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What It Says On The Website

“A Forex system that guarantees you are on every single big daily move” is the headline for The Boss Trading Method. The Boss Trading Method is, in effect, Boss (Wins) 2. We discovered that the original Boss Wins method is also included in the purchase price of The Boss Trading Method, from now on we will refer to Boss 1 (the original Boss Wins method) and Boss 2 (The Boss Trading Method).

This strategy can be started “with as little as £500, although it will take longer to build – At £500 you can start trading at 50p per PIP and still be able to make £200 – £500 per month”. Compounding will allow you to set a goal of £20 per PIP, that’s £10,000 per month assuming “a nice realistic 500 PIPs profit for the month”.

There is the option here to “trade all day for larger gains or spend 10-30 minutes a day for a regular income”. It is the “full intraday method” which “will show you how to profit on every big move in the market”. The “simple trade profit multiplier” method “shows how you can get a trade on in the morning” (for a 10 – 30 minutes a day time commitment).

Full support (including Skype) and weekly updates are included in the price of the system as well as “weekly video updates”.

There is also mention on the website of some software being made available which will trade the intraday method without you being at your pc. At present, as we understand, this is still a work in progress.

Finally, Lee’s guarantee is – If you use the method as stated and do not make at least 300 PIPs within 30 days (making your original investment back within a month at 50p per PIP), you can have a full refund.
The Material

The 130 page manual may seem daunting but to put this into perspective we printed it on 4 pages to 1 page and it’s still in big font and readable from a fair old distance.

The manual is well written and laid out. Chart set-up is easily explained over a couple of dozen pages. IG Index advanced charts are used (IG Index basic charts are not sufficient for Boss 2 but are for Boss 1). Anyone with Meta Trader 4 will also be OK.

The rule base is well explained – Entries, Stops and Targets are clearly defined (for both systems). There is just a small amount of discretion for the Stop on Boss 2 – It is small and should pose no problem at all for most, we are sure.

The remainder of the manual (the bulk of it) is filled with examples, staking plans, results and some spread betting basics. In general, information that will be more useful to the inexperienced than the experienced trader.
The System

Boss 2 relies on 3 industry standard indicators, Boss 1, no indicators at all. Boss 1 is traded at 07:00 UK time, Boss 2 between 07:00 and 08:00, both based on trading GBPUSD only (5 minute candlestick charts). Lee advises that he trades Boss 2 from 07:00 – 15:00 as a matter of choice/preference.

For review purposes we chose to trade the Set time Boss 1 method (07:00) and also the Boss 2 method between 07:00 and 08:00 (the “simple trade profit multiplier” approach). The reasons we chose not to trade the full 07:00 – 15:00 was, time commitment (8 hours a day) and also the view that most of our members are interested in morning/lower time commitment based strategies, and rightly so.

Trades generally last no more than an hour, for either system. We used the fixed Target recommendations for both as well as the fixed Stops (including the little bit “extra” for Boss 2 as appropriate (rarely had to use)).

Risk:Reward on Boss 1 is 1:1 and on Boss 2, is typically 1.5:1.

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