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Product Description:

How often have you found yourself saying “I wish I knew how to improve my memory” ? Well now you can, faster and easier than you thought possible. The secrets of astounding memory improvement, accelerated learning and creativity will be unveiled to you today.

“ONE scientist’s discovery could change the course of your life today … “

“.. I quit my old life of failure, and became the successful person I once dreamt of being…. in what seemed like a matter of days…”
Peter O’Reilly
New York

There is irrefutable evidence that having a strong, dependable memory is directly correlated to the quality of your life. It determines the money that you make, the kind of job that you have, the house that you live in or where you take your vacations.

Bill Gates, Einstein, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett – They have ONE THING in common besides GREAT success in life. They ALL have amazing memory abilities! Can this phenomenon be duplicated? Can an ordinary person acquire the memory mastery skills to quickly and easily and gain an advantage in life?

Not until now ….

Today, you will make a choice between mediocrity or phenomenal happiness and success in life, filled with endless possibilities!

“Finally, with the Mighty Memory SystemTM, you will experience dramatic improvement in memory and learning. It doesn’t matter if you are aged 7 or 70. You WILL develop lightning fast memory recall, because that’s how your brain was meant to work …. freakishly fast!

Are you struggling in life with a poor memory? Are you embarrassed by the problems it brings? Are you suffering from information overload?

  • You  study hard but your grades are a disappointment.
  • You feel stressed because of information overload at work. And who isn’t?
  • You have not been promoted in years because you can’t learn quick enough.
  • You can’t remember the name of a new colleague you were introduced to 10 minutes ago.
  • You  constantly misplace your house keys or car keys.
  • As a manager you run out of ideas in problem solving
  • You enter a room and forget what you were looking for
  • You hid your valuables in a place no one can find, including yourself!
  • You think your memory is getting worse as you grow older… and you may be right!

If any of these problems plague you, I know how you feel because I’ve been there myself. But you are on the brink of a breakthrough;

“there is definitely something you can do about your poor memory and it WILL work for you, GUARANTEED !


From : The Desk Of Martin Mak

Date:  Saturday, August 09, 2014

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for solutions for a better memory for yourself, or for a loved one?

Are you an under-achiever? If you have a Ferrari that is capable of driving 200 mph but you can only push it to 40 mph and old ladies are passing you by on the freeway, wouldn’t you want to bring it to the workshop to have it checked and  save yourself the embarrassment?

The same goes for your memory and learning.  Let’s face it, you know you can do much better if you only knew how to get that “winning edge“. You can either lock yourself in the closet and cry about it or you can take a positive step today to make your life a much better one.

You need an edge and you know it. You have, sitting on top of your shoulders, the most complicated and advance supercomputer on this planet.  Maybe even the entire UNIVERSE ! The problem is, the software for this great Bio-Psychocybernetic system has been missing for years and almost lost forever.

FACT: Did you know that the number of patterns of connections of your nerve cells in your head greatly outnumber the number of stars in this Universe? However, many of us don’t walk around like  we have the most expensive, state-of-the-art computer in our head.  Our performance in school and work fall way below our limitless potential. The reason for this is simple.

  • In school, we were never taught anything about our brain and how understanding it’s functions could help us learn and memorise.
  • We were never taught anything about how our memory functions,
  • We were never taught anything about special and advanced memory techniques and how to use it to our advantage.
  • We were never taught about the nature of concentration and how they can be applied to different discipline and styles.

FACT: Did you know that Einstein just had an average-sized brain? If so, how did he come up with his revolutionary and groundbreaking scientific theories? The secret lies in the way we have been using our brain.

Imagine if you were taught the right way to think, the right way to learn and the right way to remember and be creative. Then imagine how this new skill could massively enhance your life and your career, you could;

  • Get better grades in school and ultimately a great job or career
  • Earn more money, a lot more, and get a faster promotion or become a more creative manager.
  • Become a successful entrepreneur – always a step in ahead your competitors with fresh new ideas.
  • Gain a higher self-esteem knowing you’ve gained mastery over your super-charged memory.

What is the Mighty Memory SystemTM?

