Annielytics Dashboard Course

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What You Can Expect


  • Course Taught in Plain English

    I hate geek speak and assume no prior knowledge of Google Analytics or Excel. I don’t want you to be impressed with MY knowledge; I want to build YOURS.

  • 16 Hours of Video

    This course is seriously comprehensive. I took everything I wish I knew starting out and distilled it into this course. But you have a year to get through it.

  • 4 Learner Dashboards

    These plug-and-play dashboards can be applied with a few clicks to any Google Analytics account, whether your account gets a few dozen or million visits a month.

  • Illustrated Course Workbook

    The companion workbook is 142 pages of illustrated guidance and tutorials for quick reference. It’s airy and easy to read with tons of explainer graphics.

  • Practice Excel File

    Learn the craft of making sexy data sexy in Excel — for both PC and Mac! I walk you through the process of taking ugly data and getting it runway ready.

  • Advanced Excel Training

    Repetitive manual labor is the kiss of death to any marketing budget. I teach you to build dashboards that automatically grow and update with your data.

  • Google Analytics API Experience

    Just the word “API” is scary to most non-technical marketers. I take the freak factor out and explain how use it in plain English. (You don’t have to be a programmer.)

  • Data Mashups

    One of the API tools I demonstrate allows you to marry data from Google Sheets with your Google Analytics data. I show you how. (Talk about robust data …)

  • Weekly Office Hours

    The Basic membership comes with weekly office hours where members have me to themselves for an hour to ask any marketing-related questions. This feature alone is an $8k+ value.

  • One-on-One Training

    The Guided membership comes with 4 hours of one-on-one instruction. This is a popular option because members can learn with a safety net.

  • Access for One Year

    Although this course originally started as a three-day seminar, it’s a thick-and-chewy cookie. So I give members a year of access to the videos.

  • Serious Resume Booster

    Companies are absolutely DESPERATE for marketers with the actionable skills taught in this course. Being able to build dynamic dashboards using APIs will easily add $20k to your pay grade.

This dashboard course is for you if …

You regularly work with marketing data

You need to learn advanced Google Analytics skills

You do manual, repetitive tasks for monthly reports (ugh)

You need to build out a reporting dashboard for your organization

You’re a student and want to beef up your resume to break into the field

You want to learn how to put your data in Stilettos and make it work the pole

Annielytics Dashboard Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course support Excel for Mac?
Yes! While every Excel course/book I’ve seen online caters solely to PC users, my course leaves no Mac user behind. For every technique I teach I include the Mac alternative, including keyboard shortcuts and workarounds.
Will this course prepare me GA certification?
Absolutely. All of Day 1 is dedicated to Google Analytics. I start with a comprehensive overview and then get knee deep into more advanced features and customization options. The workbook includes links to even more resources.
No offense but what qualifies you to teach this course?
I’ve been in the analytics space for a long time and regularly speak alongside Googlers on the Google Analytics team, such as Justin Cutroni, Adam Singer, and Chris Le. Google trusts my resources enough to have issued this carte blanche support of my resources: (And no offense taken! 🙂
What if I want to use a different API tool?
My overview of how to understand and use the API will prepare you for any tool that uses the Google Analytics API. Starting with an interface just aids in comprehension. I also share common pitfalls and my favorite API assistance tool.
What are the more advanced GA skills you teach?
In Google Analytics, I delve into topics such as how to use regular expressions (regex), create custom reports, spot reporting errors that will trash your data, create custom channels, and check your under-the-hood settings.
What are the more advanced Excel skills you teach?
In Day 2 I cover all the charting and visualization basics you need to sexy up your marketing data, as well as common Excel functions for marketers. But in Day 3 I teach advanced Excel functions that cause your dashboards to update automatically when new data is added — but with aids like a sleeve of Saltines (I kid you not).

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