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Attention Frustrated Marketers: The Pain Stops Here.

“I’m About To Reveal My 7 Deadly Secrets For Crushing Offline Marketing Success To A Select Group Of People Absolutely Committed To Earning A Minimum Of $10,000 A Month In The Next 12-16 Weeks”

From The Desk Of Brian Magnosi
-Syracuse, NY

Dear Friend, Fellow Entrepreneur, and Future Success Story…

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Are you fed up with all the hype and bling the so-called ‘guru’s are pitching, and their never ending stream of offers? I’ve been there again and again, always latching onto their every word, only to walk away disappointed and disillusioned with the lackluster results I achieved.

If you are anything like me, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Jumping from program to program, and opportunity to opportunity, when all I needed was some sound advice from someone I could trust and get some personalized help for my specific situation…



There’s An Avalanche Of Money Being Made Right Now Helping Local Businesses Thrive On The Internet….The Question is:

“Are You In, Or Are You Out?”

You didn’t come to this website to hear another song and dance about how you can make “X” number of dollars in the next 30 days, rather you’re here because you’re ready to bring it home in your own business by providing internet marketing services for local businesses, and you need a systematic plan of attack with some personalized guidance to help you navigate the treacherous waters of being a new digital entrepreneur.

Are you ready for some good news today? I’ve committed to helping at least 500 new home based entrepreneurs create an amazing income from home, all on their own terms; working when YOU want to, and where your income is only limited by your imagination!

 But,  here’s the problem….

You need someone who knows what they’re doing to help you step-by-step through the process of building a highly profitable “offline consulting” business

What if you could:

  • Be Financially Free – Imagine earning $100,000 per year passively from offline consulting, putting in 2-4 hours a month all while earning $1,000, $5,000, even $10,000 a week like I’ve been able to do!
  • Never Answer To A Boss Again – What if you never needed to ask permission to take a day off, or spend more time with your spouse or children? What if you never needed an alarm clock again?
  • Work From Wherever You Desired – Work from your home office, your kitchen…heck, even the beach (or ski area in my case;) ! Is it possible? Absolutely (ask me how I know). And the best part? I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned about creating this kind of freedom so you can live the life you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Have Someone Personally Show You How To Make $100K FAST – What if you could watch over my shoulder as I show you my exact step-by-step formula for banking $20K+ each month offering internet marketing services to business owners who desperately need and want what we have to offer

Someone recently asked me “Brian, is it REALLY possible to earn money from home and never have to be a cog in the machine of corporate America again?” Yes, it really is.

And I’m going to show you how I went from being a frustrated and barely getting by internet consultant for local businesses, to earning an average of $20,000 per month (with some months at $35K, $42K…even $50K)!

Imagine Having Local Business Owners Send You
Payments Just Like These!…

Client Crusher Academy 26K_Week_mid Client Crusher Academy proof_4-_2 Client Crusher Academy proof_3 Client Crusher Academy 7K Client Crusher Academy proof_1 Client Crusher Academyproof_5 Client Crusher Academyproof_2

Local business owners want desperately to be found online, but they don’t have a clue about how to do it!

I’ll teach you how to get them to practically beg you
to do it for them!!

The phone book is dead, and the internet has taken the world by storm. Regardless of which country you live in, the internet has become that dominating force for the traditional business world. Companies of every size and kind need and want to be found at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and are willing to pay you big bucks to get them there (ask me how I know!).

I’ll teach you how to offer the internet marketing services these businesses are so desperate for all without leaving the comfort of your own home (unless you want to go out in your community-I’ll show you how to do both ways, giving everyone a fair shot at the billions of dollars being spent right now by these business owners).

Local Client Consulting Is Easy Once You See How I Do It. Here’s My “No-Hype, No-Bull” Offer To You…

Introducing ‘Client Crusher Academy’

Client Crusher Academy BUNDLE2A-Module1-300

I’ve created an entire course called Client Crusher Academy on how to go from zero to a six figure business FAST without having to deal with the painful and unpleasant learning curve that I did when I first started out.

In my non-nonsense, ‘kick in the derriere’ Client Crusher Academy, you’ll learn every single thing you need to find, attract, and easily “sell” local businesses internet marketing services like: Top Organic Rankings On Google, Pay Per Click, Website Designs and more! Once you see how dead simple it is, you’ll be able to create an extraordinary level of rock solid, passive income that will have you soaring sky-high!