Whatever you read, see, hear, feel or touch is recorded in your mind. Your senses are the pathways through which information is received and stored by the brain. Your brain is literally a huge reservoir of all that has been perceived by your senses. The Mighty Memory SystemTM will synergistically use all your senses together with your brain to help to store and retrieve information quickly and effortlessly. With the creation of this system, there is no such thing as a poor memory, only an “untrained” memory. s you tools to help you store

More than that, the Mighty Memory SystemTM is quite simply the most unique and natural way to train your brain.  It integrates both left and right brain learning for synergy as well as tunes the rhythm of the conscious and subconscious mind for cerebral equilibrium by way of inducing a “relax-aware” state that is difficult to induced.

Based on the unpublished manuscript of Professor Bruno Furst, who wrote on the subject of cognitive science. It is surprisingly simple to use, it gives highly effectively and lasting results. In fact, you may have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. It is the perfect marriage of two innovative technologies into one single unbeatable, powerful system.

How The Mighty Memory SystemTM Can Change Your Life

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to plan your day ahead in your mind. You no longer need to rely on reminders, notes, post-its or other paper crutches. You will discover how to remember anything and everything from a grocery shopping list, product catalog, mathematical formulas, scientific data, historical dates, multiple credit card numbers, PIN and passwords, telephone numbers and birth dates of everyone, yes, everyone you know, and more.

It doesn’t matter how bad you think your memory is now. I believe that you have a memory 10 to 20 times more powerful than you realize. But you need to have the proper brain tools to release your incredible memory.

Why You Need The Mighty Memory SystemTM NOW – More Than Ever Before

Today, in the Information Age, the guiding and definitive theory is Moore’s Law – which states that the amount of information doubles every eighteen months. All of us are caught up in the swirling current of the Information Age. The buzzword today is to train and retrain constantly or become obsolete. A never-ending barrage of things to do, new projects, new faces, new topics, new technology, constant deadlines. The Mighty Memory SystemTM makes it easy to cope with the memory and learning. The sad alternative will be a burnt-out shell of what’s left of you.

By releasing the brain’s natural ability to learn, you will be able to cope with the demands of today’s information surge. The Mighty Memory System will teach you how to organise information to make your mind like a filing cabinet for easy retrieval of information.

Using the notes from the manuscript of Professor Bruno Furst on the natural learning ability of the human brain, new concepts and ideas were conceived to help the human brain to break through its current limitation into the next level. And if doesn’t matter if you are a 5- year old learning the multiplication tables or a college student learning complex calculus, it WILL help you!

Your Brain Will Become An Efficient Learning Machine – A Memory Behemoth !

Further improvement in the field of acoustics and subconscious training and motivation has also enabled dramatic improvement in learning, memory and concentration. With new discoveries and technologies in subliminal learning using Binaural and Alpha State entrainment coming online, we can now bypass the critical conscious mind. With the combined techniques you can expect dramatic memory improvement and learning speed.

Finally, the blueprint to memory enhancement, accelerated learning and the great leap forward to creative thinking is ready. Why waste time with the old way of learning which doesn’t work when you can experience dramatic improvement in memory and learning with the Mighty Memory System?


“I am still stunned by my results. At last, something that the ‘lil guy on the street can use! You have an amazing system here. Finally the A’s are rolling in!!. Sweet smelling juicy A’s!

And all I did was make one simple change in my study habit like you suggested. I had no idea it would make such a difference… but it did ! The change takes me just minutes a day and it has saved me hours… no I think it saved me DAYS of study time. I remembered more and understood more than ever before. Thanks very much! ”

Jason B
Spokane, WA


Your Mighty Memory will be slowly released. Once the process is completed in a few days, it will be yours FOREVER. You brain will have a vice-like grip on any information that comes your way. Here are some of the benefits of the evolutionary brain training system;

Study in one third of the time and get better grades than your friends. Learn the ONE skill you need to perfect or else learning will always be an uphill task.
Gain entry to the top colleges and get a good job or career.
Earn more money than your peers and get faster promotions
Be a creative manager or be a successful businessman
Learn complex trigonometrical or statistical equations in less time than it takes to order pizza over the phone.
Develope laser- like focus for better concentration
Meet and remember the names of 50 or more people . Never forget a face again, even years later.
Eradicate absent mindedness forever. Never misplace items again.
Never lose your place in the bible again. Know the books of the bible and memorise biblical verses with ease!
Learn how to find valuable items you secretly hid, absent mindedly misplaced or lost by accident.
Throw away your palm pilot! Remember schedules, appointments in your head
Remember a 100 or more items shopping list or errands to run in your head in seconds. Know it backwards.
Stave off Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.

So Easy! Even A Child Can Learn It ! But I Needed “Rock-Solid” Proof !

