Brainathon 2014 - John Assaraf - Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling

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John Assaraf – Brainathon 2014 – Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling

Change the way you think, feel and behave to instantly become more successful!

Streamed live on Nov 8, 2014

Recorded 11-8-14 with all new content and expert speakers this year, presenting the latest in brain retraining research and techniques to facilitate change.

Science has proven that every human being is trained and conditioned to earn only a certain amount of income.

Your glass ceiling is created at a very early age from your thoughts, fears, beliefs, perceptions, paradigms and internal brain patterns. And they affect you at EVERY level of *financial* and life success!

But brain scan studies have PROVEN you can re-wire and strengthen the key areas in your brain that control your conscious AND subconscious… and every *financial* and business decision you make.

This requires applying the right brain-training methodologies and technologies in the right way… so you can replace limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck.

During this 8 hour + LIVE online event, 6 of the world’s leading brain experts will come together to share their best advice, cutting-edge research and proven strategies … so you can get your deep “implicit brain” (the part that controls the results you get in life) to work in NEURAL RESONANCE with your explicit brain to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll learn from 6 of the world’s top brain and success experts:

John Assaraf – Resetting Your Financial Thermostat and Inner Financial Blueprint
Learn to clear your unconscious mental blockages and reset your mental financial blueprint and financial thermostat for doubling or tripling your income.
Dr. Srini Pillay – Overcome Your Deepest, Innermost Fears of Failure or Fear of Success
Learn how to recognize and eliminate the fears and negative emotions that hold you hostage and keep you stuck at your current level of success.
Dr. Mcayla Sarno – Overcome Past Negative Events and Current Circumstances That Are Keeping You Stuck
Learn how to overcome your biggest traumas, stories, negative events or circumstances that are holding you hostage and making you a slave to your past or your present circumstances.
Mark Waldman – Reframing Your Negative Thoughts and Beliefs to Positive Ones So They Align with Your Financial Goals and Dream Life
Discover the latest, most advanced tools and techniques to release your subconscious blockages so you stop standing on the edge of your potential and take the steps that are necessary to achieve your best financially.
Dr. Ruth M. Buczynski – No more Excuses or Stories
Learn the latest in clinical behavioral psychology to maximize your brain’s powerful ability to release negative thoughts, emotions and circumstances that are standing between you and achieving financial success.
Jim Bunch – Set Up the Ultimate Environment for Your Financial and Life Success
Learn how to set up the right internal and external environments to ensure you’re geared towards achieving the greatest income and life success.

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