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Dear Friend:

Can you conceive of what it would be like to make nearly instant self-change a reality in your life right now?

Are you tired of all those books and audio/video programs promising to “show you the way” – that always seem to come up short?   So am I.   Or I was… until I found out about brainwave entrainment.


Brainwave Programming – The Easy Way To Self-Change
A few of the things brainwave entrainment (also known as brainwave programming) will help you with:


    • Unlock your hidden mental power that is dormant most of the time


    • Hit your peak performance capability at will – how much better would your life be if you were in the zone more often?


    • Calm yourself when outside matters upset you – reduce stress and tension without addictive drugs


    • Interact more positively with others, developing better relationships


    • Achieve deeper, more restful sleep


    • Gain more energy whenever you want – for whatever you want


    • Achieve meditative states that the Dalai Lama would envy


    • Dream better – stop the same old dreams of falling, being chased, or losing teeth and have interesting, more engaging dreams


    • Develop your intuition to a greater degree, allowing you to read other people better


  • Finally get rid of the negative thoughts and negative self-image you’ve been carrying around for so long

So What Are Brainwaves Anyway?
Here’s what they look like:..

HypnoRitual brainwaves HypnoRitualScience Shows The Importance Of Brainwaves
“Past research has shown that people with mental and physical disorders often exhibit high or low levels of certain brain waves”

Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis, Director of the University of North Texas Neurotherapy Lab

Ms. Davis has also helped people stop feeling depressed through the use of brainwave entrainment. That’s no surprise considering that use of brainwaves has been proven medically to increase the production of certain neurotransmitters, including serotonin… a natural anti-depressant!

The University of North Texas was so impressed that it spent over $109,000 to set up a lab where she could continue her work. It’s the first lab of its kind in the United States – but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

Alcoholics Treated With Brainwaves
Application of brainwave treatment, a relaxation therapy, appears to counteract the increase in circulating beta-endorphin levels seen in the control group of alcoholics. 13-month follow-up data indicate sustained prevention of relapse in alcoholics that completed alpha-theta brainwave training. – PJ Kulkosky and EG Peniston, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Fort Lyon, Colorado

ADD and ADHD Linked To Brainwave Activity
EEGs of children with ADD often show increased theta wave activity, decreased beta waves, or both. It is believed that this abnormal brain activity contributes to the inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity associated with ADD. Experiments are underway now to alleviate ADD and ADHD by using entrainment technology.

Now, after reading about all these undesirable conditions, here’s the good news:

Your Brain Is Like A Guitar!

And… you can tune it at will!   Ever hear someone play an out of tune guitar?

It’s not pretty.

And a lot of the time what is circulating in your mind isn’t that pretty, either.

Think about some of the garbage we all have running through our minds every day:

    • Poor self-image
    • Low self-esteem
    • Limiting beliefs
    • Internal chatter (that’s mostly negative!)
    • Incorrect beliefs about how others view us
    • Lack of focus and/or inability to concentrate

The reason brainwave entrainment is such a breakthrough is that it allows you to tune in the frequencies you want – changing your mind and mood.

When I first discovered this technology I wasn’t sure what to expect. An email was sent to some friends asking them to listen to an audio entrainment designed to give them a boost of energy over the weekend.

Here’s One Of The Responses I Got:

“…can I use your recording for the upcoming week?”

“OK… so what was *that* all about then?

I listened to it 4 times in a row on Friday.

And what happened?

* I did two – rather than the usual one – remote control flights around where I live on the Friday evening. That’s never happened before

* I finally sat in the kitchen while my wife watched TV in the other room … and for the first time I started writing copy for a website I’m working on – something I’ve been planning to do for far too long


* I finally figured out who to write all that copy *to*

* I took a powerball to my oldest sons’ swimming lesson to fix the cacky elbow I’ve had for a few months now … and fixed it for good

* I won a hundred dollars from something you don’t have in the States – it’s the UK’s Premium Bond monthly prize draw


Is that the sort of weekend you’re looking to hear about, and if so, can I use your recording for the upcoming week?

Thanks – if you were responsible for all that, and all the best to you.”

