Jeff Walker – Launching your List 2.0

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Product Description:

It’s a course about building your list, what to email to your list and how to make a lot of money from your list while building a real asset.

I couldn’t find a landing page (if you find one please post), but everything I’ve found indicates in came out in 2014. IMO, even if it is older, Jeff’s stuff is always great and if you will follow it, you will be successful.

Getting Started

Your email list is a hard asset you can control
Your email list gives you power and authority
Your email List = Money On Demand.
Relationship building is the key to having a warm and profitable email list
Make your email content feel personal

The size of your email list is NOT important…it’s whether they OPEN the email or not that matters. Large email lists are not worthwhile if NO ONE buys the product. Remember email list building is all about “BABY STEPS” …it’s all about getting started!

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