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You don’t want to just create another ‘job’ that keeps you flat-out and unable to scale or have a great lifestyle.

Maybe you are where I was three years ago. Dissatisfied with the day job. Frustrated with the dead loss waste of time and money commuting and working so hard for someone else. Paying a fortune in childcare and missing time with my own children.

The tipping point was when the nanny sent me photos to my phone of her day at the beach outdoors having fun with my kids while I was at my desk at work. Instead of being happy they were all having fun I felt so sad it wasn’t me in the picture.

Maybe you’re in a similar position. You have skills that are employable and can give you a job, but that job just doesn’t give you the freedom or the lifestyle you want.

The effective hourly rate after all of that commuting, overtime and extra email clearing in the evenings and weekends just isn’t that good a deal for you. Perhaps like me you always fancied running your own business but aren’t sure where to start.

I looked at all sorts of business models – blogging, affiliate sales, real estate, freelancing and even the dreaded binary options trading. I knew I could learn the skills and had the right work ethic, but it was so hard deciding which was the best direction to take.

I also did not want a hobby business. With young children I certainly didn’t want to be working 60 hours and wanted a business that could scale, I could outsource or delegate most of the day-to-day work, and at the end of the day see a great profit.

I really struggled to listen to the hyped up webinars promoting various courses and programs where it seemed impossible not to become an overnight millionaire. I just didn’t trust what I was listening to – it all sounded unbelievable. The shady looking characters promoting the latest unmissable deals just didn’t seem like me, and I didn’t really want to be like them. I wasn’t interested in “crushing it”and building a empire, I just wanted a neat, passive and automated business that was profitable and fun to run.

That’s why when I came across the Amazon private label business model I knew right away that it was the one for me, and I’ll explain why.

Firstly Amazon is the world’s most trusted brand, it’s a giant in e-commerce and it’s here to stay, with millions of daily transactions. Being based in New Zealand I knew the business had to be run remotely and Amazon’s warehousing and fulfilment meant I could be hands off. That meant no need to build a fancy website, hire warehouses or have a huge sales team. I also love that Amazon is global, so I could see expansion beyond the US from early on. I loved that I could be a bit creative sourcing and adding value to the products I chose- I knew I’d have a real sense of ownership with something I’d actually built.

I also liked how easy it was to manage the business as I am pretty hopeless with technology and the Amazon platform seemed very easy to use and navigate.

So now, just three years later, I am confident I have truly mastered the Amazon platform. Last year I sold one 18 month old account for 7-figures USD and my sales are cranking. I also had a second Amazon business for sale less than a year later – the value of a house as a cash lump sum is very nice and a total game changer. In fact not only could I leave my day job after 12 months of selling on Amazon, now my husband has as well. This has allowed us to move house to the most idyllic small town where we’ve always wanted to live and raise our children skiing, biking and spending time outdoors. The town we moved to, Wanaka, is in the New Zealand National Park and the average house price is over a million dollars. Being a small resort town means there is not a hint of a normal day job to be found. We are fully committed to a future of earning through Amazon.

Last year we also spent three months living in Bali, Indonesia as a family experience prior to our eldest son starting school. It was a great trip with yoga, surfing, great food and a cultural eye opener for the children. These are the things I’d dreamed of and in fact apart from the house in Wanaka most of the things I enjoy need freedom. All the money in the world doesn’t always give you the right to enjoy your free time and family like this Amazon business model does.

So now you’ve seen how I went from being a disgruntled employee, sleep deprived and frustrated to living the dream lifestyle. And you’re probably wondering if you could do this too. The answer is yes! You can do anything (you just can’t do everything).

If you were seriously looking at selling on Amazon as a means to earn wealth, freedom and grow a business you are proud of – what would it look like for you? Perhaps you’re worried about finding time to start a business. Or nervous about the cash outlay to get up and running. Fear of failure is perfectly normal, you’d be a bit unusual if you weren’t slightly worried about this!

You’re maybe worried about having to pull all-nighters to get through the day job and family life and a business as well. I can tell you I shared all of these worries. But a year later and once things were established I just wish I’d started sooner.

A lot of people are worried (often subconsciously) about the judgement from friends and family as you start your own business. Not everyone will be supportive – after all they want to protect you and want to spend time with you so these are natural concerns they may voice!

So now I’ve been able to enjoy an amazing lifestyle through Amazon, I’ve been fortunate enough to help other people reach the same stage. Through seeking support as they started their business they’ve been able to launch global brands, travel the world sourcing products, resign from their day jobs and some of my coaching clients are even earning 7-figures a year! They all started out where you are today – nervous about the first steps, the learning curve, the investment and the risk. But they made the decision to get started and now they’re reaping the rewards.

So What Should You Do Now?

Are you ready to make a start and commit to fully understanding how selling your own brands on Amazon works? Are you ready to learn and put the work in? There are overnight successes but not overnight millionaires. I took about one year to hit the million dollar mark in sales.

