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Product Description:

“Introducing the $634k method”

A 24 Page Clinical “step-by-step” document, 6 “look over my shoulder’ videos walkthrough and the FULL Email Swipe series to steal with my permission”

Here’s the best bit about the “$634k method”

It’s incredibly quick and easy to go through – in fact you could literally go through it and start launching your campaign within 24 hours if you are a swift action taker. There’s not 100 pages of “guff and filler” just to make a document look chunky.

Because it doesn’t need to be..

24 pages, Six “over my shoulder” walk through videos and email swipes to steal (with my permission) and you’re in business ready to roll

Here’s exactly what you get inside the ‘634k method’ today

24 Page “Exposure Mode” PDF overview.

A clinical overview walking you through the process from ‘A-Z’. This document is written as if I was there with you in person giving away all the stats, swipes, thinking process – the whole enchilada.

Six Detailed “Over the Shoulder” Video’s.

Video 1 – Introduction on the “Exposure Model”

In this video we give the “bird eyes” view of how the process works start to finish A-Z. This will give you an understanding of how the whole process work’s before we fill in the juicy details on the following modules

Video 2 – Where to Source Your Webinar Leads

In this module we tackle 3 main sources of webinar leads. Each have to be approached slightly differently. Joint Venture Partners, Buying traffic and integrating into the back of product launches. Most people totally screw up each of these methods. I’ll give you real life case studies and walk you through them.

Video 3 – Best Day to host Webinar + 3 Email Swipes

In this video we show when to start promoting the webinar, the day to host the webinar . All email swipes included , the thinking behind them. What pre content to give, how much to give etc

Video 4 – Ensuring you have the the correct webinar settings

In this video we cover the exact settings you need prior to the webinar call for maximum ROI. This is where people really SCREW up and lose 30-55% of their sales. If you don’t fill in these settings PRIOR to the webinar starting then you’ve lost before you’ve begun.

Video 5 – Creating your actual webinar content

In this video we show you a breakdown of the content you need to create for your webinar call.

Peter and I have extensively tested multiple variations of content delivery on the call and how to position the sales pitch. Inside this we reveal our numbers, the amount of attendees you can expect to turn up vs register.

We’ll cover how long the content should be, when to pitch and how to do a Q&A. Nothing is left to chance.

Video 6 – Followup Mastery

Get this – with the exposure model you can expect to see over 70% of your sales from the follow up of the total campaign.

This follow up series module alone is worth at least FIVE times the value of the 634k method.

It’s so important you use a tried and tested followup sequence or say good bye to a massive volume of your sales.

7 Proven Email Template Swipes

This separate swipe file means you can “cut and paste” and steal my swipes with my permission.

Simply add your own product details, fill in the blanks and you have a military precision launch sequence ready to fire.

“If you can read, write and follow video instruction your’re 90% of the way there”

And the last 10% is down to you.

You need to take action on the material and implement it and watch yourself soar.

Why keep selling yourself short, listening to some “Gurus” advice who never tries or tests anything and just regurgitates something they read in a Facebook group that week.

Why waste your own valuable time doing this?

Because when you come into my world I stake my WHOLE reputation on the line with everything
Listen to me – because I’m talking directly to you right now.

I’m a straight shooter when it comes to this stuff.

I co own the second highest product on JV Zoo with over 20,000 units sold

I’ve had 5 Clickbank Numbers #1’s

I’ve generated over $100,000.00 NET commissions as an affiliate in 7 days.

I know what it takes MAKE YOU WIN.

“The Investment Is Pennies On The Dollar To Truly Make It
A No Brainer”

So ask yourself honestly, how much is the $634k method worth to you?
To be able to save yourself the 100’s of hours of testing and headaches to get a duplicatable ‘A-Z” system that’s ready to implement right away in your business.

Remember our entry level product “DNA Wealth Blueprint” sells for $1997.

We deliver premium level material for serious customers.

Well the good news is today… I’m feeling very generous and am going to let you access the “$634k method” at a special introductory offer running until Sunday 25th January 2015.

You’re not going to have to invest $1997

Or even $1000.

Investment to the ‘$634k method ‘for you today is just $497 and you get EVERYTHING you need. Videos, Swipes Files and Step by Step PDF walking you through everything.

But it get’s even better.

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