever, to finally going all the way fucking in.

The business.
The money.
The fame and success.
The body you want.
The relationship you want.
The LIFE you want, and every part of living NOW by what you say you value and will one day make time for.

One day never comes: get ready to live the fucking fantasy now, with the Rich Bitch Life and Kat!!

Here Is What I Want For You, and Why I Created the Rich Bitch Life

I want to get you on path and in alignment with where you want your life. The outcomes you want and know you can HAVE, in your business, your body, your life, of course your money, in every AREA.

We start with an initial 4-week jumpstart. A total life makeover, to get you NOW into BEING that Rich Bitch have it all diva QUEEN you know you were born to be. On purpose baby, of course, and with TOTAL alignment!

We’re going to work on all of it.
At once.
To reset and reBALANCE where you are now to where you WANT to be.


We’ll have weekly themes that cover ALL of those areas at once, and the action will be plentiful, but what this 4 weeks is really about?

Total immersion baby.


With a fuckload of fun, the COOLEST cool club of all to hang out in, and me by your side every step of the way.

And then:

After our initial 4 weeks, what this is about; the big picture?

I’m creating a new community, no fuck that a MOVEMENT.

This is a total and everlasting commitment to changing your LIFE.

We’ll have monthly focus themes, live trainings, time with me, a ton of bonus content and CLIFF JUMPING ACTIONS. Day to day conversation, the REPEATED tearing down of what’s not working and the building up NOW of what you want to HAVE working,

who you want to BE, and what you choose to live for.

Our themes?

Whatever you need gorgeous.

Anything you need to know, get your butt kicked with, learn or uncover or understand. I’m here to HOLD YOUR FUCKING HAND (and then push you off that ledge) every damn day once you’re in THIS movement.

  • We’ll be covering everything you need to know on the Rich Bitch ATTITUDE …
  • Being a DAILY hustler and sales machine …
  • Getting in SHIT hot shape (yep the nutrition, the training, the fasting, the supplementation, the works) …
  • The MINDSET of hot –
  • The mindset of RICH, of course –
  • The ins and outs of getting shit DONE like a Rich Bitch and also clicking your fingers to have others do it for you –
  • How to find the right support …
  • Get ‘em doing EXACTLY what you need…
  • Attract ONLY your perfect #soulmateclients …
  • Be UNAPOLOGETIC about being you …
  • Have INSANE amounts of energy and motivation …
  • BE the diva queen you want to be in every area of your life …
  • LIVE and TRAVEL and LOVE and EXIST like a first class VIFuckingP Rich Bitch for life!

Just to get started


  • Tune in to you as we work together
  • SEE what you need
  • KNOW where to push you
  • NOTICE when you’re hiding out, or sabotaging, or not playing ALL in
  • Kick your butt daily as a group and as a person into aligned fucking ACTION baby
  • Create the coolest freaking online MOVEMENT you’ve never even dreamed of but ALWAYS knew you had to be part of, and hold the vibe in there so damn high there IS no fucking ceiling!

Today is the Day to Join!

The Rich Bitch Life begins with our GET YOUR HEAD IN THE FUCKING GAME pre-work.

We’ll be diving into 4 weeks of BRUTAL full life transformation. No BS. No excuses. NOT for the faint-hearted. To transform your body, your business, your money, your mindset, your LIFE.

And you even get the rest of the year in The Rich Bitch Life for FREE when you join today.

It’s time to be honest about what you want.
Where you’re at.
And whether you want MORE, and if you do, then admit:

It’s NOT good enough. And you’re gonna push harder, have it ALL, and live like you actually give a fuck.

Join us above, your place is waiting!

The 4-week intensive is the jumping off point because from there? You’re mine baby.

The Rich Bitch Life is an annually renewing SOCIETY of women (and men!) who are UNAPOLOGETICALLY ALL IN on living their purpose, making and IMPACTING millions and also being a VIFuckingP in all areas.

Each month we will focus on a particular aspect of BEING a Rich Bitch and seeing the RESULTS of that in the above areas. Live trainings, coaching, forum support, monthly extras and surprises, and more.

