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From the Desk of Dr. Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Neuro Linguistic Programming master Trainer &
Founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt like your life lacked balance and success in many aspects?

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have to so easy with business, relationships, wealth and even health?

Do you want to discover the secrets of the mega-successful elite who thrive in their chosen fields and careers?

Are you excited that there is finally an easy way to change your life by doing things the way the champs do it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this may well be the most important letter that you will ever read.

The path to success as we know it is not a smooth one but it doesn’t have to be so hard that you will feel like giving up. Many times in our lives we will feel like all our efforts are just going to waste because we are not getting the success and happiness that we desire.

Millions of people work hard every day. Thousands of hours are spent on thinking, planning and doing – and yet, a lot of people are still unhappy with the results. Ultimately, a large percentage of people feel that they don’t deserve to be happy and ultra-successful in life…

Do you feel this way, too? Do you feel like success is always escaping, always slipping your fingers even when you are this close to finally grabbing it?
Know that you are not alone – because I was in the exact same position as you a long time ago!

I know how hard it can be to struggle against life. I was in the exact same position and I hated the feeling. Every morning I woke up to the same problems that have been bothering me for weeks and months on end. Sometimes it became so unbearable that I felt like just giving up – until it hit me one day.

The real problem wasn’t my goals or desires in life – it was my habits! My own habits were not geared towards success and that was the real reason why I kept hitting dead ends and brick walls.

I was also able to prove to myself that if I kept doing things the same way, the Universe wasn’t going to hand over what I wanted. I will just get the same results over and over again. This rule applies to every aspect of my life (and there are many) but one thing is for sure: there was always a way to create new habits that will give you want you want.

What if I told you that succeeding in everything in life isn’t about how much money you have in the bank or who you know… But it’s really your HABITS that determine your success in life?
Think about it for a second: your habits affect how you think, act, behave and even how you talk to your next-door neighbour.
Your habits SECRETLY AFFECT everything about YOU. Without your habits, you wouldn’t know how to go about your day!

What would it take to develop the sterling habits needed for success? Truth be told, it takes a lifetime to discover these habits one by one…

After you discover some of these habits, you will have to test-drive each one of them to see if they work.

Some habits work, while some don’t. And more often, people DON’T get to try any habits at all because they are trapped with their old habits and mindsets.

Creating new life habits is extremely easy if you know what to do and how to do it. Let me show you what I’m talking about right now…

I have just finished laying down the final touches to what could be the most exciting development in the world of personal psychology as we know it. I am talking about a guide so concise that it is able to cover all of the dimensions that affect a person’s success in life.

I have worked on this guide feverishly for many years and I did not give up until I found the right balance of secret habits that are used by the mega-successful individuals on this planet.

I studied ultra-successful individuals from different walks of life until I discovered how they thought, acted and worked. The results surprised even me.

It took a long time to determine the exact habit patterns but I finally succeeded. Now, I am eager to share my work to you, who came all the way out here to this side of the Internet to find out how to become truly successful in life.

When I first began my work, I had thought that the ultra-successful elite had some secret formula or strategies so potent they were like magic. I discovered that while their formula for success was indeed magical to begin with, it wasn’t hard to do at all!

In fact, the secrets for success were simple enough to be written down and shared with others, so they can benefit from these great habits that formed the minds and hearts of people who swam in success every single day.

Imagine having access to a treasure chest of success-driven habits that will radically change how success flows into every known aspect of your life – forever!

I know that many of you are on the fence about this because you think that age forces people to follow habits for a whole lifetime… But just look at me!

I discovered these secrets as an adult and while there were some stumbling blocks along the way, all of these obstacles were due to the fact that I had to study these habits on my own.

I had to test them myself and that takes time. All those hundreds of hours of hard work are now condensed in a work that I am proud to present to you now.

I call them the 101 Habits for Daily Success. This special audio program was designed to work for anyone who wants to see a better version of themselves in a short period of time.

Be inspired. Pursue that lifelong goal. Succeed like never before.
Discover One Hundred and One Ways to Be Successful in Life!
Are you ready to run with the champions?

