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The Copy Doctor

Prescriptions For Compelling Copy

Success Chef Cookbook is a series of lessons that explains some of the core concepts taught in Success Chef University. This one, The Copy Doctor, explores copywriting, which is a component in step #3 of Success Chef’s famous four-step process (i.e., “Website”).

Good copywriting that converts browsers into buyers is vital to any successful business. In our Copy Doctor Cookbook, we show you, through the power of example, how to maximize the profit-pulling power of any piece of copy you create.

With over 60 hours of the most intense, no-holds-barred copywriting shortcut secrets and “extreme sales copy makeovers” ever caught on video, you will discover…

  • How to leapfrog the learning curve, write irresistible copy in a stunningly short time, and transform any piece of dull, unresponsive copy into a moneymaker.
  • What tweaks and simple adjustments you can apply to your copy that can can balloon your revenues and jump your bottom-line by a few decimal points.
  • How to dive deep into the mind of your prospect to quickly and easily identify their dominant fears, frustrations, and desires that can explode your response.
  • How to select the right words and story angles that get your prospects riveted to your copy, hanging onto every word, eager to become your customers.
  • What inside secrets top million-dollar marketers use, often “behind the scenes,” that can literally double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your sales.

And much more.

Here’s What You Get With Copy Doctor

You get inside look at how a top copywriter thinks as he works with real copy from real clients, along with shortcut secrets to quickly maximize the profit-pulling power of any sales or marketing piece you create.

You get over 60 hours of multimedia-based training, where you get to watch a top copywriter in action as he uses the same secrets to transform lifeless sales pieces into moneymaking powerhouses before your very eyes.

  1. Video Vault (Over 60 Hours)

    Watch Michel dissect real copy from real clients, and discover how he turns them into magnetic marketing pieces before your eyes, or what changes he prescribes to convert dull, lifeless copy into high-converting sales pieces.

  2. Exclusive Articles

    You also get exclusive articles, tips, and updates to help accelerate your copywriting and your sales potential into overdrive — including some of Michel’s split-test results from his tests or those of his clients.

  3. Closed-Door Interviews (Over 14 Hours)

    Listen to over 14 hours of recorded interviews with other master copywriters, like Brian Keith Voiles, John Reese, Craig Perrine, Gary Halbert, Yanik Silver, David Garfinkel, and others, including successful marketers.

  4. Several Special Reports

    You get access to written guest critiques as well as exclusive special reports from other master copywriters. Authors include Bob Serling, Joe Vitale, Dan Janal, Yanik Silver, Alex Mandossian, Peter Stone, David Garfinkel, and more — many of which are not available anywhere else.

  5. The Copy Doctor’s Medicine Bag

    You gain access to 47 tools, forms, checklists, and templates to guide you in writing or improving your copy — from researching your market and structuring your offer, to handling objections and tracking its performance. Here’s just a partial list of what the medicine bag contains…

    • 33 tools and online resources Michel or his clients use.
    • 5 in-depth questionnaires Michel uses for researching copy, structuring sales copy, and crafting offers, including his proprietary formulas.
    • 7 templates and checklists (e.g., benefit prioritization, split-test tracker, objection handling, USP creation, elements of proof, etc).
    • 12 pre-designed salesletter templates you can “plug and go,” including layouts, scripts, fonts, and colors designed for boosting response.
    • 7,500 graphic grabbers you can copy and paste into your copy to boost attention, readership, and response, which are 100% royalty-free.
    • 4,700 images, with stock photos and benefit-driven pictures to provide eye gravity and boost your copy’s attraction factor, also all royalty-free.
    • 700 scripts you can add to any webpage to add interactivity, personalization, validating form submissions, and more — all royalty-free, too.
  6. Digital 280-Page Book

    Over 5 years ago, Michel wrote “Power Positioning,” a book on positioning and marketing strategies on the Internet using “hooks,” strategic alliances, and copy. This book is currently being sold on its own website for $47, but you get a downloadable digital copy of the book for free.

  7. 12,000+ Graphics Vault

    You get 12,000+ royalty-free scripts, images, graphics, and more you can add to your copy to boost its pull-power. For example, you get arrows, bullets, buttons, photos, graphics, clipart, countdown scripts, banner rotators, pop-up windows, form processors, and tons more.

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