Simon Carreck

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After a response like that I had no choice but to continue to develop and tweak these audio files in order to bring about the desired mental/emotional states… and I’ve named this collection ‘HypnoRitual’.

There are three stages:

Stage 1: This stage is primarily for relaxation, heightening energy, and making you socialize with others in a productive manner

Stage 2: Focused on getting rid of bad memories and bad emotions – and helping you think more clearly

Stage 3: My personal favorite. The most “trippy” results are reported when using these audio files

After putting all these together I sent them to a select test group…

Here Are The Results:

“…literally CLEANSED me!”

After having listened to the whole track, HypnoRitual literally CLEANSED me!

There are no words to describe the complex wonders of this program.

My favorite track was the ‘Enhanced Awareness’ MP3. The vibrating sounds give you energy to feed off of. I literally could not believe the magnitude of change this track brought!!!!

Anyone reading this, you need to get your hands on the tracks immediately. They are a must for any personal development library.

Sergio Lopez
Monterey, California

“…just made my life ten times easier!”

Hey JK,

I recently got my hands on a copy of your Hypno Ritual audios and all I can say is WOW! You have really outdone yourself!

I’ve been a hypnotist and student of influence skills for over twenty years so I have pretty much seen it all… but I have to say HypnoRitual rocks.

When I got a hold of your course I went right to the trance inducing audio because I wanted to get right down into the bottom line and see what your stuff could do…

Well…I only remember about the first 60 seconds or so because it completely zoned me out.

Not only that I found any suggestions I gave myself or my clients while your audio was playing were actually accepted and acted upon as much as 3 times faster than they were when I was using straight hypnosis techniques alone. That’s huge.

Now I use this as a background soundtrack for all of my personal hypnosis programming materials and when doing my one on one coaching work.

Thanks JK – your HypnoRitual program just made my life ten times easier!


David Van Arrick
Los Angeles, California

“…an essential for anyone seeking personal success.”


Thank you for choosing me to review your HypnoRitual files.   I am very IMPRESSED with the quality and clarity of the recordings. I listened to the files first on my speakers (5.1 surround sound) and was blown away by the experience.

However on listening for the second time on my headphones the experience was heightened and more effective, the headphones having the effect of filtering out extraneous noise.

Personally I found that relaxing in a quiet room gave me a more intense and committed experience, using the headphones.

Overall you have produced a work of superb quality of which you should be very proud. I am honoured to be amongst the first to hear and experience these excellent recordings.

Any person using and engaging with the HypnoRitual recordings would gain greater confidence, higher energy levels and clearer vision for success in life, with a bonus of greater relaxation and a calmer modus operandi.

These recordings are an essential for anyone seeking personal success.

Warm regards,

Gerry Kenny
Kent, England


“…it has been a true life saver for me.”

As soon as I used this new program I could tell a difference in my whole self: mind, body and soul. My thoughts were clear and my words more precise. I have slept better than I have in years.

I was so enthused with this new program that I began listening every morning. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to get through and done with the everyday muddle of life, it has been a true life saver for me.

Angela Hattrich
Sylvania, Georgia

“…more ‘in the moment’…”

…My mind was wandering less and was more ‘in the moment’ (and in the conversation) almost continually. I did not experience periods of self doubt or worry or anxiety which sometimes happens in unfamiliar crowds.

I often get like this (positive and confident) on my own but I think the secret here is consistency. To be able to enter social situations with a more constant emotional frame vs. feeling great one day and feeling down or tired the next is my advantage.

Subjectively, I think the audio frequencies perhaps keep my mind on track and focused and even when I’m not listening to them, I still feel ‘solid’ in my thinking and not scattered which happens sometimes depending on the days set of issues and how I felt when I woke up that morning.

From my own research on personal interactions with people, I discovered that consistency can make a person more trustworthy and more desirable to be around.

David King
New York, New York

“This is a truly powerful series…”


What a POWERFUL series this was! Thank you for allowing me to be on the testing team! I took a unique approach to the Ritual, in that I had it playing in the background while I attempted to go about doing other things. I also ran it so that I was listening to the ritual by itself. What I found was that no matter what I was doing, the Ritual still worked its’ magic.