101 Habits for Daily Success will be your daily guide to improving every dimension of your life, from lifestyle to goal-setting to finally getting fit. It is a guide that you can bring anywhere and condenses the habits of the mega-successful into chunk-sized bites that are easy to remember and even easier to put into action.

Dr. Steve G. Jones’
101 Habits for Daily Success

101 Habits for Daily Success is an audio program that you can listen to at home, in the office or when you’re just relaxing at the back of a car. You can listen to it from your computer, Zune, iPod, iPhone, Mac or Android device. And best of all, you can listen to it again and again at your own pace. Zero pressure and only pure love of success will help you absorb all of the precious nuggets you need to become the NEXT BEST VERSION of you!

101 Habits for Daily Success is composed of eight full-length audio modules that cover various aspects of your life from your lifestyle, goal-setting habits, career-related decisions, etc. Take a peek at what this definitive guide has to offer you:

Module 1
  • Create the best positive affirmations that will help you focus on the solution and not the problems that you are trying to solve. Stay goal-oriented by conditioning your subconscious mind.
  • One simple technique to help your body stay fit and healthy no matter where you are and what you do. Raise your energy level naturally throughout the day for increased productivity and a great mood from morning to late night.
  • Learn how to maximize your success potential by using the power of creative visualization and your imagination
  • Discover a fast way to bring yourself back on track if you lose sight of your long term goals and short term goals
  • Tired of always falling behind? Let me teach you a four-step step method that will eliminate 100% of your time-related troubles for good.
  • How motivated are you? Discover how to check your measure of motivation to boost your success rate on a daily basis.
  • Uncover the steps needed to feed your brain and keep it healthy. Your brain needs all the help it needs – it is your only real resource when solving problems!
Module 2
  • How to use meditation to clear mental fog, stress and to improve your problem-solving abilities. After clearing the mental fog, let me show you how to use meditation to tap into an unlimited resource that has been with you since the beginning – your higher consciousness!
  • Learn how to improve your chances of success by studying your own goals and desires. Which ones will bring you the best benefits? Should you start with the easiest goals or the short term goals? How do you differentiate worthy goals from the ones that you can explore in the future?
  • Discover how you can redesign your mindset so that it will always be positive and productive even if you are faced with the toughest of challenges. You don’t have to be a genius or rocket scientist to overcome tough challenges – you just need to have the right mindset. But what mindset is it? Let me show you inside!
  • Risks are a natural part of human life. But what should you do when risks present themselves? In this module I will teach you a time-tested method that you can use to analyze risks and rewards that will work each and every time.
Module 3
  • Do you feel trapped by mistakes you’ve made in the past? In this module I will teach you how to deal with these errors so they won’t become an obstacle to success anymore. I will also teach you how to turn mistakes into vital tools for even more success and abundance in the future!
  • Find out how you can protect yourself from negative people and negative influences in general. If you want to become truly successful in life you need to learn how to be positive 110% of the time.You cannot do this if people are constantly bringing you down with their words and actions. I will show you a simple way to block all negativity from your life so you will always have a winner’s mindset no matter what happens.
  • Also – are you stressed and burn out from all the things that you have to do? Find out how you can eliminate all that stress in one step… It’s not what you would expect but it works every single time.
  • Uncover the secret that will allow you to double or triple your personal successes even in the worst periods of your life. Feel like mining for diamonds in your life? Now is the time to do just that!
Experience Success & Excellence Today…
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Module 4
  • Find out how you can eliminate unnecessary stresses in your life so you can focus on the things that matter to you the most. Remember – stressors can come in any form, shape and size.The things that you do and the people that you prioritize also have a bearing on your success rate as an individual. Let me help you choose the best priorities so you can be happier and more productive.
  • Discover the best ways to handle your wealth so you can magnify your wealth in record time. The richest people on Earth all started out small – you can achieve any kind of wealth goal as long as you stick to these secret techniques on making your money work hard for you.
  • Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage – become a conscious creator every day! The Law of Attraction has worked for millions of people around the world and it can work for you – the only question now is why haven’t you started yet?
