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Discover How You Can Easily & Legally “Steal” Traffic Away from the Biggest Websites on the Planet, (Including Your Competition), for Less Than a Penny per Visitor In Complete STEALTH-MODE!

The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Leveraging Your Competitors’ Hard Work
& Siphoning Their Traffic & Leads for Pennies!

Ok, I have a confession to make…

I am lazy.

I mean, really REALLY lazy!

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that I’m allergic to hard work…

I suppose that’s why I am always looking for shortcuts… things that will help me do my marketing better, faster and easier WITHOUT doing too much work.

And what you are about to discover is a traffic strategy which is so simple and sneaky, it literally takes 3 minutes to get started and LITERALLY steal traffic away from the biggest websites on the planet.

This is the ultimate LAZY Marketer’s guide to getting traffic and leads with minimal work and maximum profits and results!

How I Got 42,573 Visitors to My New Website Last Month…

My name is Ferny Ceballos and I’ve been full-time making money from home since 2008 (after I quit my engineering job).  Since then, my businesses have generated well over $5 Million online, generated 100,000+ leads and have made over 7,000+ sales in the past 3 years alone!

I’m the co-founder of the No Excuses Summit, have authored several training programs on traffic generation and hosted exclusive workshops where each person has paid my partners and I, between $5,000 to $50,000 to learn traffic, conversion and building successful businesses online…

AND in the last month alone, to just one of my websites, which was literally launched 30 days ago, I’ve gotten over 42,573 visitors on complete AUTO-PILOT!

And doing it all working an average of just 15 minutes per day!

While My Competitors are Working Hard for Traffic, I’ve Been Legally Stealing Their Traffic with Minimal Thinking or Effort!

The truth is, some of my competitors are really hardworking…

And they are super smart and innovative too!

And they are constantly looking for ways to generate more traffic and get more visitors to their website – and not just any type of visitors but the type that’s laser-targeted and eager to buy.

You know… those are the same type of visitors that *I* want for my website too!

I love my competitors because with my “Lead Thief” method, I can just march right onto their websites and redirect their visitors to my website, sometimes for less than a penny per visitor!

And there’s NOTHING they can do about it! (Queue evil laughter here…)

This means the harder THEY work and the more traffic THEY generate, the more traffic I get!

And that’s what “Lead Thief” method is all about…

So How Does This “Lead Thief” Method Work?

Imagine this… a person online who happens to click on your competitor’s ad (costing your competitor marketing dollars) and when they go to that website, YOUR website pops up instead!

So instead of seeing your competitor’s webpage, they are seeing yours!

And instead of opting into your competitor’s capture page, they are opting into yours!

And instead of buying from your competitors, they are buying from YOU!

Here’s the thing though. All our workshop students paid $5,000 each to be trained in this strategy…

However, right now, I’d like to share with you a little bit of what we shared to these $5k clients…

Here’s What Makes the “Lead Thief” Method So Easy!

One of the most time-consuming tasks when it comes to driving traffic is the market and keyword research part. Get this wrong and you are doomed to fail. A

As a matter of fact, this part, which is the very FIRST STEP (and the most critical) in driving traffic, is what stumps most marketers. They flounder and most of the time frustratingly give up or even if they run ads, they don’t get results, get discouraged and well… give up too!

Well… “Lead Thief” solves this problem by completely side-stepping this issue by allowing your competitors to do this hard work FOR YOU.

THEY are doing all the market and keyword research, optimizing and once they get things honed in… you swoop in and re-direct their traffic to your website!

Three years ago, we launched our first beginners training course on the “Lead Thief Method” a.k.a Pay-per-View (PPV) Advertising, which resulted in a new generation of 6-figure producers!

One of those success stories is this guy…

Meet My Chief  “Lead Thief”, Matt Baran…

A year and a half ago, Matt Baran knew ZERO about internet marketing, entrepreneurship and certainly didn’t know anything about driving traffic.

In fact, Matt was the least likely guy to succeed with an online business, because he quite frankly, didn’t believe he could do it!  After attending one of our events, where we taught him our PPV traffic strategies, his life changed forever.

Not only did he successfully implement our ‘Lead Thief’ strategies with PPV, he started making as much as $8,000 per week driving traffic and very soon people were flocking to him for coaching and he even trained from stage at our last No Excuses Summit event! (See picture above)

In fact, he got so good at PPV Traffic, I have no problem admitting that he surpassed the skills of my partner who mentored him and even ME!  It was a no brainer to bring Matt into the fold and offer him a position in my company as my “Chief Lead Thief” and is now responsible for driving ALL our traffic!

