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Product Description:

Ever watch the “unboxing” videos on You Tube?

Some dude would  s-l-o-w-l-y unbox the latest iPhone … teasing you with what you find inside when you buy the coveted gizmo.

I mean, this has got to be the stoopidest idea ever.

Or is it?

Look how many views these videos generate:  Bazzilions!

I make fun of them, but guess what?

When the time came to shop for a new smart-phone, you know what I did ?

I tell you exactly what I did … I went to You tube and ogled half a dozen on these ‘silly’ unboxing videos myself.

What’s worse…

To my utter shame

I enjoyed watching them!

These ‘unboxing’ videos gave me an almost … voyeuristic satisfaction…  (Egads!)  Like owning the thing … without yet owning it.

And so the other day, as I was going through my notes from the latest version of Jason Fladlien’s copywriting course, it dawned on me:

I bet, a lot of folks are curious what’s really inside Copy eClass?

So why don’t I make my own
‘unboxing’ demonstration?

That’s cool, but Copy eClass is a Copywriting course and its value is in the information you receive — there’s nothing really to unbox.

So it’s pointless to make a YouTube video. Instead…

Since I am a student in the class (this is my second time taking it) … rather than me trying to sell you on the 17 reasons why you should invest in this course …

why don’t I explain in plain English…


… what you get for your money and what you learn in each module

So you know what to expect
and can make an educated decision
if  Copy eClass  is right for you

Here’s what you find on this site:

About Jason Fladlien and the Copy eClass:

Here’s my personal (somewhat dramatic) experience with this training.

Copywriting Webinar:

Here’s your chance to watch the infamous Jason’s 2010 Copywriting Training Webinar. I dare you to watch any 20 minutes at random and NOT  pick up at least 3 hot copywriting tips you can start using today.

My Copy eClass Review Session-by-Session:

This is where the good stuff is: As we go though each of the 6+ week trainings I write about what’s taught in each lesson — one post per lesson per week — so you know exactly what’s in it.  Peek inside …

Copywriting Tips from the eClass:

The Key Takeways from this course — some of the tips I found especially eye-opening

Copy eClass Bonus:

I have a cool and useful bonus for you when you sign up for Copy eClass.

Copy eClass is a 6-week Copywriting Training Course with Jason Fladlien

Basically Jason teaches anybody with an open mind his signature system for writing effective, high-converting copy for the web:

Sales pages, Squeeze pages, Emails, Video scripts … etc.

… and doing it fast, with what most people will consider ‘effortless ease.’

If you’re not familiar with Jason, he is near legendary in the internet marketing community for his uncanny ability to create high-quality info-products in record time — all by himself w/o outsourcing  — and sell them by a truckload using short, punchy sales copy he writes also himself.

What’s truly remarkable — Jason knocks out these blockbuster sales pages with a break-neck speed.

(He swears he hardly ever spends more than 2-3 hours to write a letter from start to finish.)

Almost no copywriter can write that good that fast!

What’s even more amazing — Jason never had a major stinker — his sales pages convert like clock-works. Consistently and predictably.

And not just once or twice. Jason whips out runaway winners on a regular basis like a Swiss chocolate factory.

Evidently the man has talent.

And obviously he has some SECRETS for doing what he does — producing one winner sales letter after another — with unheard-of efficiency and consistency.

It’s not surprising, Jason has became a go-to guy for every aspiring internet info-marketer to learn the “easy” way of writing info-products and sale copy fast without stressing out for weeks.

Today Jason Fladlien is a CEO of Rapid Crush the company that gave us “can’t-live-whithout”  tools like WP Twin, WP Fan Pro, S3Flow Shield, WP Mobile Pro

Jason’s got where he is largely due to his copywriting skills.

 And he’s willing to teach these skill to anybody willing to learn

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