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Dear Fellow AdWords Advertiser,

Do you know what the people who run a successful AdWords campaign have in common?

Every single one of them is making serious money because they all have traffic and the conversion… And none of them are spending the money you think they are spending!

One of the great myths about Google AdWords is that you have to spend a fortune to make a fortune. Sure, if you don’t know what you doing its true. But if you do, it’s a myth!

Do You Want To Setup A Campaign
And Start Earning As Soon As Tomorrow?

It doesn’t matter what niche, market or field that you are in, you can start making money right away, if you follow the advice we give you.

It’s that simple.

And all this without spending much. You could be spending $10, it could be $20 but you will be making $100 for just a few minutes work. Because the conversions with this model means you will Make Much THEN YOU SPEND!


Let me introduce myself without getting overly excited, my name is Jacobo Benitez and I’m a 28 years old highschool dropout. But an Internet entrepreneur since 2006 and have a huge record now.

I have tried many forms of traffic over the years with SEO killing me through Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and whatever updates. All my hard work went to waste as I try and build my online business. So, I had enough and decided to NOT be Google Slapped and put my thoughts and actions into AdWords.

In time I perfected the art of converting and selling online simply through Google AdWords. My whole business stands upon it. But I was nervous at first as I realised that you could potentially blow a lot of money with AdWords. So controlling the budget and getting the conversion became the key to my success and budget.

I became so good with AdWords that I was able to release the bestselling AdWords Profits which allowed many, many people to all of a sudden start making $100 a day scaling up to $1000. This product is a continuation of the previous product and a testimonial to the success that people enjoy via AdWords.

Don’t Let Google Beat You Black And Blue!

Search Engine Optimization can be a real bitch. It takes ages to happen and once it does you are susceptible to updates and goodness knows what else.

What annoys me is that once you obtain a ranking, you have to make sure you stay there. Maintenance COSTS WITH SEO and yet there is always an update because being slapped will destroy a business.

In short, why let Google play God to your business?


Don’t let Google or whoever decide how well you do. Do it yourself and use AdWords, following our strategies where we teach you to convert and run a campaign at an extremely low cost.

AdWords suppliers targeted traffic whenever you want whenever you like and we provide a platform where you spend only 10% of what you make.

It’s NOT Rocket Science Like Most People Think

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People get put off using AdWords because they believe it’s too complicated and link it to gambling. You gamble that you don’t spend as much as you make, that your bank account is drained from paying $5 per click.

We don’t run campaigns like that and give you a solution where you could be spending just $10 a day and making $100 per day.

You will constantly have low cost, highly targeted interested traffic to your web page. And instead of doing it in months like SEO, you will be doing it in hours.

If you take action!

We give you a platform and a strategy to spend very little and convert traffic via AdWords as in tomorrow or soon as you have digested the information. This is exactly how I go out and make money via Google AdWords.

AdWords Revenge is an extension to the bestselling AdWords Profits 2.

Here is where you…

  • Learn how to construct landing pages with keywords for campaigns
  • Be able to create profitable campaigns on AdWords in moments
  • Use landing pages to bring down the cost of campaigns
  • Find the right products that will convert massively on AdWords
  • And so much more…

My Record in AdWords’s IS Unbeatable

The techniques that I have learnt have made me money on a full time basis. I have sold products of my own and through affiliates. My techniques are proven through AdWords Profits 1, AdWords Profits 2 and now AdWords Revenge.

I don’t even bother with SEO as being slapped isn’t part of the plan and you can keep Penguins and Pandas in the Zoo!

Do You Want To Trust SEO or Risk
Your Own Capital on AdWords?

You have 2 choices if you don’t follow this course.

You can try SEO and wait month upon month, then make some money but only for the big inconsistent Google Machine to send your site down the rankings. It takes time, time and seconds for the Google send your site back down once they want to do this.

Not the most stable business by any stretch of the imagination.


You could try your own AdWords campaign… if you don’t have the experience with AdWords you could be sat there testing spending the money, burning a hole in your bank account until you work out how to do AdWords.

Alternatively you could just sit back follow the advice we give and… make money!

