The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Very Own Virtual Team
Learn how to attract, hire & MANAGE a virtual team

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Module #1 – Introduction To Online Business Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants

  • The Inner Game Of Outsourcing: What I learnt from 5 years of building relationships with VA’s
  • Understand the global market forces that now allow us to build strong virtual teams
  • Why most entrepreneurs are not actually entrepreneurs
  • The Importance Of Systems: A McDonald’s Case Study

Module #2 – Understanding Exactly What To Outsource

  • What you NEVER let a new virtual assistant do in your business (before you have done this yourself)
  • You have to train your VA for 2 weeks before they start properly right? WRONG! Learn how you can get them started with adding value to your business on day 1
  • The ROI Generator – Step by step process to give VA task in spare time to guarantee ROI on salary
  • Not sure if you’ll have enough work for your VA? No worries: 101 “Outsourceable” Tasks: Never Have An Idle Assistant Again
  • The Task Delegator: Know EXACTLY Which Tasks You Should/Shouldn’t Be Doing

Module #3 – Hiring the Perfect Virtual Assistant

  • Are you tired of hiring VA’s only to realise two weeks later that they aren’t generating you an ROI? Learn the simple 5 step recruitment process we used to hire 83 awesome VA’s for over 30 businesses in 3 months
    “The Truth Serum” question sequence taken from Fortune 500 company interviews that automatically distinguishes between A and B VA’s
  • How to identify the CV of an A VA from a B VA in 30 seconds flat (even if you have no recruitment experience)
  • Reference Checking Template – Copy and paste this email to the references of a VA to automatically extract the information you need to make your hiring decision

Module #4 – Ultimate Onboarding

  • The McDonald’s Method – How to indoctrinated and on board your VA in 2 hours flat (without you being present)
  • What NEVER to say to your VA in their first 2 weeks of work (Trust me, I’ve messed up here many times!)
  • The truth about VA productivity: how to set your VA up for success
  • Job Offer Letter Template – How to make your new VA feel special and part of something much greater than themselves
  • New Joiner Process Template – Layout of one of the most important processes in your business for you to swipe and deploy

Module #5 – Managing For Ultimate Productivity

  • How to develop your VA Manager into a VA Leader
    The RIGHT and the WRONG way to give bonuses (And why cash is the last bonus type you should consider)
  • Understand the culture of Filipino VA featuring my VA manager: Zandro WARNING: Ignore the Filipino “13th Month” rule at your peril – Understand exactly what this rule means for your business and your team…
  • An exhaustive list of all Filipino Bank Holidays – Know when your team can and shouldn’t be working
  • Opening & Closing Shift Procedures – Keep your team on track each and everyday

Module #6 – Scaling Your Virtual Empire

  • How to know exactly when you need to expand your team (And what type of VA you need to hire)
  • How to create a magnetic “in person” team spirit; virtually
  • Why & how to set communication procedures (So you don’t get interrupted 24/7)
  • The most important virtual working tools that you cannot live without (If  you want to build an efficient team)
  • Plus, how to train your VA manager for recruitment excellence to maintain (If not increase!) your VA quality
  • Organization Chart Template – Copy, paste and update  with your team so everyone knows EXACTLY where they stand

Module #7 – Va Process Precision

  • Understand the importance of repeatable, documented processes in your business
  • Learn how to build the ultimate Working Procedure (and why this will mean that you don’t actually have to train anyone… ever… again)
  • Understand how to store and track all of your Working Procedures to enable streamlined processes
  • Working Procedure Template – Starting point for the documentation of all of your core processes
  • The Full Working Procedure for #1 New & Noteworthy Podcast, Twitter Growth, Customer Support, Link Building, Podcast Interview Getting, Blog Commenting
  • Working Procedure Tracking Master – A must have for any business system developing and streamlining multiple processes

Bonus Modules

  • Breakdown of my full personal productivity rituals that enables me to run 4 different online businesses, travel the world and maintain a thriving social and family life
  • The 5 simple productivity rules my virtual team live by (That mean I have to spend just 10 minutes per day per business reviewing progress and dealing with issues)
  • Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template
  • Goal Pyramid/Business Progress Tracker
  • Virtual Assistant Contract Template – IMPORTANT
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey

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