Are you wanting to build a solid business –not just cash flow but a real asset that you could sell one day like I have once already and another in the wings?

The reality is that you’ll need a lot more than just a product to sell on Amazon. You’re building a real business here and most Amazon training courses are very narrow in focus – enough to teach you to drive the Amazon account but no strategy or supporting skills to make your business a success. They also ignore a lot of the other opportunities that arise when you own your own brand and product line.

This is why I created Product University

It’s a membership group to help you gain the skills and confidence to sell products online.

We cover all the essential topics to set up and launch your product on Amazon. We cover branding, virtual teams, advertising, copywriting, mindset, partnerships, marketing, social media, ecommerce and much more. All the elements that will leave your Amazon competition standing plus the skills to get out and confidently tackle other online opportunities to sell your products online.

The main focus in the early part of the training is product selection strategy – four whole sessions dedicated to it! With the wrong product you’ll go nowhere fast and burn a pile of cash in the process. Never mind the knock to your confidence and the doubt you’ll have in yourself and the platform to get up and have another go.

Choosing a product is pretty tough if you don’t have clarity on what type of business you want to build and what criteria you are looking for that will suit you and meet your lifestyle goals.

Product University is a membership group so when you join you’ll start at the beginning of the training getting the foundations on strategy and mindset. Then we’ll get into product selection strategy and product sourcing (not so much Alibaba!), sales funnels to promote your products, social media, paid advertising, partnerships and much much more. Check the curriculum section to see the full breakdown of topics we cover.

Product University will help you keep your strategy and mind clear as your start your products business. There are so many courses, tools and new shiny objects out there it can be hard to stay focused. We all worry about Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) when it comes to the tips an tactics of running an online business.

You’ll start your education in a structured, organized way. You’ll have a program to learn and implement as you go so you never feel overwhelmed or lost. You’ll be able to visualize your business, your products and brands and know the ideal customer you are looking for before you start sourcing or spending your money on products. Believe me, I have helped some very traumatized coaching clients who started on Amazon, made poor product choices and now need to relearn a strategy that actually works for product selection and branding.

You’ll be part of a community of putting new skills into practice – upskilling and learning but in a very applied way. You’ll even receive a certificate of completion at the end of the year! You’ll have all the skills and confidence to get out there launching and selling your own products. Building a REAL business- one with systems, innovative products, a high performing team and most importantly of all –real profits.

The other advantage of this amazing skill set is that you’ll be able to work on other people’s online businesses if you need to earn some extra cash short term. Your skills will be a huge asset to potential partners or even selling other people’s products on commission.

Why You Should Join Product University

Joining Product University means the end of those wasted days aimlessly trawling for products online. No more nervous launches where you’re not quite sure how your product will fly. No more worrying about other sellers undercutting you, out marketing you with the same products or where you’re competing solely on price. If there’s one thing you’ll learn in Product university it’s to NEVER sell “me-too” products – a guaranteed losing strategy!

You’ll save hours by not feeling compelled to watch every webinar from every internet marketer who’s email list you’re on – we’ll keep you current and up to date with the strategies that work today!

You’ll also make fantastic contacts and new friends in the private Facebook group – a place to ask your newbie or advanced questions and find moral and technical support as you start your online business.

In the weekly webinars you’ll feel part of a high powered community of people just like you – taking their business seriously – committed to succeeding and taking steps week by week as you develop strategy, tactics and products together.

If you don’t join Product University you’ll be stuck wondering about how the 6 and 7-figure sellers do it. You’ll be hanging out for tips and tactics without a real sense of strategy- just chasing the leaders rather than thinking for yourself and leading your own business. You’ll be investing in yourself by joining Product University and many of the skills go well beyond Amazon and products- but reach into other areas of business and life. A great attitude, approach, team and sharp implementation.

If you don’t commit to learning and growing you’re actually going backwards as there are so many other new players who are upskilling and existing sellers who are branching out.

Diversifying from Amazon, or starting out totally new is daunting…

There is SO much information you don’t know where to start or who to trust. Time is short, there’s simply never enough of it. You’re desperately trying to pick up skills and strategy and confidence and cash flow and a product or service to sell and it just all starts to spin at bit!

That’s where I can help you get a grip on a clear plan to get from uncertainty and overwhelm to a clear strategy that suits you! Together we’ll map out the landscape of e-commerce. As your guide I’ll help you work out a path through all the business models, platforms, channels and tools that work for you.

I’m not selling you courses or software so you can trust that my only interest is in seeing you get the skills and confidence to get started and implementing a smart, passive income and scalable business plan. I measure my success on the results of your new business! Some of those results can be measured in sales, but we also take into account how well automated, scalable and unique your business is.

Product University is the education and support you’ve been looking for to get started and selling. It is a community for people like you who want sensible advice from someone who’s done it before. The technical skills change over time but there are fundamental business skills, processes and mindset that need to be in place in every single successful business. Together we will build these skills.