Adwords Revenge 31
There’s only one content network AdWords campaign in the account shown above,
and below are its results. (The $27 payment is not from this campaign): Adwords Revenge 46

Customers’ names have been blurred for privacy purposes

Below are another two AdWords campaigns:

Adwords Revenge 21

Below are funds withdrawn from my biggest account:

Adwords Revenge 12

Screenshot taken on March 27th, 2014

See that on Feb. 26 and Mar. 11, funds were collected quickly, because on
those days I sent back-end offers to the customer list I built using AdWords.

And as you can plainly see, my method allows you to get MILLIONS of ad views while paying about ONE CENT per click. How much would your results change if you were only paying 1 cent for YOUR TRAFFIC?

So these stats are as real as you can get them.

And not just that, if you replicate the exact method I use, you’ll have similar stats pretty soon too. In fact you could start engorging your bank account with fresh, crisp cash today!

Countless people have thrived of my AdWords strategies making money and at no risk to their business being cut in half via Google updates.


What You have just released is *Wickedly* effective…

Most Adwords books just contain rehashed generalities you can find by reading Google’s Frequently asked questions.

Boy is this ever different. Not only do you give the exact step by step way to get the ridiculously cheap clicks… but you also show how to convert them at a 4000% ROI (yes 40 for 1).

Plus you show your own campaigns and you really lay it all out. Fantastic job. I plan to start using some of your methods immediately. They are that good.

Well done,

Alex Goad (”

With AdWords Revenge you will be able to…

  • Use AdWords to build a huge List
  • Examples of Campaigns to follow
  • Optimized landing pages to minimize costs
  • Build relevant web pages specifically for campigns
  • Focus on conversions
  • Do what I do, so you make more money

If You Could Sit Behind Your Laptop For 30 Minutes A Day And Make A Fulltime Living, Will You Do It? Of Course!

Never rely on SEO, never rely on Google, send a product to 100’s of people all day everyday all at a low cost. Follow a proven tried and tested product that shows you precisely how to do all of this, a product that has been on the market place and lauded by person after person.

AdWords Revenge has the potential to give you a full time income control your capital and make 50%, 100%, 200% returns.

Google Slap will be a thing of the past and profitable campaigns the way forward.

YOU will make a full time living from AdWords Revenge, just as people did w/AdWords Profits 2.

But what would you pay for something that
would change your life FOREVER?

And when we say change your life we mean change life in a positive way where your working hours a potentially cut and your time and your advertising spend is reduced and… YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!

Because your traffic is HIGHER and your CONVERSION is GREATER.

Just think about it – No more getting up early everyday, no more working alone in a corner cubicle of your office, no more having to deal with your enraged boss or moody customers, no more missing important family events, and no more being tired of life.

Life will transform instantly when you discover how to make money with AdWords. This may sound a bit exaggerated, but most successful Internet Marketers will tell you that it’s 100% true.

So, what price would you be willing to invest for a freedom like this?

Okay. Let’s go back and summarize what I’m going to share with you now:

  • Examples of my own campaigns including products, keywords, landing pages, etc. that enable me to earn a full-time living on the ‘net.
  • The process of creating extremely profitable AdWords campaign within minutes.
  • How to create relevant landing pages for these campaigns… and how doing so will drastically lower your CPC.
  • How to find profitable products to promote using AdWords…and how to create your own product easily.
  • How to use AdWords to build huge opt-in lists.
  • …and much more.

Quite frankly, what you can achieve with this information is only limited by what you decide to do with it.

Remember – you came here looking for a solution to your problems. You can either get AdWords Revenge now and get rid of your problems once and for all

…or you can sit on the decision to buy this amazing product, and everything stays the same. Your results, your income, your life…

In my experience, most people who set out to make money online never make it because:

  • They don’t have money to invest in their business.
  • They don’t have a good product to promote.
  • They don’t know how to promote it properly.

But I’m now showing you – with real examples – a low-cost method to identify and promote profitable products effectively…so you end up making a lot of money from them with one hand tied behind your back.

You very well know that most people would charge $500 and upwards for this information,

…but AdWords Revenge can be yours for the special launch price of just $97 $37

I just want you to get it quickly, benefit from it and tell me you made a lot of money using my methods.

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