So now, it only made sense to have him upgrade our training and share with YOU, all the advanced traffic stealing strategies he’s uncovered over the past 18 months.

Introducing the All NEW Lead Thief 2.0 Beginners and Advanced Training, So You Can Get Our Latest Tricks, Tactics and Underground Techniques for Stealing Traffic from ANY Website on the Planet!

Lead Thief 2.0 – Ferny Ceballos

Module 1: Introduction to PPV Traffic

  • Breakdown of exactly what PPV is and why you need to get super excited about this traffic source.
  • Why many marketers mistakenly avoid PPV, how you can use it to your advantage… grabbing cheap clicks and leads all day long. Paying as little as 2 pennies per lead.
  • What you should focus on with your PPV marketing to squeeze every last bit of profits out of each campaign.

Module 2: Step-by-Step Traffic Campaign Setup

  • How to drive massive volume of PPV traffic and leads in less than 24 hours… starting with just $100.
  • 4 go to places for PPV traffic… you can start with any one in just minutes and begin sending targeted visitors to your website quickly.
  • A complete “look over Matt’s shoulder” step-by-step and screen by screen campaign set up.
    You’ll watch Matt open an account and create a traffic-generation campaign… ALL in under 8 minutes.
  • How to make sure you get the MOST amount of traffic you can using a simple bidding strategy.
    This will ensure your ad is in the #1 spot and will get the most amount of eyeballs.
  • One simple tip to help you eliminate competition and get MAXIMUM conversions when advertising to different countries.
    Not doing this will end up costing you more money, making each lead more expensive.

Module 3: Find & Target Your Perfect Customers

  • 4 quick and dirty ways to crawl into your market’s head, discover their passionate “sweet spot”, and make it DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE for them to ignore your offer.
  • Sneaky strategies to uncover hundreds and thousands of places your ideal prospects are hanging out at.
    Simply put your ad in front of them and watch leads and sales start coming in.
  • 7 ways you can use Google to tell you EXACTLY where you need to place your ads to get the absolute maximum exposure to the most likely to buy prospects.
  • How to easily take prospects with credit card in hand and eager to buy from your competitors’ websites and send them to YOUR offer.
    Imagine targeting actual ready-to-buy people just moments before they click the “Add To Cart” button… and get them over to YOUR website.
  • 2 more free strategies you can use to uncover the very best places to target your ideal audience.
  • How to ride the wave of a “hot” trend and snag even MORE targeted visitors and fresh leads.
    This is a stealth technique and has virtually NO COMPETITION… which means you’ll pay next to nothing.
  • WARNING: Ignoring this one little tip may end up attracting a ton of Untargeted traffic and take a serious bite out of your profits.
    Here’s the inside scoop on bidding strategies and one you’ll want to AVOID in the beginning.

Module 4: Creating Hypnotic Capture Pages for PPV

  • How you can quickly whip up engaging and proven to convert capture pages that instantly pull your prospects into your offer.
  • 4 secrets to making your headlines speak directly to your visitors and capture their attention in the first 3 seconds.
    Fail to do that and your prospect is as good as gone.
  • 2 questions you need to ask yourself to see if your headline will STOP a skeptical browser dead in their tracks and HOOK them with enough curiosity to take action.
    If you don’t… you have NO CHANCE to get their email address.
  • The #1 secret to transforming a losing campaign into a MONEY-MAKING winner.
    This takes just minutes, yet most rookies totally miss it and as a result leave gobs of money on the table for savvy marketers like us to pick up.

Module 5: Scale Your Traffic & Profits… On Auto-Pilot

  • The #1 reason your PPV campaign may be BLEEDING CASH… EVEN IF your targeting is on track.
    The moment you plug this leaky hole you’ll begin to see instant results.
  • The fastest way to test and adjust your PPV targets.
    You’ll be able to immediately toss profit-draining losers and keep the winners which are making you money.
  • The simple “2 campaign method” to quickly and easily scale your campaigns for absolute MAXIMUM profts.
  • Simple checklist you can use to measure your results, quickly boost your conversions, and pay a lot LESS per lead.
    Which means MORE profits at the end of the day.
  • How to troubleshoot a campaign that spits out expensive leads, in 4 simple steps.
    Should you keep it… or kill it? Using this little tip you’ll know exactly what to do.
  • More landing page tips to assure you’re squeezing the most number of leads possible. Just one of these tips can easily double, or even triple your conversions.
  • And LOTS MORE!

