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Why do we keep putting up copywriting courses? Because everyone has their own level of comfort and giving you a broad spectrum of choices means eventually you’ll find something that clicks for you.

This may be that course. Highly structured, this is set up to walk you through each part of a sales letter and break it down it down into a series of fill-in-the-blank templates. By taking the pressure off you to keep 100 things in mind as you write, the template approach makes sure you hit every part of the letter and gives you examples based on what idea you’ve chosen and suggests what to write based on what niche you are going after. This is the easiest process I have ever seen. Want proof? Go to 01 – Headline Templates and download 01-HeadlineTemplates.pdf and take a gander at the way it is laid out for you. Not knocking any other course here, but this has MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION

Thanks to you-know-who for finding this.

Some of the pitch (read the whole thing, It is very good):

At last, a complete, easy-to-use SYSTEM
built especially for entrepreneurs
who need copy that works… FAST…
…and also for copywriters
who need to turn around amazing copy
that gets stunning results… very quickly!

Fast Effective Copy has everything
you’ve been waiting for…
Copywriting TemplatesModule 01 – Headline Templates
Discover how to quickly capture your reader’s attention with a gripping headline using these 20 Headline Templates

Copywriting TemplatesModule 02 – Bullet Templates
Emphasize the uniquely fascinating benefits of your offer with proven Bullet Templates divider

Copywriting TemplatesModule 03 – Story Templates
Seduce your reader with a captivating story that sells your product or service hypnotically

Copywriting TemplatesModule 04 -?Negative Optism Templates
Discover how you can tap into your reader’s negative thinking to make your product or service shine

Copywriting TemplatesModule 05 – Offer Templates
Make your reader an offer she simply cannot refuse with these irresistible offer templates

Copywriting TemplatesModule 06- Subhead Templates
Keep your reader’s eye glued to your copy with these compelling Subhead Templates

Copywriting TemplatesModule 07 – Guarantee Templates
Melt away your reader’s resistance with these powerful risk-reversing Guarantee Templates

Copywriting TemplatesModule 08 – Value Builder Template
Effectively communicate the tremendous value your offer represents – and make your reader desperately want it!

Copywriting TemplatesModule 09 – Takeaway Template
Leverage the tremendous selling power of taking something away from your reader with these Takeaway Templates

Copywriting TemplatesModule 10 – Choice of One Templates
Here’s proven templates for kneecapping the competition and creating exclusivity for what you sell

Copywriting TemplatesModule 11 – P.S. Templates
Your postscript is one of the most highly read parts of your copy – make the most of it with these proven P.S. Templates

Copywriting TemplatesModule 12- Flow Template
Put it all together with a simple, proven flow in your sales copy using this simple, illustrated Flow Template

Here’s what you get:

01 – Headline Templates
02 – Bullet Templates
03 – Story Templates
04 – Negative Optism Templates
06 – Subhead Templates
07 – Guarantee Templates
08 – Value-Builder Templates
09 – Takeaway Templates
10 – Choice-Of-One Templates
11 – PS Templates
12 – Flow Templates
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