Besides its tremendous benefits, it’s an amazingly simple system that even a child can use. In fact, I put just part of the Mighty Memory System to the test in an elementary school. Confident that my technique could also work for normal children, I decided to enlist the help of an old school teacher friend to try out my techniques in her class.  Believe me it wasn’t easy convincing her to try it out. She did not want to make a fool of herself in front of the school board. (Click here to see her testimony).

The results were jaw dropping.  Grades were climbing and her students were more enthusiastic and engaging in class.  That’s because the Mighty Memory SystemTM utilised an important rule of left-right brain synergy, it also made it FUN for the right brain so that the left brain can remember.

And if you are doing poorly in school because you just can’t recall the information
you need for exams, stop right now and learn a skill that will dramatically increase your ability to remember EVERYTHING you learn in school.


“A year ago, I learnt your Mighty Memory training system when I was in college and it made a massive difference in my study time! I used to study more than 10 hours before an exam to get straight A’s. Now, after taking your course I study 2-3 hours for an exam and continued to maintain A’s on exams and a high grade point average. This has certainly freed up more time for my social life. I would recommend this system to any student looking to study less, retain more and get better grades.”

Dana Williams
Colombus, OH


The Mighty Memory System makes it fun to study in a group of 2 or more people. Share ideas, concepts and stories with each other as the hours melt into minutes and learning becomes fun and fast.

Dry and boring school subjects like math and science literally jump to life. Form lasting relationships as you work toward a common goal in life, SUCCESS! Why would anyone want to study the “old” way again?

A question we get asked often is:

Can this product help children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Or Dylexia?

“Feel the dignity of a child. Do not feel superior to him, for you are not.”
– Robert Henri

The answer is YES, and here is why:

When a child reaches school, the child’s natural genius is often shoved aside and a single learning style takes over, lauded by the educational system as the “right way” to learn. Our educational system is mired in controversy. While it may be aware of educational breakthroughs, the politics and red tape prevents innovative ways of becoming part of the system. The result is frustration for many who would otherwise have blossomed into geniuses.
  1. It builds confidence, which offsets the main problem that mainstream education fosters.
  2. Kids with ADD typically are very good at thinking visually and using their imagination – which lends itself well to the method we teach.
  3. Kids with Dyslexia can also benefit. You could start them on the most basic level and once you have gained their confidence and self-esteem, go on to the more advance stage. The child’s natural genius is released.



“My hyperactive 8-year old always had a problem paying attention in school.  

I used just one of your techniques and  he listened to me for just under an hour when I was helping him understand his schoolwork.  This may not seem much to you but you don’t know my son, 10 minutes is a marathon for him!

His teacher has noticed big changes in him too.
Thanks again. ”

Jynette M
Hampton, NA



The Mighty Memory SystemTM teaches you techniques on how to memorize information you are taught in class. Every example used teaches you material you need for school including vocabulary, foreign languages, mathematics, numbers, dates in history, presidents, states, presentations, and periodic table of elements.

While you are learning, you see will a dramatic increase in your confidence level. On top of that, we also have free bonus on how to maximize your study time and perform better on exams.

The instruction is upbeat and positive so you are guaranteed to have fun while you are learning. The fact is, you were not born with a good memory or a bad memory. No one has ever trained you to use your memory properly. Your memory is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it become.

Can The Mighty Memory System Work For The Elderly?

Age is not a pre-requisite for the techniques to work. Anyone who can read can use the system to enhance their learning and memory. For the elderly, the techniques can be used to help learn a new hobby, gain an unfair advantage in card games like poker, learn a new language or simply to memorise a shopping list.

In fact, researchers at the University of California-Irvine have found that by learning and stimulating your mind, you’re able to protect against the development of the pathologies associated with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. More details can be found in the manual and free Newsletters.


Just wanted you to know that I’ve decided to take  up the role of a Bible Study Class Leader last week.   My pastor was quite surprised as he’d been urging me all these years.  Now with your techniques, those bible verses  aren’t intimidating anymore.  In fact, I can think more clearly than I’ve ever done in years and this helps in planning my weekly classes.  Thanks!

Roy B aged 68
Oak Lawn, IL



Young or old, the Mighty Memory System can be used to improve learning and memory.

Norman aged 67 writes;

“I got your program last October when I decided to enrol myself into Community College. I must congratulate you on a masterful work. Your techniques help me overcome a lot of barriers to learning for someone my age. I currently teach my grandson Toby on some simple techniques which I’m sure will come in useful when he starts school. Both of us are loving it!”

