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SO. What is 21 Hours to Mental Power?

21HMP is the step-by-step Online Mental Game Solution for you that delivers measurable results in just 21 hours! This mental power program meets you where you’re at and provides the blueprint to take your mental game and thus. performance. to new heights every game!

While private Mental Performance Coaching can easily cost over $100 per session which will end up costing you thousands, with 21 Hours to Mental Power you are receiving INSTANT and LIFETIME ACCESS to 21 sessions for just 6 weekly payments of $49.50 for a total of only $297!!!

Each hour in 21HMP is jam packed with the exact proven material and activities that I use with current clients that will absolutely guide you to gaining MENTAL POWER to dominate on and off the field.

You Will Receive:

7 Performance Breathing Audios
24 Performance Imagery Audios (Specific to Hitters and Pitchers)
35 Mental Game Topic Videos
52 PDF Downloadable Mental Game Handouts

How Does 21 Hours to Mental Power Work?

For 1 hour a day over 21 straight days you will learn to prepare your mind to go to battle with more confidence than ever before to dominate the competition on and off the field.
Hour 1:

Take the 21HMP Pre-Challenge Assessment to gauge how strong you feel your mental game is currently.

Hours 2-20 Routine:

5 Minute Breathing Audio to teach you performance breathing in order to get present and learn to control your emotional state in moments!
5 Minute Imagery Audio to help you develop your ability to see success in your mind’s eye before it happens on the field!
15 Minute Main Topic PDF example topics include: Establishing your Identity, Confidence Building Strategies, Performance Routines, Powerful Self-Talk Strategies, Aggression Awareness Strategies and Thriving through Injuries to prepare you for any situation.
15 Minute Mental Workout that challenges you to build mental muscle through activities like physical challenges, concentration grids, and reaction time card games.
20 Minute Journal PDF to give you the opportunity to evaluate your mental workout and consider additional mental game topics.

Hour 21:

Take the Post-21HMP Program Assessment to gauge your Mental Power gains!

21 Hours to Mental Power was designed this way to mimic the mental routine every athlete I work with develops to become high level performers consistently:

Breathing and Imagery (Pregame Mental Preparation)
Main Topic and Mental Workout (Game Goals and Execution)
Journal (Post-Game Evaluation)

Give yourself the best chance of playing AND staying at the HIGHEST LEVEL!

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