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Class Curriculum

Getting Started

Course Overview – Welcome To The Course! (7:55)

What Is Social Media Marketing & Management? (1:32)

Freelancing Vs. Agency (5:51)

Freelance Websites & Options (2:28)

BEFORE WE START… Please don’t do this! (3:20)

Module 1: Getting Set Up & Started

How To Set Up Your Profile & Get Your Account Approved (11:43)

How To Optimize Your Account (9:42)

Portfolio, Skills, Employment History (25:51)

How To Write an AWESOME Authoritative Profile (13:30)

This ONE Trick Will Help You Make More Money! (10:11)

Module 2: Client Acquisition & How To Get Clients

How To Write A KILLER Cover Letter (14:46)

How To Apply For Jobs & What Jobs To Apply For (16:44)

How To Get a High Response Rate (5:34)

The QUICKEST way to apply to jobs (12:15)

Paying For Connects = Buying Leads (6:17)

Focusing on IPA’s (4:55)

Keep your overheads LOW (5:54)


Getting Clients With NO Previous Experience! (8:07)

Module 3: Sales & Pricing

How To Price Your Services! (9:45)

Fixed Rate or Hourly Pay? (5:25)

Logical & Emotional Selling (5:58)

The Direct Message Sale – (NO PHONE CALL NEEDED) (7:57)

Why You NEED To Get Potential Clients On The Phone! (3:22)

Buyer/Seller Dynamic! (3:58)

How To Structure The Sales Call (27:24)

How To Up-Sell Your Services! (9:13)

The Proposal (Template Included) (14:00)

How To Take Payments & Charge Your Client! (10:10)

Charging MORE Money For Facebook Ads (Value Based Pricing) (5:04)

Close Your Client EVERY TIME With These Closing Lines! (8:56)

Module 4: Authority

The Importance Of Authority! (8:28)

Branding Yourself! (7:33)

How To Create Professional Monthly Reports! (8:47)

Calendar Booking & Scheduling Meetings! (9:48)

Placing A Video On Your Profile! (2:13)

Turning Down Clients & Saying NO! (6:55)

Testimonials & Reviews (How To Always Get 5-Star Feedback) (4:30)

Module 5: Outsourcing

How & Why To Outsource (4:55)

How To Create A Job Posting! (8:58)

How To Pick the BEST Outsourcers! (4:27)

Why The Cheapest Aren’t Always The Cheapest… (4:59)

What TASKS To Outsource (4:44)

How Much To Pay Your Outsourcers (3:38)

Examples Of Great Outsourcers (LIVE) (15:28)

Communication is KEY! (3:55)

Giving Outsourcers Access To Social Media Accounts & Passwords (HOW TO TRUST THEM) (5:07)

Module 6: How To Get Results For Clients

On-Boarding Clients (6:39)

Implementing A Hashtag Strategy For Clients (15:40)

How To Grow On Instagram (6:54)

Finding Copyright Free Images (6:28)

The IMPORTANCE Of Sample Posts For Clients! (6:54)

The 70 – 20 – 10 Rule! (6:53)

Module 7: Automation, Systems, Passive Income & Scaling

How To Automate Social Media Posting (5:01)

Systems Building (4:12)

Automating The Screening Questions (4:59)

Outsourcing & Automating The WHOLE Business Model (EVERYTHING EXPLAINED) (11:18)

End Of Course

Thank You! (1:30)


Become An Affiliate And Make 40% Commission! (2:51)

Would You Like Further Help? (2:40)

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