Think of this like the ULTIMATE FUCKING COOL CLUB, THE place where you are elevated and held ACCOUNTABLE to the level at which you choose to live, create, succeed.

We will also be creating an EXTREME VIFP reality for you, from the get go, in all areas!


The truth is that the concept of the Rich Bitch Life has been creeping up on me for some time now.

My core message has ALWAYS been to press play but behind that has always been this DESIRE to be a VIP, have the nice things in life, want to be in shit hot HOT shape physically and basically just be and do and have whatever I set my mind to!

It’s no secret I’m ambition obsessed, as are my CLIENTS, and that seeps through every area of life. I don’t know about you, but the way I see it is why the fuck SHOULD I back down on my goals for money, for my body, for how I want my business to be, for the kind of clients I want to work with, for the people I want on my team, for how I’m going to travel, for how I’m going to feel and operate as a Mum …. for everything!

I want what I want when I want it and how I want it!

Growing up I think I pushed a lot of this down, and even as an adult – I mean who the fuck walks around demanding SO MUCH from life?! Divas, that’s who! Or people who don’t have their priorities straight, right? People who aren’t being REALISTIC.


Fuck that.

FUCK that!

Fuck that shit right fucking NOW, because I now CHOOSE to believe – and live and prove and also share with YOU the new reality which is that being a Rich Bitch and having it ALL doesn’t make you a BAD person, or a SHALLOW person, or somebody who is value-less … it actually makes you somebody who is standing up for what they believe in.

Being TRUE to yourself.

And realising also that if you in any way say to yourself that wanting that stuff or wanting to live a first-class lifestyle is WRONG or that you should ‘do first things first’, you’re basically promoting a SCARCITY mindset that says you can’t have it all.

And I for one just won’t put up with that mindset!

Not in me, not for some time now. And also not in YOU.

I want to change the freaking GAME on what it truly means to be a successful, purpose-driven and in ALIGNMENT woman and show you that being seriously WEALTHY, HOT, and living in 5-star LUXURY – or whatever your heart desires – is a GOOD thing, an ALLOWED thing and even an ESSENTIAL thing if you’re to truly be on purpose and pressing play on the life you were born for!

The reality is you just don’t get GIVEN dreams you’re not SUPPOSED to dream.

And you don’t have to choose. It’s NOT about deciding which part of your life is going to work and having that be at the cost of something else. It’s about recognising that if something matters to you or even if it’s fun or COOL to you then that alone is enough and is reason to AVIDLY pursue it.

Every day. ALL the damn day.

With The Rich Bitch Life I’m here to CALL THE FUCK OUT the stars who are the 1%v within the 1% who ALIGN with all of this and who are ready to LIVE it.

So if you want to have the BUSINESS –


The BODY –

The relationships –

The life and the lifestyle and to be a VIFuckingP –

And you’re ready to EMBRACE it on the inside as well as ACTION it on the outside –

Then I made this for you.

I’ve done it.

I HAVE it all.

I LIVE it all.

I got OVER not being ALLOWED it all and I went and fucking CREATED it all.

And now I want to bring you into a MOVEMENT where you’re going to do exactly the same, ALL the damn way baby.

So what do you WANT?

What do you really want?

What kind of SHIT HOT RICH BITCH AWESOME VIP life are you really here to live?

What is the IMPACT but also what is the TRUTH about how you want it all to play out?

Whatever it is, so long as it’s ALL of what you want and what you’ve always known your life HAD to be about:

I made this for you.

Today is the Day to Join!

The Rich Bitch Life begins with our GET YOUR HEAD IN THE FUCKING GAME pre-work.

We’ll be diving into 4 weeks of BRUTAL full life transformation. No BS. No excuses. NOT for the faint-hearted. To transform your body, your business, your money, your mindset, your LIFE.

And you even get the rest of the year in The Rich Bitch Life for FREE when you join today.

It’s time to be honest about what you want.
Where you’re at.
And whether you want MORE, and if you do, then admit:

It’s NOT good enough. And you’re gonna push harder, have it ALL, and live like you actually give a fuck.