Norman Jenkins
Connecticut, USA


Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
—Albert Einstein

An interviewer once asked Albert Einstein how he developed his complex scientific theories. In reply, Einstein reportedly pointed to his head and said that he used a pencil and a piece of paper to develop his ideas. This clearly demonstrates the perfect union of analytics and creativity in problem solving. Out of Einstein’s working process came many famous scientific theories, including the theory of relativity. Nothing could better illustrate the integration of left-brain and right brain: logic and reasoning coupled with imagination and creativity.

The part of the brain that controls rational functions, the cerebral cortex, is made up of two hemispheres. These two hemispheres are referred to as the right side and left side of the brain.

In the late 1960s, American psychobiologist Roger Sperry discovered that the human brain has two very different ways of thinking. The left side of the brain is strongly verbal and processes information in an analytical and sequential way. The right side of the brain is strongly visual and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way.

Get started today and this is what you’ll get in your Mighty Memory SystemTM ;
The Mighty Memory Master Manual

This “Lead-You-By-The-Hand” manual teaches you exactly how you can have a well-trained memory



  • Learn the 3 rules of memory that will make you a memory master.
  • Re-awaken your primordial brain to gain access to your massive memory bank.
  • Test how bad your memory really is. You think it’s bad? It’s worse than you think!
  • Test your memory before and after the course to see how much it has improved.
  • Understand the laws of memory and why you’ll forget 80% of what you learn within 24 hours and how to stop it.
  • Learn how to be more creative as a manager or business man and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Learn how to memorise a 20-digit number sequence and know it forwards and forward in 1 minute.
  • Learn how you can meet 50 people and remember their faces, first and last names.
  • Listen to a lecture the correct way and study smart, not hard and see your grades skyrocket.
  • Learn foreign languages in weeks not years.
  • Learn how to master complex mathematical formulas.
  • Learn the valency table for chemistry elements in minutes.
  • Learn the principles of physics the easy way.
  • Learn how to teach a 5-year old the multiplication tables the fun and easy way.
  • Throw away your palm pilot and learn how to remember appointment and schedules even months into the future.
  • Throw away your pen and paper. Your errands list and shopping list is in your head.
  • Remember important anniversaries, birthdays and historical dates.
  • Learn to remember long speeches or scripts
  • Learn how to never forget road directions.
  • Never forget where you put your house or car keys again.
  • Learn to be the best card player and other memory tricks with playing cards.
  • Learn the laws of mental drawing and use it as a road map for review and creativity.
  • Learn how to retrieve lost memories or items of value thought lost forever.


Special Time Limited Offer If You Act Now!

If you order today, your Mighty Memory SystemTM comes with a 10-minute of state-of-the-art studio recording that will help bring your brain to the ALPHA state of conscious awareness. This is a $25.00 value and it’s FREE together with your Mighty Memory System when you order today!

 The Mighty Memory Alpha Awareness is an MP3 recording that I’ve specially commissioned Northern Lights Recording Studio in Burbank, CA to record. It has specially arranged music with confidence boosting subliminal messages that will bring your brain waves down to the Alpha state. You will receive a professionally recorded mp3 file that you can play on your computer, burn to a CD or play in your mp3 player.

What are Alpha Brain Waves?

It has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that short and long term memory can be improved by listening to binaural sound in the alpha range.

A specific harmonic frequency in the alpha range has been identified as the most potent contributor to improving memory from test to test. It is claimed that by using certain harmonic frequencies we can at least double our ability to learn new material. In some cases this learning ability has been multiplied by a factor of ten.

Using techniques discovered and proven over the last 2 years with additional recent scientific breakthroughs in brainwave enhancement technology you will quickly improve general learning, mathematical ability, langauge learning as well as enhanced memory recall.

Alpha state brainwaves  frequency are between 8 to 14 cycles per second are slower typically slower then beta (our active state)  It is a state of “relaxed awareness ” and it brings many advantages:

  • stimulates intuition, imagination and higher awareness
  • calms your mind and body while  maintaining  mental alertness
  • helps your conscious mind “talk” to your subconscious mind
  • improves your mental processes like concentration, clarity of thinking, decision making, memory
  • frees up  your potential and helps you achieve your goals in life

Embedded in the free bonus Mighty Memory Alpha State recording are more than a 100 subliminal memory affirming messages like “You have a wonderful memory”, “You are a wonderful, intelligent person”, “Your memory is getting stronger and stronger, day by day”, “Your subconscious mind knows all and will reveal to you what you seek”, “You remember quickly and easily”, “You are a creative person” … and many more.

