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What Would It Mean for Your Business
If, Instead of Selling 20 Units a Day, You Sold 30?

In the “Conversion Copywriting Course”, you’ll see exactly how we FOUND higher-converting messages, WROTE more persuasive copy and ran the TEST that led to a 51% increase in paid conversions for a Copy Hackers client.

This Course Re-Opens for Registrations in Sept 2014

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“Joanna, I bought your new course thinking that I would have to ask for a refund as most copywriting courses are hyped and provide no real value at all. And since I am from India, every $1 I spend equals Rupees 55 here. But I must say I am impressed and you have laid the course out nicely. I would not have to tweak anything like you have to do with Dan Kennedy courses or other big Gurus. I can use your techniques as is.” 

Arun Jain, Mumbai Area, India

“I’ve already had great value from the material in Week 1 on Amazon mining and the reference to forum mining. These have helped me solve a marketing strategy problem that has been bugging us for weeks. Thanks for a superb course.”

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