[GB] Dino Gomez – Mini-Workshop Maverick

THE ENTIRE MINI-WORKSHOP MODEL SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS US TO ENROLL 5+ CLIENTS PER VIRTUAL TRAINING…. WITH MINI-WORKSHOPS & GROUP SELLING… YOU EARN WHILE YOU GROW! An opportunity to build connection & close multiple clients in 1 sitting The easiest way to stand out against competitors (The Maverick) A high leverage methodology to enroll clients without sales calls The strategy to get paid…

[GB] Lukas Resheske – Resheske Workshop Bundle

$5/day Ads that get 3-5 new clients a month: Executing Laurel Portie’s $5 Ad Strategy, but for copywriters to get clients: May TBD
Local Business Domination: How to get local business clients who pay better than Agora: June TBD
Cold Outreach Blitz: Work with me live to send 10 cold outreaches to your ideal clients, so that you start getting conversations within a few days: July TBD

[GB] Brock Misner – Most Advanced Mastermind & Technical Local $EO Course Ever Created

This is MORE than a course! This is a 4-month with weekly/monthly updated videos and tactics. Something comes along that’s better? We update the course library. This also includes bi-weekly mastermind meetings. (We are all better together) Seriously, it’s not for beginners or people who aren’t techy. Implement just some of the tactics in this course, and see the biggest gains you have ever seen!