Here’s A Breakdown Of Exactly What You Get In The Training:

Are you ready to feel like you’re finally in control over what you make every month? This jammed pack 10-Module course will give you all that and more…Guaranteed!  (hint – You can use this information to rank clients websites, or your own – either way, you can make a lot of money doing one or both!)

Module #1 – Positioned For Success

Goal Setting The Right Way – See how critical this one component of business building is, and how not doing it could rob you of untold thousands of dollars this year alone! Always start with the end in mind. Learn how to craft a uniquely powerful plan that will catapult you to your goal in half the time!

Personal Branding Power – Discover how easily and effectively you can demonstrate your expertise and personal brand power even if you are just starting out.

The Psychology Of Selling – Learn how to position yourself for maximum success and money-getting by becoming the hunted instead of the hunter, being offensive, not defensive, and the profitability of positioning yourself as the marketing master (even if you’re a total newbie!)

Module #2 – Local Listing Domination

Social Crusher – This one strategy alone has put nearly $50K extra in my pocket alone, spending just minutes a day doing it.

Take my 3 ninja tricks to create ultra qualified leads 100% for free AND instantly separate yourself from every single “competitor” out there. This one secret tactic is worth the price of the entire course!

Module #3 – Killer Video Marketing Strategies

High-Margin Video Marketing Strategies – Steal my secret client getting tactic for yourself, and literally crush it in offline marketing ZERO cost! No one does video marketing like this.

Taking this unheard of strategy alone could propel you to a six figure income in just a couple of months. Shhh…promise that you won’t tell anybody about it!


Module #4 – SEO Domination

Search Engine Domination Strategies That Work Every Time –
Become an SEO Jedi master in weeks, NOT years! This never before released special training will pull the lid off of Pandora’s Box and help you crush the competition for every single client.

Forget about doing SEO the hard way! In this exclusive module, I teach EXACTLY how I create top results for my clients  (and my own) best keywords, taking 20%, 30%, 40%, even 90% of the first page organically in a fraction of time, without all the hassle of trying to figure out the latest algorithm updates from Google!

Module #5 – Pay Per Click Mastery

Pay Per Click Power – Pay Per Click is one of the greatest skills you could ever learn for yourself or for client campaigns, and in this easy, step-by-step introduction to PPC, I pull back the curtain on:

Picking the right keywords, writing a profit pulling ad the first time, and how to extract every single dollar of profit humanly possible in your PPC campaigns, without the horrible learning curve and frustration most people experience when attempting to create PPC campaigns.

Module #6 – Local Crusher – Only if you want to leave the house ;)

Mastering The Art Of Cold Calling – Hate cold calling? So do I! Learn the one trick I used to get around traditional cold calling 99% of the time (and still get great results), even in brutally competitive markets.

Local Networking That Works – Learn how I put one simple twist on this simple, easy-peasy technique to create maximum leverage, and how I put an extra $70,000+ in my pocket in the last 12 months alone!

Secrets Of Warm Calling – See how I closed 90% of the warm leads and referrals I received by leveraging three key components. Learn what they are, and how you could be closing your first deal this week!

Bonus Module #1 – Breaking The $10K Barrier

Secrets To Landing $10,000/Month Clients – Want to see how I land $5 figure per month clients with ease?I’ll show you my insider secrets that  magnetically draw high paying clients like steel to a magnet.

Never struggle to get a high paying client again when you use these little know strategies that convert like wildfire!

Bonus Module #2 – Speed Ranking

Speed Ranking Websites – Ready to learn 2 top secret methods for ranking websites in half the time it would normally take, without having to live in fear of the next Google update?

I’ll show you my proven tactics for ranking sites at the top of Google for money keywords in this special bonus (don’t worry- they’re Panda AND Penguin safe)!

Speed Ranking Videos – Ever wonder how you take a brand new video, on a brand new channel, and drive it to the top of Google and YouTube for a search term with over 40,000 exact match searches per month in under a week flat? I’m giving away the farm with this one, but it’s yours to keep in this special bonus #2!

Bonus Module #3 –  Research And Pricing

Fast And Easy Competitive Research – Understanding how much competition is out there for you or your clients BEST keywords is critical to your success and longevity in business.

I’ll show you how to do proper competitive analysis and research in just minutes with my “speed technique”, positioning you for maximum profitability even in brutally competitive markets.

Client Pricing Models – Ever feel like you’re completely guessing when it comes to pricing out services to current or potential clients? Never feel frustrated again once you see how painless it really is when you look at the 3 variables I cover in this special bonus!