This mp3 recording is your perfect companion together with the Mighty Memory System. Download and save it to your PC or mp3 player. Use it before you study or during a study break to stay focused. Use it before you sleep if you need help from your subconscious to retrieve lost memories. Use it to eradicate fear and anxiety caused by a poor memory or to rebuild your confidence. Or use it anywhere just to relax your mind and be refreshed.

The subliminal messages are just below human hearing range and it’s like your very own life coach gently whispering confidence- boosting affirmations as you relax day after day after day. It never tires and it never judges you..


You didn’t say your programme cures depression, right? But I’ve not had a bout of depression ever since I started learning your techniques. 

Maybe it’s because of the renewed confidence I have in myself. I was always lost in my schoolwork.  I was always petrified whenever I had any class test coming, especially maths.  Now I feel more confident and am definitely enjoying life more. 

Thank you very much!”

Bianca L
Perth, Australia




Hey Martin,

“After graduating from Business School, I was offered a 3-month internship in a stock-brokering firm. I found your program one night and ordered it on a whim. I realised that in this industry, you can quickly get swarmed by fast changing information every hour. When I realised the advantage that your system could give me, I used it on a consistent basis, first to remember the names and faces of the senior associates and easily making small talk with them. I quickly got into their inner circle and further impressed them with the wealth of information I read from the financial and company reports that I bring home every night.

I still get goose-bumps when I hear myself say those cold, raw financial data with confidence, like someone was holding a spreadsheet in front of me. I swear I could only do a fraction of what I’m doing now, when I was in college! Needless to say, I was quickly promoted after my internship and given a sizable client portfolio to work with. I am now making lots of money for my clients and have gained the trust and respect of my peers.

I quite my old life of failure and became the successful person I once dreamt of being. Thanks in no small part to the Mighty Memory System.

I am looking forward to a fat bonus at year end. Your program really paid for itself a thousand times over and I would have gladly paid 10 times what I’d paid for it. And by the way, I’m still using your Alpha State mp3 during my lunch time power naps to keep myself sharp.

Peter O’Reilly
New York




Hi Martin ,

“I’ve always had a habit of forgetting the most mundane of tasks which irritates me and my family. 

It doesn’t help a bit that I’m a mom with 4 kids.  I could drive 2 blocks down the street and turn back because I can’t be sure if I’ve switched off the iron or the stove.  Then I’ll be at the grocery store and not remember what I’m there for …. until I put the keys through the front door when I get back. 

Your techniques forced me to be aware of what I’m doing and sure save me a lot of time ”

Helen D
Haines City, FL




“I don’t know what I’d do without your program.  We just had a massive, company-wide product revamp with new product codes and pricing changed.  It would’ve taken me weeks or even months to figure it all out and it would’ve cost me sales….  but with your techniques it took me just 2 days!  And I’m happy to say, what I wanted to stick in my head…stuck!  And I do appreciate your support at such short notice.

Dave T, Sales Manager
Ontario, Canada



You Might Be Asking Yourself
“How Much Is This Fabulous Memory Training System
TM Going To Cost Me?”

Let’s examine your alternatives.

You could hire an accredited brain training expert for $150 per hour for 4 hours. This would set you back $600.

You could come to one of our seminars at $350. If it comes to your country or state. Then endure hours of travelling and pay for the hotel charges and meals.

You might even try to get free information from the web. Only to realise 3 months later, you’re back where you started from, and getting more desperate.

For years, my success mentors and I have been charging $350 for our “Your Memory, Your Destiny” seminar. But it would be a real shame if we prevented anyone from gaining happiness and success in life because of the cost. So for a limited time only, we got our Marketing Department to come up with an instant downloadable digital version of our unique Mighty Memory System. The savings in delivery and warehousing is passed back to the buyer. You gain instant access to the same information that has started to change people’s lives everywhere. And you’ll be happy to know It’s fully backed by my personal guarantee

Now At A Price Anyone Can Afford!

So for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day for 30 days I want to offer you the life changing Mighty Memory System for an incredibly low price of  $79.95 now only $29.95! This price will not last for long. We will raise it very soon.

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