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Killer Flipping Secrets - David Gass and Chris Yates Killer Flipping Secrets - David Gass and Chris Yates kfs_large
Continue reading to learn how we put together one of the most comprehensive courses on website flipping available on the web and how you can get access. Killer Flipping Secrets - David Gass and Chris Yates quote_17

Just in case you didn’t know – Site Flipping is THE NEW opportunity online. We’ve done PPC, we’ve done CPA, we’ve done Offline Marketing (all OLD news) – BUT WE’VE NEVER BEEN AS EXCITED AS WE ARE WITH FLIPPING SITES!

However, Flipping Isn’t Easy or Cheap…But It Can Be Profitable

Listen…we’re not here to promise you overnight riches from site flipping. But this business model works if you apply it. And works well.

Your results may vary because we have experience in this field and have learned what not to do when it comes to flipping sites. We’ve been getting quick paydays from simply selling off sites we’ve either built or bought. It’s that simple.

Now, we’ve put together a full course teaching you directly from our street-smart experiences. Before we get into the details of what’s included in the course, here’s a little more information about us.

Meet the Creators of

David Gass started his first multi-million dollar business in 2000, grew it for 8 years, then sold it to a very large privately owned company. He is now an entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker who is recognized as one of the Nation’s leading entrepreneurs in regards to business credit, business financing, small business loans, corporate structuring, and business success.

Chris Yates is currently working full time buying, selling, and flipping websites. He has 15 years experience in Internet marketing, software programming, website development, and graphic design. He has developed hundreds of business websites, generated hundreds of thousands of leads, and has generated multiple millions of dollars in sales.

We are experienced buyers, sellers, and flippers of businesses and websites. We have invested over $250,000 of our own money in the last couple years into acquiring and flipping websites.

We’ve even received testimonials on the course from the guys from – the big online website auction site…

“It’s very impressive, lots of great content.”

Luke Moulton –

But enough about us. Check out these testimonials from some of our earliest customers:

I don’t think I’ve ever felt strongly enough to endorse an ebook before, but I’m two thirds through a copy of this and it’s a job incredibly well done.

If you’re a beginner and you’ve been toying with the idea of site flipping – buy the book. Even if it means you don’t eat for a week and have to sleep in your car, buy the book 🙂

If you’ve been flipping for a while – buy the book. Even after ten years of doing this both for myself and professionally at Flip Filter I’ve picked up more quick tips after an hour of reading than I have elsewhere this year alone.

This is an easy read, no bull**** and straight to the point. There is no magic or secret sauce to site flipping – it’s just a case of doing what’s proven to work and that’s covered here, step by step, for anyone to make at least a few hundred bucks in their first few weeks.

Thumbs up – great work Chris & David.


Justin Gilchrist

” I’ve bought it & I am fully satisfied with this.
I’m still working on my 1st flip based on this course & guides from the forum.

Trust me, you will never go wrong if you follow the guides written in the book.

My advice is, grab it now while it is still $97!”

Akmal Wan Shardini

Just a short comment;
Flipping is a very interesting business, money is in there but also loads of junk. Junk advice and junk sites.
I cannot count all the junk courses and ebooks that I have bought. Almost always you are left in the dust, no one is interested in your questions or the author simply closes down their business.

I joined KillerFlippingSecrets this week and this is the way the customers should be treated!
I can just say – join!

Patrik Kronberg

OMG! I LOVEEE this course. There is so much I don’t know about site flipping. Awesome resources especially love the templates and checklist. The checklists are vital to make sure you don’t miss important areas when you make deals.

Forum is also active and very supportive. Chris and David are also awesome. I kept bothering him but they still reply. At first I said to Chris and David the course is a a bit pricey but I take that back! It’s worth much more then what they are charging!

Johan A Ismail

What we created is a solid Business plan to profit from flipping websites – either buying existing ones and re-doing them or starting from scratch and building sites.
This isn’t some slim pdf put together to make a fast buck from the gullible. This is The Definitive Guide to Site Flipping. Its been a year in the making and we’re very proud of it. There’s nothing like it elsewhere. If you want to make money from site flipping then this is what you need.

It’s called

Killer Flipping Secrets - David Gass and Chris Yates stenciland here’s what’s included:

The 128 page PDF. ZERO FLUFF material that WILL make you money

Your Site Flipper’s Toolbox, made up of a whole bunch of templates, checklists and other stuff. This will get you up and running in literally a few days!

A Bonus called “From Zero to Hero” – This Bonus gives several different ways to come up with a few hundred dollars to invest in your first deal!

A CD version of the course (absolutely free!) with a juicy bonus module!

Access to our Active Private Forum where not just Chris and David but a dozen more professional site flippers are ready and willing to answer your thematic questions!

A $20 coupon to get you started at (new or established accounts) – so you can get started at Flippa TOTALLY RISK FREE!

That’s quite a bit of value packed in wouldn’t you say? It’s the kind of thing other online marketers charge thousands for, but we won’t. That’s just how we like to do business.

What we’ve done is created a logical plan for site flipping that doesn’t require much capital to get started.

We’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to website flipping. In fact, take a look at what we cover in each of the modules of the main course:

Module 1 – the market

• Best places to buy sites for pennies on the dollar (it’s not where you think)

• Where to sell your sites for top dollar

Module 2 – the business

• 7 Business models to make money flipping sites

• How to buy a site and sell it for 10-24 times its monthly earnings

• How to be involved in site flipping without using any of your money

Module 3 – the art of buying

• How to buy sites safely and avoid getting scammed

• How to spot hidden assets in sites you can buy

• How to get bargain prices every time

• Secrets to negotiating with sellers

• How to safely transfer ownership of a site

• 7 Warning signs you must watch for before buying

Module 4 – adding value and developing your website

• Quick fixes to drastically increase a site’s value

• Easiest ways to make money from a site’s existing traffic

• How to grow the traffic of a site in no-time

Module 5 – the art of selling

• The 15 Step Sales Formula

• Auction secrets to get top dollar

• How to make more money from your buyers

• What to avoid in your site’s auction copy

• Avoiding deadbeat bidders and scammers who want to steal your time or site

Module 6 – the action plan

• 7 Day Quick Flip Action Plan

• 30 Day Week-by-Week Action Plan

• 6 Month Action Plan for Big Results

Module 7 – complete insider tips. Available on the CD version only.

• How 95% of our auctions end up in the “Most Active” section of Flippa and therefore get up to 2,000 views and 45 bids EACH.

• The secret to almost COMPLETELY AVOIDING Flippa’s service fees but still getting the same amount (or more) for your site.

• And more!


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