Join us above, your place is waiting!


{Daily Asskickery blog, which I wrote about why I created this movement)


I talk a lot lately about being a VIFuckingP, having it all, living it up, fuck the world you can just get out there and TAKE it!

My social presence is interwoven with bling and glamour and the first class life, as well as the unashamed promotion of the fact that I am rich, I have the hot body I want, I have EXACTLY the business and clients I want, every single damn thing in my life is on my terms, created by design, and at PRECISELY the standard of excellence I set out for it to be.

I’m proud of all that I’ve created and I have complete certainty that ANYTHING else I set my mind to I can and will achieve.

All I really want for you?

The same baby. The same. I want to see you step up and create YOUR Rich Bitch life, however that looks and feels to you. I WANNA SEE YOU PRESS PLAY, FULLY, ON WHAT MATTERS TO YOU AND ALL THAT YOU DREAM OF AND DESIRE!

Is that too much to ask?

It’s all I’ve ever wanted, really, is to use my writing, my speaking, my creating, my SHOWING THE FUCK UP to inspire you to know that you CAN live the life you were born to live and that anything you want to be or do or have is already yours so long as you just do the fucking work and TAKE it!

I’m getting excited and fired up just thinking about it right now

But here’s what I maybe make less of a point of, in the midst of all this FUCK YES YOU CAN HAVE IT aggressive PASSION … although I think what I’m about to say is already pretty interwoven into my core message and that if you are part of my true tribe you GET this already. But possibly still need the reminder, just like me.

When I think about what it REALLY means to be a Rich Bitch, the truth is that I’m not thinking about the first class travel, the 130k car, the multi-million dollar dream house, the dream team, PERFECT ideal fucking clients, hot body I’ve created / attained / insisted upon.

I’m not thinking about the fact that I can click my fingers and my house gets cleaned, my washing done, that I don’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen or elsewhere unless I want to.

I’m not thinking about the fact that every new product or program idea I have can be brought to life in less than a DAY because I’m so freaking well supported, because I long ago left behind wearing all the hats in my business and hustled my way to where I ONLY have to do what I want each day, which is THIS and every other form of messaging / selling / being me.

I’m not thinking of the premium mentors, or that I can go anywhere I want in the world, anytime, to do anything, that I get to hang out with ROCKSTAR freaking friends and like-minded entrepreneurs | leaders | creators | revolutionaries | those who are the 1% WITHIN the 1% and that these are not only my friends but also my CLIENTS.

I’m not even thinking about the fact that I can make and manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions overnight, that I am an ideas and content and selling MACHINE, that I couldn’t ‘struggle’ in my business if I tried, and that I always make the right decisions for myself AND the higher good of everyone I’m here to impact!

And I’m NOT even thinking about the espresso martinins, believe it or not!! I know!

You wanna know what I’m really thinking about, when I sit here with my gold journal and my Mont Blanc pen and I get into the DEPTH of who I am and what really matters?

Okay sure, let’s not lie here – of COURSE all that COOL and VIFP and VIFuckingAWESOME stuff goes through my mind DAILY and I’m freaking GRATEFUL for it as well as still excited by it. I also continue to ACTIVELY daily claim and create it, through my journling and mindset work and then my action.

I do the work baby, both inside and out, every DAY!

You gotta do the work

But here is what being a Rich Bitch really means to me, and here is the REAL reason I’m so damn passionate about the MOVEMENT of empowered and DRIVEN women (and a few men!!) that I’m creating here, with my new Rich Bitch Life membership program –


What it’s really about, and what all of this GLITZ AND GLAMOUR AND INSISTENCE ON HAVING IT ALL is really about –

I know I’ve done a massive build up here, and truth be told I feel a little shy in saying this as I feel like I just revved you up to SOMETHING MASSIVE, but actually I have no big reveal here, nothing dramatic, nothing FUCK YES, or at least not in the over the top energised way you’re used to, I’m used to, we all STAND for.

Plain and simple, this is what being a Rich Bitch means to me:

Every damn day I get to wake up and be me.

