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Who Else Wants A PROVEN Business Blueprint Revealing How To Claim YOUR Share Of This $60 BILLION Natural Health Explosion?

Supplement Business Blueprint!

After more than two decades in this market — starting four different supplement businesses from scratch… and selling three of those businesses enjoying two different bouts of mini-retirement — I’m finally spilling the beans about all my hard-won secrets to success.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover if you’re one of the few lucky protégés who jumps on this opportunity…

  • The most profitable “A-ha” discovery in my first supplement business. (This transformed that business from an “eat what you kill” monthly J-O-B… to a predictable and reliable auto-pilot cash-generating machine… practically overnight!)
  • The biggest DOWNSIDE of the supplement business. (For those of us in-the-know, it’s actually the #1 reason you should choose the supplement business over ANY other business.)
  • What products should you sell? (Get THIS right and you’re on Easy Street. Get it wrong and you could be making the long, lonely and humiliating walk to bankruptcy court.)
  • How to get high quality supplement products manufactured for you — affordably and in small quantities — until you’re ready to scale up to the big leagues. (Most rookies get screwed and bamboozled at this stage — because they don’t know how to vet the manufacturers to separate the shysters from the reputable. And they have no idea how to negotiate their product development to get the best possible pricing. Now, that will NEVER be a problem for you.)
  • The surprisingly simple way to stay compliant with all rules and regulations governing the sale of nutritional supplements. (Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to attorneys.)

I had ZERO help starting all four of my supplement businesses. These are the lessons I had to learn the hard way.

And it cost me a fortune.

That’s why I decided to reveal my unique method for launching and growing a nutritional supplement business. I don’t want YOU to struggle and suffer like I did.

But that’s not all I’m revealing in Supplement Business Blueprint. You’ll also discover…

  • A dirt-cheap way to get your hands on MILLIONS of dollars of supplement marketing research. (You’ll know which are the hottest-selling products in the market today.)
  • How to get FREE ACCESS to an under-the-radar nutritional supplement sales copy swipe file! (You’ll get multimillion-dollar marketing research showing the most effective offers and sales copy… written by the best nutritional supplement copywriters in the world.)
  • All the tools and systems you need to run your supplement business. (I’ve personally vetted ALL of these and used them in my own businesses.)
  • Product fulfillment secrets revealed! (Do it my way and life is a breeze. Get this wrong and your customers will NEVER buy from you again, your merchant account will get shut down… and you just might get a not-so-friendly visit from a few “alphabet” agencies.)
  • The fastest and BEST way to go from zero to $1 million in sales… as quickly as possible. (Many supplement business owners not privy to THIS go broke during the scaling process. That’s no longer a worry for you once you know this one secret.)
  • My hardest won and most expensive lesson I learned about payment processors and merchant accounts. (If you don’t know THIS, you could be out of business in a New York minute… at the EXACT moment your business really starts to explode with growth.)
  • Want the BEST chance of success with your new supplement business? Then HERE is where you should be advertising. (HINT: Following the crowd is a recipe for disaster. Use THIS contrarian marketing secret to give yourself an unfair advantage over ALL your competitors.)

10X Increase In Sales… Practically Overnight!

And I haven’t looked back since.

Yes, I’ve learned a lot about the supplement business. By being in the trenches and DOING it. And making a LOT of mistakes.

So I’ve got a whole gaggle of lessons, tips and secrets in my bag of tricks to prevent YOU from struggling and losing a fortune like I did.