You’ll be able to confidently present and get ANY price you want once you’ve seen this module!

Bonus Module #4 –  Rep Crusher

Stop The Bleeding Of Local Businesses – When you see how dead simple this lead generation AND SEO service opportunity really is, you’ll cry that you weren’t doing it sooner!

I walk you through exactly how I do this and have made tens of thousands of dollars with reputation lead generation, management and repair.

If you took nothing else away from Client Crusher Academy, this one strategy would be worth it TEN TIMES Over!!

What Others Are Saying About My Coaching And Training…

“Brian’s an ace. It’s been wonderful to see him thrive and to see his success inspire others.”

Mike Long – $30M Producer – Creator of Project X, OMG Machines | NHB

“Of all the people I’ve coached over the years, Brian is one of the exceptional ones. He takes all out massive action, and strives to be the best at what he does. If you’re looking for a great coach and to work with a marketer who just plain ′get’s it’, I highly recommend working with Brian.”

Jimmy Kelley – Underground Super Affiliate | $15M Producer,

“Having Brian as a resource in my life and business has been nothing short of a blessing. His heart to serve others, over and above what was “expected,” is a partnership that moves me and my business forward. It’s not often one finds a man with a unique ability teach, lead, and inspire. Brian possesses all three traits. He’s one of the few quality leaders I trust in a space that’s riddled with manipulators.”

John ‘JJ’ Jackson, Champion Movement

“Brian is one of the best young marketers I’ve met over the last 3 1/2 years. His passion in helping others succeed, and a rock solid commitment to creating results makes him an asset you want to have in your corner. If you’re looking for a great mentor and marketing coach, Brian’s your guy!”

Dr. Charles Smithdeal , Anxiety Relief

What Would It Feel Like If You…

  • Would Never Struggle Have To Find Clients Again – My proven methods for client getting will make life simpler and more profitable- Guaranteed!
  • Created A Six Figure Passive Income – Earn $5K, $10K, $20K or more every month all while working no more than a few hours a week. I’ll show exactly how to create a system for client and money getting that the big dogs won’t tell you.
  • Creates The Kind Of Lifestyle You’ve Been Dreaming Of – You don’t have to struggle anymore. You’ll learn everything you need to in this course to find, set up and retain the highest paying clients with push button ease, all while earning more than the average Doctor makes each year!

How Valuable Would It be To…

Watch Over My Should As I Create A Multiple Six Figure Client Consulting Empire Right Before Your Eyes

There’s nothing better than watching me step-by-step as I create tens of thousands of dollars per month in recurring, passive income with my dead simple, paint by numbers approach to money getting with local client consulting.

Have Multiple Formats To Maximize Your Learning, And Minimize Your Time Invested Doing It

Every module comes fully loaded in multiple formats, so you can get all the information you need FAST, whether you’re at home, in bed, in the car, or at the gym!

Watch the videos, or listen to the MP3…either way, I’ve got you covered.

“I can trace back my $5300 in week six to 3 keys that you gave me on that very first day I trained with you.”

Getting your insider tips, insights, and wisdom from your years of experience not only made me thousands of dollars just a few weeks from getting started, it literally saved me thousands of dollars that I would have wasted, countless hours of trial and error, and tons of stress and frustration that I see others endure.

You sure know your stuff Brian!

Bruce Stromwall,

All I can say is “Wow!”

Brian’s training should be required for anyone who wants a legitimate shot at making big money online. The training that Brian offers takes advanced and powerful concepts and then lays them out in such a simple fashion that anyone can use them to start generating massive new business.

His training has upped my game 200%! Thanks!”

Jesse Walker,

Position Yourself For Maximum Success By Stealing My Most Profitable Money-Getting Strategies & Tools

With Client Crusher Academy, you get 10 total modules for the price of 6! Imagine how much simpler and more profitable working hand-in-hand together with me would be instead of having to try to ‘figure’ all this out on your own.

One of the single biggest frustrations I dealt with everyday for the first few years in my business was always feeling alone, and having almost no one to turn to who could answer my questions, and point me in the right direction. Well, now  you don’t have to go it alone anymore…

Client Crusher Academy - Main Course + Bonuses + Monthly Intensive Program + Platinum Training

P.S. Don’t let this limited time offer slip away! Watch over my shoulder and see how simple creating a six and multiple six figure offline consulting business really is!

P.P.S. I can’t guarantee how long I can keep the price so low, so act now to reserve your spot!

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