One of the things that I particularly liked was that I could mix and match various parts of the Ritual to set what I wanted for the day. The ones that I found personally most powerful are the Memory Healing, and Negative Thought Destroyer. Those two alone made the whole Ritual worthwhile. Memories that have been plaguing me for years no longer have the stranglehold on me that they once had.

I have found myself a much more positive person, more self assured, and I know I can achieve anything. This is a truly powerful series, and I have NO reservations recommending it to anyone!

Again, thank you for allowing me to participate. If you have further questions, or want more information, please don’t be afraid to contact me. Whatever way I can help, I would be more than happy to!

Peter Dowling
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“He asked me to take over a business that has generated over $400,000 a year for the last few years.”


I am sending you this note late on Monday because I have been incredibly busy since I started listening to your audio titled “Transmissions From Your Greater Self”.

I started listening to it four days ago. I wasn’t really sure what the point of the recording was, so as I listened to it I was simply open to what would show up in my life.

After one full day of listening to the recording I received a call from a friend and business associate. I wasn’t sure what the call was about, but he said it was important and that we had to meet right away.

I simply had to help a friend out, so I went to meet him. I didn’t know if he wanted cash, needed something or was just looking for a friend to help carry a burden.

Well, imagine my surprise when he told me that he had to leave the area and he wanted my help. He asked me to take over a business that has generated over $400,000 a year for the last few years. He had a family emergency that is taking him away and so, he needed to know if I’d be willing to “take” the business. All he wants is a percentage of the gross, but I can just take it and work it as hard as I want.

Jack, thank you for the work you have done. I am not sure what kind of magic you are putting out here, but this is the first time that someone has just handed me the keys to his business. As this happened one day after I started listening to your recording, I cannot simply say that it is a coincidence.

Keep up the great work!

Oscar R.
Alexandria, Virginia

“…helped me pull through and ace an interview…”

I instantly felt a surge of energy when I listened to the Alpha Project X and Morning Energy tracks, even without drinking my daily dose of coffee for the day! The Charisma Enhancer also helped me pull through and ace an interview I went to in the afternoon with smooth confidence.

Mohamad Latiff

“Mere words cannot express the way I was feeling…”

I listened to the HypnoRituals with an entirely opened mind. Actually, at first I thought that this was just another scam to separate people from their money. Was I ever wrong!

I listened to each section as based on my perceived needs and desires. Today, after five days of listening, the strangest thing happened to me. I started the day by listening to “Transmissions From Your Greater Self” several times followed by “Morning Energy”, again several times. Suddenly as if from nowhere I started tingling all over my body. I felt as if I were fifteen years old. I have not felt that good in many, many years.

It felt as if a new supply of energy was cruising throughout my entire body. I was energized such as I have not been in a long time. Mere words cannot express the way I was feeling. It was as if I was struck by a bolt of magic. There was nothing I could not do at that moment. The world was mine. I had no pain, my knees did not hurt, I was breathing freely and life looked and was wonderful to the max. I was happier then I had been in quite a few years.

I do not know what those sounds were doing to me but whatever it was; it certainly did make a difference in my world.

I loved it.

I will continue using the HypnoRituals to determine if what I’m feeling is real or just a fluke. One thing I do know, whatever it is that I felt, I’m still feeling it… even now as I write this review.

If the HypnoRituals affect others as they have affected me, they are worth having. The effect was not immediate but as time passed with each succeeding time I listened, I finally reached the strong hole.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

Jim Holloway
Chatanooga, Tennessee

Still not convinced?

OK. If you order now I’m going to include over 90 minutes of bonus audio – two of the longest entrainments that have received the most glowing reviews from the test group:

Exclusive Bonus #1
Alpha Project X
This 40+ minute entrainment was specially designed to instill overwhelming confidence and energy.   Some users have reported amazing results (see the testimonials for yourself) after using it only one time.

A $50 value yours free when you order now.

Exclusive Bonus #2
Transmissions From Your Greater Self
The brilliant mathematician Blaise Pascal once said that “Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought.”   This entrainment will align all the scattered thoughts in your brain and make you focus in on becoming your best self – all you have to do is listen.

A $60 value yours free when you order now.

Not only do you receive the exclusive bonus audios, but you can get everything at no risk:

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