Things like…

  • How to generate a PASSIVE INCOME with your supplement business. (This was how I was able to take an entire two YEARS off and still enjoy a mid five-figure monthly “freedom” income.)
  • My unique method to “create by assembling” the most powerful — and highest converting — supplement sales copy possible… even if you’re not a copywriter! (Most supplement business owners GREATLY underestimate the importance of strong sales copy. Do it like I show you and you’ll have copy that resonates with your prospects and customers so powerfully… it’ll sell your product by the TRUCKLOAD! )
  • There are several sub-niches within the health/supplement/nutraceutical category. Here’s how to decide which one is best for you.
  • The very first thing you must do IMMEDIATELY after you get a new customer. (If you don’t know THIS, you’ll never grow beyond the “kitchen table” level and your business will be a never-ending struggle month after month.)
  • Wanna play in the big leagues and build an 8-figure supplement business to sell and retire in luxury? Here’s the #1 most important thing you absolutely MUST do to make that happen. (It’s “ole skool”… and hardly ANYBODY knows this.)
  • The supplement company Healthy Directions recently sold for $195 million. Business evaluation experts agree it would have only sold for less than HALF that had they not been using THIS marketing secret. (If you want to cash out one day and retire in luxury, you simply MUST know this insiders secret.)
  • How I turned one of my supplement ventures from a “revolving door”, bleeding-money-like-a-stuck-pig loser… to a ridiculously profitable evergreen customer-getting/moneymaking MACHINE… with one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. (My system brought in millions… and is STILL working like crazy today… 14 years later!)

As you can see, I’ve got a lot I want to share with you about running a profitable supplement business. Because I want to get you through the learning curve as quickly as possible and on the road to the business of your dreams.

This is information I’ve invested decades of my life and MILLIONS of dollars (of my own money) to acquire.

It’s invaluable… and I will ONLY share it with a handful of “salt of the earth” people who recognize when opportunity is knocking… and are ready to take action NOW.

If you’re that kind of person, I’ll guide you step-by-step to help you start your own supplement business… and grow it as quickly as possible. So you can get YOURpiece of this massive $60 billion pie. 

I’m going to give you all the guidance, tools and industry contacts you need to you carve out a big piece of that multi-BILLION dollar pie for yourself.

Some of the other things you’ll soon discover are…

  • How to create the PERFECT business for YOU — one that supports all your goals and dreams. And most importantly… a business that’s FUN.
  • Niche/market selection for the highest possible chance of success right out of the gate.
  • Product selection and formulation. (I’ll reveal the time tested and proven “home run” products I know from experience will sell like crazy.)
  • My famous Doberman Dan “Speed Copywriting Secrets,” featuring my never-before-released “Ultimate Copywriting Templates.” (Once you have THIS, you can consistently produce order-pulling copy — even if you’re a copywriting rookie.)
  • My unique and contrarian way of launching your supplement business… with the least amount of capital… and the highest possible chance of success. (Practically NOBODY knows this insiders-only strategy.)
  • My proven marketing plan — the exact one I’ve used to generate MILLIONS.(It’s much simpler than you think… and I’ve proven that ANYBODY can do it.)
  • All the systems you need to launch and grow your business. (If you can navigate the basic features on a smartphone, you can do this.)
  • All the vendors and suppliers you need… personally used, vetted and approved by me. (Access to my vendors is worth a small FORTUNE.)
  • And much more!

Everything you need to laun

Here’s What You’ll Get In Supplement Business Blueprint

Supplement Business Blueprint “Virtual Coaching!”

You’ll get password-protected access to my Supplement Business Blueprint website — with detailed videos, audios, reports and mind maps revealing EVERYTHING about my unique method for launching and growing a supplement business.

This is the EXACT method I use — because it requires the least amount of capital… yet gives you the highest possible chance of success.

Step-By-Step Instruction

A step-by-step process revealing EVERYTHING you need to create a successful supplement business the “Doberman Dan way.”

Nothing is held back. You get my complete plan — and you’ll see the EXACT steps I’ve used to build a supplement business that brings in MILLIONS.

Q&A Call Replays – An $8,000 Value!

You’ll get access to Q&A call replays that coaching students paid $8,000 to attend. This means that you’ll have total clarity on every step of the process for launching the PERFECT business… specifically tailored for YOU.

Vendors and Inner Circle Experts

Introductions to any and all of my approved vendors and inner circle experts. These are the successful insiders that only established guys like me have access to. Now you will, too.

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