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Dear Internet Marketer,

What if – every single time you wanted to create money – you simply pressed the “send” button?

If that sounds exciting to you, you’re in the right place.

Because if you want the rare ability to make sales on demand almost every time you email your list, I’m running a one-off workshop which will show you how.

Here’s the deal.

The workshop is called The Email Marketing Intensive, and over the next 8 weeks…

I Will Personally Help You To Create A Money-Making Autoresponder Email Sequence, Which Will Generate Profits For You While You Sleep!

I can show you exactly how to make more sales, and you’ll learn how to quickly squeeze massive profits out of tiny lists. You’ll gain more customers and fans with every week that passes.

You’ll also discover how to send emails so captivating (and persuasive) your prospects will contact you if they miss one, begging you to resend it.

Plus, you’ll discover advanced techniques that’ll wrench money from your prospects. This will help propel you on affiliate leader-boards… even if your list is a fraction the size of your competition.

In short: I’ll show you precisely how to create emails that “sell” better than anything else I know.

In fact…

These Emails Are A Shortcut To Online Success, And Have Contributed to At Least $100 Million + In Sales… In The Last Year Alone!

Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon andre-chaperon2More on that later.

Before I share all the juicy details with you, I want to give you some context. Because there’s a good chance you don’t know who the hell I am.

Here’s the “quickie” version:

My name is Andre Chaperon. I’m the creator of one of the most popular — and well reviewed — email marketing courses ever released: Autoresponder Madness (ARM).

ARM has helped thousands of ordinary people to double — or triple — their businesses (or more), whilst providing massive value to their lists.

You’ll find a whole lot of real-life testimonials for my email system on this page. Check them out.

But you know what the kicker is?

I’m not a copywriter. Have never studied the black art of “copywriting”. In fact, I’ve never been through a copywriting product, beginning to end. Never.

I was even certified dyslexic as a kid… sent to a remedial school… and put on Ritalin. That’s how much of a non-writer I am.

Even today I can’t spell for shit.

Yet — despite all this — I’m considered one of the best email guys in the business.

So much so that…

The Biggest Gurus In Online Marketing Use MY Unique Email System To Make Multi-Millions!

My customer list reads like a real “Who’s Who” of online marketing.

Email legends like Ryan Deiss, Kevin Nations, Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani, Perry Belcher, Justin Brooke, AJ Silvers, Brian Moran and Dr Harlan Kilstein use – and stand behind – my trademark Autoresponder Madness system.

Even Jeff Walker and Rich Schefren are customers of mine.

(And that’s just a few big names off the top of my head.)

It’s awesome – these guys use my unique email system to generate more subscribers, fans and customers. And — of course — make more money.

Because my approach works.

It helps you make more sales… with less effort.

All whilst providing massive goodwill to your list.

And like I said, I have zero special abilities.

If I can do this, believe me, so can you.

Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon2 Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon3

The Biggest Misconception In Online Marketing Today

If you’ve been in the Internet Marketing game for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the saying:

“The money is in the list”.

This flat-out isn’t true.

(Especially if you want to take your results to the next level.)

Because, to earn the big bucks, having a list isn’t enough.

Having swipes to mail isn’t enough.

To achieve breakthrough results, you need to change the way you talk to your list.

I’ve been preaching for years that the money isn’t “in the list“… THE MONEY IS IN THE RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOUR LIST.

Because the list size isn’t the asset.

Not at all!

(Just ask the big name gurus who struggle to convert huge lists. Or the dudes with big-ass lists who can’t get onto a leaderboard, because their reputation is burnt to death…)

That’s why, if you want to double — or even quadruple — the amount of sales you make in the next 8 weeks, you’ll want to…

Discover The Secret Of Writing Emails That Leave Your List Begging For More

I love the old Gary Halbert quote that “people open their mail over the trash”.

Halbert is saying that you must be different… be compelling… to avoid your marketing message being discarded. Thrown away. Ignored by your prospects.

And he’s right —

Because today, people check email with their finger hovering over the ‘delete’ key.

They’re looking for any reason to ignore you.

To banish you from their inbox. Forever.

That’s why if you don’t immediately wrench your prospect’s attention from whatever they’re doing, your email is going to get deleted. This means unsubscribes, zero impact, and zero sales.

And it means you never creating the business — or lifestyle — that you dream of.

But that’s where…

My Unique Email System Makes It Easy

Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon email-increase

My Autoresponder Madness email system is different to everything else you’ve seen.

First, it will dramatically increase the number of people pulled towards your business. You’ll stand out and be perceived as DIFFERENT. (And with ‘different’ comes ‘attention’… and more sales.)

Next, it provides so much value, you’ll actually have people THANK YOU for promotions you put out in the marketplace. Truthfully.






Here’s a couple of recent examples:

Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon email-1

And here’s even one from His Highness… Frank Kern:

Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon email-2

Cool, right?

But that’s not all.

My (easy to apply) system helps you squeeze massive profits from tiny email lists… even if it’s your first try.

How do I know?

Because my customers routinely…

Top Affiliate Leader-Boards With Tiny Lists, Beating Out Big-Name Gurus With Audiences 10 — 100X The Size!

In every niche imaginable. Time after time.

(I’m talking lists of just 500–1000 good prospects, competing with “gurus” who were mailing to 100,000+ lists.)

And it can absolutely be the same for you.

Because my Autoresponder Madness system makes the difference between outstanding — and mediocre — success with email marketing.

But, why is it so powerful?

Simply because it uses…

The Same “Secret” That Made Breaking Bad One Of The Biggest TV Successes Of All Time!

Yes — my Autoresponder Madness email system “steals” the same secret that compels people to binge on an entire series of House of Cards… the first day the episodes are put on Netflix.

It’s the very same secret that makes people go nuts over Game of Thrones.

The same secret that made Breaking Bad such compulsive viewing.

It’s a secret that lets you write emails packed with so much tension, your list goes crazy with desire trying to buy from you.

What is it?

Well, it simply plays on the fact that…

Nothing Grabs People’s Attention Faster Than The Need To Know – What Happens Next?

Email Marketing Intensive - Andre Chaperon man-pc

Let me explain.

Have you noticed that when you watch Breaking Bad, or Lost, or 24 — or any massively successful show over the last decade…

Every episode ends in a cliffhanger!

And that’s not counting all the “sub-plots” that open up all the time and keep you constantly guessing as to what’s going to happen next.

It’s all because cliffhangers have a unique power to move people’s hearts, minds, (and wallets) in your intended direction.

They keep you glued to the damn screen.

Great writers do this even better than the TV guys.

Steig Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy? Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series? Or even the Harry Potter books?

They’re all filled with page-turning cliffhangers.

And here’s the exciting (and profitable!) news for you…

Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll show you exactly how to do this with your emails.


With My “Soap Opera Sequence” System, You’ll Learn How To Write Money-Grabbing Emails Packed Unmissable Cliffhangers… Even If You’re Not A Copywriter!

This is an advanced technique. Will take me a couple weeks to teach you. And you’ll need to practice a bit before you really start wrenching your prospects’ wallets from their pockets.

But… it’s easy to understand.

And it’s worth the effort.

Because these “SOS” emails sell better than practically anything else… whilst creating massive goodwill with your list.

(Thousands of “normal” business owners have already benefited. And with the workshop format I’ll be checking your progress every week, holding your hand and helping you to succeed. So… you’ll get there, as long as you’re committed.)

This is why I’m so confident you can at least double the amount of sales you’re making with what you learn on my workshop.

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