DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0 - Peter Parks & Andrew Fox

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Product Description:

“How Regular People Learned From A $50 Million Per Year Paid Traffic Genius in 2014 To Generate Between $10,000 – $1 Million* Plus Per Year”

Proven in 120 Niches Including…

  • Speed Up Your PC
  • Penny Stocks
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Travellers
  • High-end Patio Furniture
  • Quit Smoking
  • Law Practice
  • Real Estate
  • Classic Cars
  • Baby Supplies

Dear Reader,
I’ll make you a sure-fire bet right now…
This won’t read like anything else you’ve read in Internet marketing.
While most online marketing letters quietly scream in desperation to get you to buy their products, I’m afraid you won’t see that from us…
In fact – we do things a little differently around here.
Do you know what “case study” marketing is?
It’s one of the rarest things you’ll ever find… where you let your students results do the “talking” for you.
Like Joe Veloz doing over $140,000 in 6 weeks.
Or Neguletu Adrian doing over $189,000 in a single month.
WARNING: I’m gonna openly disqualify a ton of people here.
If you’re looking for a hyped up “1 click riches” nonsense… this isn’t for you.
If you think the secret to online success is found inside a $37 ebook …this isn’t for you.
BUT… if you want a “copyable”, step-by-step blueprint from two guys with proven track records… then you may just have found something very special.
Because, frankly, we’re making so much friggin’ money every day that our information puts almost every other “guru” to shame.

I could easily show you multiple pages of proof like my $2 million merchant accounts but I personally I think our students’ proof is more important.



“Introducing DNA Wealth Blueprint V 2.0– The Ultimate ‘Step-By-Step’ Blueprint To Dominate Paid FB Advertising To The Tune of $100,000/Day And Generate Multiple Millions From Product Launches”

There are 3 core elements to DNA Wealth Blueprint:


Using Facebook™ and other paid Traffic Platforms To Promote CPA Marketing Products (up to $100,000 per day), By Peter Parks.

Generating Annual 7-Figure Product Launches, by Andrew Fox.

Exclusive Private Forum and Support Group to put our education into action IMMEDIATELY.


Facebook™ Paid Traffic DNA Wealth Blueprint V2.0 By Peter Parks, A.K.A “Mr $100K/Day”

Over 11 NEW No-Fluff ‘Look Over My Shoulder’ Video Modules Showing You How to Apply The Same Methods That Took Peter From $50/Day to $100,000/Day* In Under 6 Months



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