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Charles Ngo – Affcelerator Fast Track Charles Ngo – Affcelerator Fast Track Charles Ngo – Affcelerator Fast Track Charles Ngo – Affcelerator Fast Track4

“Introducing the AFFcelerator Newbie FastTrack, The Step by Step System For Beginners Who Want to Launch Their First Affiliate Marketing Campaign”

The Newbie FastTrack

A complete crash course in affiliate marketing.

Learn all the fundamentals you need to start launching campaigns today.

I know you’re eager to learn, but trust me when I say that “too much” information is just as bad as too little information. You’ll get an email from me when modules are unlocked.

I didn’t design the course to teach you everything about affiliate marketing. I’m only focused on teaching you the fundamentals. This is the 80 / 20 of what’s important when you’re a newbie.

You can get a complete education here without having to put together different pieces from blogs and forums. And you know the information’s going to be up to date (Because I wrote it in 2016).

You gotta master the fundamentals first before you can go on to the more advanced topics. That can include scaling, systemizing, differentiating from the competition, advanced traffic sources, and much more.

Remember that #1 ingredient to affiliate marketing success is to take action. This course isn’t designed to overload you with an avalanche of information.

At the end of each module, I have some “homework” for you. (Don’t worry it’s not going to be as boring as school). I’ve put in some simple action steps at the end of each module for you to complete.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and I’m here to give you the FastTrack to skip a few miles.

You are part of the first batch of the Newbie FastTrack. I know you’re going to do amazing things!

By the way, understand that this is only Version 1.0 of the course. We spent a LOT of time developing the backend of the course (design, programming, marketing, etc.). I definitely have big plans for the next few versions of the FastTrack.

At the end, you’ll be given a chance to give feedback on how to improve the FastTrack.

This is a good lesson for you. So many people never achieve anything because they want things to be “perfect.” You can never get anything perfect on the first try. You have to SHIP, get feedback, and over time it comes better and better.

This goes the same for your affiliate marketing journey. The perfect time will never come for you to start affiliate marketing. That time is actually right now.

Table of Contents

Week 1 April 11th 2016

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Mindsets to Succeed
4. What are Affiliate Networks?

Week 2 April 18th 2016

5. Free vs. Paid Traffic
6. Paid Traffic Sources
7. Choosing Your Offers
8. Designing Winning Ads

Week 3 April 24th 2016

9. Landing Pages
10. Setting up Hosting
11. Setting up Tracking
12. Launching the Campaign

Week 4 May 1st  2016

13. Optimizing
14. Newbie Strategy
15. The Final Lesson
16. Resource Guide / Tools
17. Bonus: The Expert Roundtable

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