And This is Just the Beginning of Your Profits… Here’s What You Get Inside the Advanced Training…

Module 6: How To Trim the “FAT” & Save Money on PPV

  • With the basics out of the way… are you ready to seriously scale your campaign to insane profitability? Here’s exactly how you do it.
  • The ONLY secret to mastering paid traffic. If you get nothing else, GET THIS and you’ll never have lack of traffic and leads in your business.
  • How to develop the correct mindset to win the traffic game.
    This is crucial to your success with PPV marketing as it’ll help you significatly boost your leads while dramatically reducing the cost.
  • The TRUTH about successful marketing with PPV (or any other paid media) hardly anyone talks about.
    Once you grasp this… you’ll never make any marketing decisions in the dark again. Ever.

Module 7: Top Secret PPV Targeting Hacks

  • A jelously guarded secret of the top PPV experts on how to find an unlimited list of the most targeted places you can possibly advertise on.
    This is completely overlooked by most marketers… and those who are in the know, are keeping these cards close to their chest.
  • A ninja PPV tactic you can use to leverage 800 pound gorillas like Google and Facebook to do ALL the heavy lifting for you… sending you the cream of the crop of “their” traffic.
    This is another undergound method hardly anyone uses.
  • How to use Google’s own “algorithm intelligence” to uncover hidden goldmines waiting to be explored and harvested.
  • Little-known ways to generate some of the highest quality leads you can possibly find, by combining the RAW POWER of Social Media with PPV marketing.
  • How to ride on the coattails of major Media Buyers, with deep pockets, swiping their hard-earned traffic for just pennies a visitor.
    This is probably one of easiest and completely missed ways to almost instantly flood your website with laser-targeted traffic.
  • A totally under the radar super targeting technique NO ONE is using.
    I’ll give you a HINT: big affiliates and top marketers are currently spending Hundreds and even Thousands of Dollars getting people to their site. You’ll get this same traffic… FOR PENNIES.

Module 8: How To Instantly Boost Your Opt-In Rates

  • 5 specific elements of a winning, lead-fetching capture page you’ll want to optimize for MAXIMUM CONVERSIONS… and the only one to start with FIRST.
  • A deep-dive into the psychology of a high-converting capture page.
    Matt will reveal small details that make a HUGE difference to how many people say YES and enter their email in your opt-in form.
  • How you can easily create a perfect message to market match WITHOUT being a copywriter… and the #1 reason why many fail to do it.
  • 2 sure-fire ways to slash the cost of your leads… and drastically cut down your marketing expenses, using a little “optimization magic.”
    In other words… you get to keep MORE money in your pocket.
  • Split-testing secrets of the pros… PLUS by far the biggest and maybe the most common mistake that will muddy the water and kill your split-test results.
  • A very simple yet downright sneaky way to borrow the credibility and trust of a big brand website, and leverage it to explode YOUR email list.

Module 9: Lead Explosion with a Push of a Button

  • You’ll get a FREE TOOL that will help you create hundreds of additional PPV targets with just a push of a button.
    This method has virtually NO COMPETITION as it is used only by a handful of top affiliates… which means you get to pay even LESS per lead.
  • How to uncover tons of super high targeted and low-competition advertising targets for your PPV campaign.
  • Some of your very best leads will come from these little-known traffic goldmines.
    Some of your very best leads will come from these little-known traffic goldmines.
  • A really juicy secret to cranking out a large number of quality PPV campaigns… FAST.
    Speed of implementation is KEY… you’ll never need to sweat bullets over launching many different campaigns.

Module 10: My Personal Toolkit & Underground Tactics

  • The very BEST paid and free tracking tools you can use for your PPV marketing.
    You’ll be able to lift the fog and and see the whole story of what’s working, what’s not, and precisely what needs to be fixed or adjusted.
  • The most important thing you need to know about hosting your capture pages.
    Do it wrong and your PPV campaign will suffer, burning a hole in your pocket without any results.
    There’s absolutely NO WAY you can ever have serious profits without it.
  • THIS IS ALMOST SPOOKY… here’s how you can literally FORCE your competition to tell you exactly what’s working for them.
    PRICELESS?… You bet… because with a few clicks of a mouse you can access sensitive data they’ve spent Hundreds, Thousands, and some even Tens of Thousands of Dollars obtaining… and use it to explode the profitability of YOUR campaigns.
  • The most powerful tools you can use to harvest THOUSANDS of targets, placing your ads in front of a moving parade of motivated and ready-to-buy prospects..

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