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Are you Tired Of Impossible-To-Use Squeeze Page & Sales Letter
Wordpress Plugins That Are Literally Erasing Your Potential Profits?


FROM: Emilis “Emka” Strimaitis (a.k.a. The Conversion Junkie)
RE: How to increase sales using the revolutionary WP Plugin called FunnelKit

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Let me ask you a couple quick questions:

Are you interested in growing an extremely responsive list, quickly – just like the Top 5% of Internet Marketing Gurus do every day?

Do you want to passively convert more opt-ins into passionate buyers – drastically increasing the effectiveness of your efforts and marketing budget?

Would you like access to an intuitive, massively customizable WordPress Plugin that will totally transform the way you run your online business?

If you answered YES! to all three questions, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can achieve insane opt-in rates as high as 84.4%…

…without a huge budget or having to master yet another ridiculously complicated WordPress interface.

Here’s the deal:

The average conversion rate for a squeeze page is anywhere between 2% to 15%.

That means…

For Every 100 Prospects Who Visit Your Page,
Only 2 to 15 People Will Join Your List


A 15% opt-in rate isn’t necessarily a bad result.

In fact, a lot of internet marketers would sacrifice their first born child for a consistent 15% conversion rate.

But what if I told you that you could easily ramp up your conversion rates to as high as 84.4%, 74.3%, 81.5% and 77.2% like clockwork? (Yes, those are 100% real numbers).

Just imagine how many hot leads and potential profits you’re leaving on the table, because you don’t have the proven tools to maximize your advertising efforts.

It’s almost criminal.

Actually, It IS Criminal

For instance…

Let’s say you buy a package of 500 solo ad clicks and send prospects to your squeeze page.

Solo ads usually sell for around $0.4 cents per click.

So 500 clicks would cost you $200.

With a squeeze page that’s converting at 30% (which is pretty much out of reach without the right tools,) you would end up getting 150 new subscribers on your list.

And you would pay $1.33 per subscriber.


If you created a squeeze page using a system that’s proven to convert at a whopping 84.4%, you could potentially produce 422 hot, new subscribers on your list…

…paying only $0.47 PER SUBSCRIBER to boot.

Let me spell it out for you:

You Could Build Your List THREE TIMES FASTER With The Same Amount of Traffic… Almost THREE TIMES CHEAPER

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