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How To Make Big Money From Small Lists

Here’s what it’s all about:

I recently added up the income I brought in from my list over the last 12 months.

When I shared my results with a few veteran marketers, they were completely blown away. (I’ll explain why in just a minute.)

They INSISTED I share my secrets for making more money than most doctors… while only working part-time.

To give you a brief glimpse of how I did this, here’s the breakdown of the extra “side money” I made:

First run of a specialized 8-week coaching program – $45,000 (9 attendees x $5,000)

Second run of a specialized 8-week coaching program – $80,000 (10 attendees x $8,000)

Two-day “bootcamp” event – $80,000 (8 attendees x $10,000)

That’s a total of $205,000 from just three programs. And a small investment of my time averaging only about 3 hours a week.

And ZERO dollars invested in advertising and marketing.

How To Make BIG Money From Small Lists!

I’m excited because I’m going to help you get this system set up and making money for YOU… as fast as possible. So, if you’re willing to invest the effort, you can cram copious quantities of cashola into your soon-to-be considerable coffers.

If you choose to join me in How To Make BIG Money From Small Lists I’m going to reveal my entire system to you… A to Z.

That way you, too, can make any income you desire. Anything from a couple thousand a month (car payment / mortgage payment income)… up to even a hefty 6-figure income.

And you can do that just working part-time from the comfort of your own home… doing work that’s simple, fun and rewarding. And it helps your clients conquer urgent and important “pain point” problems.

I’m going to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to make this system work for YOU… so you can start enjoying the money and FREEDOM that offering a high value service gives you!

Here’s everything you’ll get…

Video Module 1 – Charting The Course: You’ll see exactly how to determine how much income you need to create your ideal lifestyle. Then, how to create that income using my proven system. (It’s the fastest way I know to get you from where you are now… to where you WANT to be.)

Video Module 2 – Market Selection: If you don’t get this part right, you’ll wind up spinning your wheels and only making a fraction of the money you could, and SHOULD, be making. (You’ll discover my “ace-up-the-sleeve” secret for making SURE you choose a proven and INSANELY profitable market.)

Video Module 3 – How To Develop The Perfect Offer: You’ll see how I develop high-ticket offers that will have people lined up and BEGGING you to take their money.

Video Module 4 – Lead Generation: You’ll discover the very best ways to get traffic and attract high paying clients. If you don’t yet have a list, you’ll discover the most effective way to build one FAST. Even better… I’ll show you how to do it if you only have a “bootstrap” budget. (I’ve done it with a budget of ZERO.)

Video Module 5 – How To Convert Your Leads: This has been the most counterintuitive thing I’ve discovered. Because the less you do… the more leads you convert into high-paying clients. In fact, since I’ve honed this part of the system, I’ve gotten 90% conversion on the last two programs I promoted. And I’ve distilled this down to a simple and easy-to-follow script that ANYBODY can use. (This process and script work so darn well… and it’s so EFFORTLESS… you’ll throw out all the other stuff you’ve tried in the past.)

Video Module 6 – Clients… What To Do With Them, How To Keep ’em Happy… And How To Keep ’em: If you’re worried about what to do with your clients once you get them, worry no more. Now you’ll know EXACTLY what to do. And how to get results that’ll keep ’em sticking around… and giving you more and more money! Because you’re helping them solve their most vexing “pain point” problems. (These are the secrets I WISH I had back when I was first starting out… ‘cuz I could’ve made a LOT more money with a lot less effort.)

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