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“The Absolute Most Transformative SEO Educational & Ranking Training System On The Planet!”

Here’s What You Get!

1. SEO Basics: 3 Tracks No Matter Your Skill Level

For Beginners – We’ve got your back! We have everything from “what is seo” to back linking, PBNs, On page SEO, buying, hosting your domains and more. You will increase your skills and knowledge with each module.

For Intermediates – 7 steps to fast tracking your SEO with aged domains, social profiles, finding the right keywords, more on and off-page optimization and a ton more.

For Advanced – You’ll learn more very advanced strategies that the other pros are using. This is good to widen your knowledge and skills. Plus, you get to see how other SEOs are making money with their SEO skills, and well, there are the TOOLS!! ?

11 FULL (Over the Shoulder) Industry Expert Training COURSES

Step-by-Step Training from the top experts in each PageOneEngine business model. Learn from the best-of the-best in each area that you can easily make fast money by ranking your own or your customers internet properties (websites not needed for all modules!) 3

3. The TOOLS!

We have included Dori’s PATENTED SEO Link Management Software, in addition to software that includes APIs from the leading SEO analytic software (Majestic and SEMRush) to help you do keyword research and competitive analysis along with your basic automated rank checker.

(Don’t worry if you are a beginner and you don’t understand what these are, you will learn about them in the trainings and be thankful you don’t have to spend more money getting them)

List of PageOneEngine TOOLS


When you are looking for domains to purchase, this little tool will let you get the Majestic stats for them. You can do 5 at a time.


Enter a domain or URL and get the Majestic stats on the backlinks coming into the site.

This tool also tells you what is recommended for that site to rank better and will also give you a recipe to use for linking based on what your competitors.

Many of my tutorials in the SEO Basics section use this tool to figure out exactly what type of linking you need to do and what anchor test to use. VERY IMPORTANT!


This software is PATENTED. Yep, I really have a patent on it so you will not see it any where else.

Because of the link penalties that were happening in 2012, we needed a quick and better way to delete or change the link anchor text or the URL it is pointing to. DCL stands for

Dynamically Controlled Links, meaning you control almost everything about the link from a single dashboard.


This is an extension of the above tool and lets the user control their ENTIRE link profile from one single dashboard.

You can now instruct the program to make your links any ratio of anchor text or url. For example, you can tell it to make 70% of your profile using group A keywords for anchor text (like the domain name, click here, etc) and then 20% from group B keywords (various partial matches, etc.) and 10% from group C keywords (your exact match, etc)

Each group can contain as many keywords you want, it can be whatever ratio you want, it can be as many ratios (you could have an unlimited number of groups that holds keywords).

And yes, I have a patent on this as well. ?


Noting special here but extremely helpful for those needing to track more then a couple keywords. It is a basic keyword rank tracking tool.

We pull an API that delivers the results so this is a tool that if you are an agency, please do not use as it costs $$ for us to pull these results based on the AMOUNT of results we pull.

I wanted to make this available to the beginner/novice to get started with so for now, it is free to use with membership.


We pull historical keyword rankings for few different reasons. One, it is great to see time frames and where large chunks of traffic may have dropped off to help determine if the drop or increase was due to a Google Algo change or something you did.

However, two, and my favorite reason to use this is to see if I am ranking for anything close to the 1st page. If I am, then I know that is low hanging fruit to go after. ?

This can also be used on your competitors sites to find out what they are ranking for. Great way to do keyword research.

This is pulled from SEMRush.


Instant Page One Ranking System 68 pages of PURE GOLD from the experts that are already taking the $$ to the bank!

You get Basic to Advanced Step-By-Step Search Engine Optimization Ranking Recipes


Full Community built around like-minded PageOneEngine users. You get to work directly with other students.

You’ll get LIFETIME access to the community!

This forum is full of POE member knowledge. Ask Questions, get opinions, and networking..

You’ll get LIFETIME access to the forum!

This is an UPGRADE! After you purchase you will have an opportunity to join Dori’s closed door network. There are only about 7 people using it currently and we will only take another 10 so be quick on it.

WARNING: Link Networks otherwise known as PBNs are considered against Google’s terms and services, use with discretion.


SEO On-Page Audit

SEO audits are the single best way to figure out why you’re not getting SEO results.
We will audit one page for FREE. Just give us the URL. You can use this NOW or wait until you need the competitive research to help optimize.

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