  • How to use doubt and anxiety to your advantage. Too often people become stuck when they feel these negative emotions. Let’s turn the tables and let’s use them to our advantage so you will never feel paralyzed again.
Module 5
  • Taking control of beliefs so they don’t end up controlling you. Beliefs are powerful agents of change and success… However, not all beliefs are beneficial to a champ like you.You need to be able to determine which beliefs are helpful and which are not. 99% of the time people mistakenly follow old beliefs that have been sabotaging their chances of success from the start. Don’t want this to happen anymore? Discover the answer in this module.
  • Do you have trouble maintaining good relations with those that matter to you the most? People often feel that maintaining good relations is complicated. Let me tell you right now that it is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to know how to strike the right balance in your life so you don’t end up losing people that you love.
  • A big part of being a successful individual is taking care of yourself and controlling what goes on in your immediate environment. When was the last time that you took stock of what goes on your working space? Now would be the time to redesign your habits and personal spaces for maximum success.
Are You Ready to Get Started on Day One?
Let 101 Habits for Daily Success Lead the Way!
Module 6
  • Success also depends on how well you are able to nurture your ideas and passions in life. But the question is how can you nurture these important components of your life? Discover an easy way to do this and more in this module of 101 Habits for Daily Success.
  • Are you tired of being overwhelmed by life and the pressures that come with it? Find out what it takes to be completely in control of every situation, whether good or bad. Let me show you the keys that will unlock a new dimension of life that is full of hope and success. The answers lie in this exciting part of the program.
  • Do you dream of changing the world? Let us explore the ways that you can do exactly that… and remember to strap in because it is going to be one great adventure!
  • I will also share with you one great technique to making goals more fun to accomplish. Let’s take the stress element out of goal-setting and make success a more pleasant journey all the way
Module 7
  • Module 7 is all about your work and career. This is often the biggest and most problematic facet of people’s lives, which is why I’ve paid close attention to the habits that you can use to vastly improve your success in any field and in any given workplace.
  • Learn how to manage your time more efficiently so you can accomplish more things in a shorter period of time. Follow the habits in this section and you will never have to worry again about not meeting deadlines and not having enough time to do the things that you love.
  • When tough times roll in, how prepared are you to meet those challenges? In Module 7 I will also show you some foolproof techniques that will allow you to instantly conquer challenges even before they have manifested. There is no magic here – only great habits can accomplish this for you!
  • Are you having trouble dealing with people that seem to be preoccupied with ruining your plans? Let me teach you how to deal with these people so you will never have to worry again about not accomplishing your goals for the day. With the right habits you will have a system in place that automatically blocks out these distractions so you can really focus on what you need to accomplish.
Module 8
  • Are you tired of failing again and again? The answers that you have been looking for are right in front of you. I will give you a special lens in this module so you can see clearly where the answers are. You can even map them out in full detail if you want – but you need the lens first! Find it Module 8 of 101 Habits for Daily Success.
  • Uncover simple techniques to form your very own success network – a success network that provides you with the best possible chances of connecting with like-minded individuals who just might help you achieve your biggest desires in life. Getting social has never been this fun and useful!
  • More importantly, I am also going to teach you how to make peace with yourself. This is often a complex issue but I have been able to break it down to the essential components so that anyone will be able to see how their personal perspective of themselves can affect success from the very beginning.
FREE Bonus

Included as a FREE bonus is a complete transcription of the entire course! This means that in addition to the 8 audio modules, you also get a full transcript of every word as a downloadable PDF. This is easily valued at $19.95 itself but it’s yours FREE!

Complete transcription of the entire course! Yours FREE!

To Recap, You Will Get:
  • A Staggering 101 Habits for Daily Success That You Can Listen To Anytime, Anywhere
  • Exclusive Habits for the Wealthy and Abundant
  • Productivity Habits for the Career-Oriented
  • Personal Happiness Habits for People Who Seek Balance in Life
  • Social Habits for Business-Oriented Individuals
Get 101 Habits for Daily Success Right Now For Only $19.95 – Safely & Securely!


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