How To Get 50 Customers A Day With Local SEO - Steven Male

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How To Get 50 Customers A Day With Local SEO – Steven Male

The top expert in the world on Local SEO teaches how to get up to 250+ new customers for free each week using Google.

This course is a guide to getting your business on the front page of Google using Google+ Local so that you can impact local search results and get more customers on your website and through your door.What You Will Learn:
This course will teach you the exact steps on how to leverage Google and get thousands of people on your website and through your door each year.The Five StepsStep 1 – Introduction to Local SEO
Local SEO is the most powerful change in small business history but not many people know about it. Learn why local SEO is incredible and the results you can expect when you harness it yourselves.Step 2 – Getting on the Front Page
This section is all about how to create your Google+ page for your business and optimize so it’s ready for the front page. This section will clearly outline every step you need to make to change your page from a Google zero to a Google hero.

Step 3 – Content Marketing
This section is all about learning how to content market. Content marketing is the most powerful way to get your message across the internet and most people think it’s hard. In this step you learn how to almost automate your content marketing so you can spread your message and still have plenty of time doing what you love.

Step 4 – Search Engine Ranking Factors
These are the factors that Google (and people) take into account when they decide who gets front page and who doesn’t. Keeping these in mind as you do any work online will ensure that your website becomes and stays front page material.

Step 5 – Bonus!
These bonus tools cover the most common mistake most companies make when trying to optimize their site. Make sure you’re not following the crowed (who aren’t on the front page) and learn from the few websites that are!

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