Here’s What to Expect:

By Joining Product University you’ll have your hands on the latest and most effective ways to start, launch and scale your online products business. You’ll learn all the core skills, develop the right mindset and pick up the tactics and tips that are working now. This is your one stop shop to stay up with the play in the world of selling products online!

The video training modules follow a logical sequence and are very practical and ready to apply in your own business. My teaching style is easy to follow and caters to newbies and experienced sellers alike.

Simply watch the videos at a time convenient for you and start mastering these skills you NEED to be successful with an online products business.

These transferable skills and strategies make Product University unique…

The primary focus of Product University is to ensure you have the skills to do smart research, savvy business planning and smooth execution as you build your online business. We work on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of your business. I’ll even do a LIVE “over the shoulder” demonstration of how I source, brand and launch my products! Week by week we’ll go through the process together and I’ll share the thinking behind the actions. You’ll see exactly what I do myself, brief others and how I make decisions. This insider experience is totally unique and will be such a great way to learn the art of product selection! 

A secondary benefit is the community you become part of. A network of like-minded, curious business owners who are committed to succeeding with your online businesses.

In Module One we’ll cover goal setting, planning for success and getting helpful habits and mindset so you’re working productively and on the right stuff!

In Module Two the focus is on the all-important Product Selection Strategy and we’ll start the LIVE product launch I’ll do with you watching over my shoulder.

Module Three is all about Sales Funnels– leading to Amazon for most of you but we’ll look at a few other options too so you are aware of all the pros and cons and can choose the best option(s) for you.

Module Four is all about your Virtual Dream Team– giving you sanity, clarity and your freedom. As well as being able to ditch the tasks you hate and recruit a world class team of operators helping you to build your business

Module Five we learn how to SELL ON AMAZON!  The whole set up, listing and launch as I do in my own 6 and 7-figure Amazon businesses

Module Six is a customer centric few weeks – understanding the psychology, behaviors and avatars you need to have to be able to sell easily to your ideal customers. This is fun stuff that most people get wrong. They focus on products not the customers – we’ll leave them in our dust!

Module Seven is where I share the systems, tools and processes to scale. This means your sales can climb without a hitch, you stay sane and when it’s time to sell your business everything looks ship-shape and easy to take over. Stuff in your head is pretty hard to sell! We look at automation and the all important TEAM!

Module Eight  is where we get serious and look at how the 7-figure sellers do it and how to up-level your own business and skills.

Module Nine is a focus on reports, finances and taking a look at the most common mistakes made so you can avoid them and save time, money and embarrassment.

Module Ten is all about partnerships to grow, reach new channels and save your cash flow pinches by working in smart ways with other people.

In Module Eleven we look at exits and next level moves to take your business to new platforms and channels. If a Sales funnel is right for your business, we’ll be showing you the best ways to set those up, along with paid advertising, social media and working with bloggers and influencers. This module is super exciting, changes all the time and is where you can really experience rapid growth. But you need the basics in place first so your business doesn’t implode.

In Module Twelve we look at your progress and work on your plans for the next year ahead. We look at the team around you, skills required and link back to lifestyle and personal choices, including working to leverage your own talents and strengths.

This is just a high level overview and we have loads more material in each month, plus of course what we are all learning and sharing as we go from within the group!

We’ll also give you access to our private members Facebook group. Here you’ll be able to network, find accountability partners, share experiences, tips and get moral support when you need a boost. Working online on your own business can be lonely work and it’s really important to have a crew to support you! I’ll be in the group every day sharing tips and learnings and helping you stay positive and focused. Some of our members are already meeting up for coffees in towns where there is a bit of a cluster – so sign up with a friend and be a leader in your local chapter!!

My E-book on How You Can Build a 7-Figure Online Business. I’ve been lucky but also worked hard and been very deliberate when I build my businesses. When you sign up for the annual membership to Product University I’ll send you a copy of my e-book outlining the exact steps I took to build and scale my first online business to 7-figures in sales in year one. All from zero, with no internet marketing background and a baby, a toddler and a day job to juggle.

Don’t let 2017 slip away without a clear plan for success. You need a guide to demystify the complex, rapidly changing and at times baffling world of e-commerce so you can come up with a smart plan that suits you, your strengths, lifestyle goals, ambition and create something you’ll be proud of.

What Your Future Self is Ready for:

Just imagine your future life – a smart, passive income from your products business. Selling products you are proud of to people you ‘get’ and understand as you sell them products they are looking for. The freedom for time with family, travelling and even more learning. New contacts and enriching life experiences as you grow your business and your skills. The satisfaction and contentment that comes from your own business providing for you and your family is like no other pay check! So start building wealth through a smart online products business. You’ll be well supported and have all the structure, guidance and content you need broken down into easy to implement steps through the otherwise daunting e-commerce landscape. Your online product selling adventure starts here!

Let’s make this investment your best ever and join Product University to get into the success stream.


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