Every day, unapolegtically, I get to be ME. Fully. No holds barred. No WORRYING or wondering or TRYING to show up the right way in order to be professional, successful, enough.

Do you know what it feels like, to be free of the need to fucking PROVE yourself? To no longer have to worry about being COOL enough? To know that all you need to do is follow your heart, your soul, your innner MUST and that you can not only GET to do this but that doing it is precisely the WAY to achieve and be and do and have all that VIP STUFF?

It feels fucking amazing, is how it feels.

But here is what else this is about, and I could probably go on and on all day here because this is what LIFE is about and is there anything else more important, TRULY, than pressing play on the right LIFE?

It’s when I look into my children’s eyes –

And I feel that connection and love and sense of wonder –

And I feel PROUD of the fact that I am showing them a different way to live, that I hope I’m empowering them to know that they are allowed to be who they ARE, and that they can THRIVE in doing so –

And I feel hopeful that they’ll be inspired by a mother who took life by the balls, shook it around, and insisted that it conform to HER not the other way around, a mother who by example demonstrated that you can YES make the millions you want and be a Rich Bitch (or dude!) VIP, you can have it ALL, but also that you can have the IMPACT you came here to make and even change the world.

I look at my kids and I want them to know that their lives have a purpose. That THEY have a purpose. That they have a destiny and it’s one they can FULFIL, that they were born for a reason and that ANYTHING they set their minds to they can achieve. That they have GIFTS that were gifted uniquely to them, that nobody else can replace that, that NOBODY on this planet can do the job of being them, and that whatever bubbles up in them, as they grow and learn and explore and challenge the world and ARE challenged by it, that that stuff that resides WITHIN them is for real –

And it means something –

And you can let it out –

And that’s ALLOWED –

And indeed it’s a MUST, to live into the work you are called to do in the world.

The idea and the hope and the knowledge that I’m showing my children that you can live your life on purpose, with PASSION, and from a daily place of flow? THAT is what being a Rich Bitch is all about to me.

Not just about my kids, you understand, although obviously the potential to have that impact on them is pretty fucking significant to me.

But it’s also about all of that for me.

And it’s about all of that for YOU.

All I EVER wanted was to teach, show, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER you with the knowledge that you were born for a reason, that your gifts MEAN something, that you can live your calling and have it all so long as you choose to press PLAY.

Pressing play and being a Rich Bitch? SURE, get all the STUFF, live first class, have EVERYTHING your heart desires.

That’s easy, honestly. It’s a mindset shift and a choice and it IS damn cool and fun, so of COURSE the Rich Bitch Life is about unapologetically going for all that stuff, and about me showing you how.

But beyond that?

Beneath that?

Really as the ultimately REPRESENTATION of all of that?

I want you to be a Rich Bitch because I know you have a purpose.

I know you have a destiny.

I know you were CALLED to leave a mark on the world, to light it up and dance all around it, to be the star of the fucking show and to have an IMPACT, by doing the work that ONLY YOU CAN DO IN THE WORLD.

I know also that you deserve to do and HAVE all of this in a way that lights YOU up, where you really do wake up buzzing with energy and joy and passion and CERTAINTY.

Where you have the CONNECTION you want –

You’re fulfilled by what you get to do each day, and who with and for –

Your every freaking CELL is so damn on purpose that you couldn’t go off purpose if you tried.

Where you wake up every day –

No matter where you are, no matter the circumstance –

And you know:

That you came here for a reason.

That it’s one only you can fulfil.

And that you’re fucking living it.

You wanna be a Rich Bitch, and have ALL the glitz and glamour, learn how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars at the click of your fingers and JUST by being you, live the first class VIFuckingP life and truly have it ALL?

I can show you, and I will. All that and so much more, when you join forces with me in my brand new Rich Bitch Life MOVEMENT, an incredible community of DRIVEN 1% within the 1% STARS who want it all and are stepping up to CLAIM it.

You can claim your place in our revolution now. We start next Tuesday and you’re going to be jaw on the floor with all you get, and the price you’re getting it for, as well as the freaking YEAR LONG membership you get as an add-on.

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