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Dear Fellow Marketer, on this page I am going to invite you to become part of our inner circle of highly motivated social marketers that are making a KILLING in online profits using sites like Facebook as their personal ATM… but before I do that, let me introduce myself.

It’s true! My team and I have profited OVER $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS ONLINE selling Teeshirts on Facebook!


Hi! I’m Kris Dehnert and it’s true, my business has made OVER $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS (net income) selling Teeshirts online using two specific websites: TeeSpring and Fabrily. Not only that but we’ve been slinging t-shirts online as an affiliate on Facebook before “it was cool.”

We’ve quietly been making ten’s of thousands of dollars online EVERY SINGLE MONTH for YEARS and not only that but we’re also responsible for bringing in some of the biggest names in this business known today.

LIFE is good for me… as you can imagine, when you’re young, making a TON of money, and able to have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want is unreal. Having the ability to travel, take vacations, and really LIVE life to the fullest is what it’s all about and the Internet has not let me down.

Here are some photos from my recent trips.


The Best Part Is My Business Runs By Itself And
Makes Money While I Am Doing The Things I Love

And the reason why I am making money while vacationing is because my business runs by itself… thanks to the amazing team that handles every aspect of my business. I will tell you more about them shortly…

I know that your probably thinking “yeah yeah that’s all good but where’s the proof” so I figure I drop some screenshots and PROVE to you that we’ve been doing this for a LONG time and we STILL crush it every single month online. If you’re like me, MONEY talks and when it comes to the Internet, everyone is making WILD claims. The difference is we can back up everything we’re talking about.

Check these screenshots are from just a few days ago! And remember, I’ve been doing this for OVER 2 years and I’m still going strong!

p1 p2

“Major Doors Were Opened from Social Media! Celebrities, Athletes, and More!”

I truly believe your network is your net worth! As I meet more and more successful people in business, the more my own net worth increases!

As you can imagine when you’re crushing it online like us, EVERYONE want’s to know how we’ve been doing it, and HOW they can work with me. And when I say “everyone” I’m not talking about just Internet Marketers (they took notice too) but major organizations, celebrities, athletes all started calling and emailing!

Now I’m usually not one to name drop but come on, when I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects with athletes like “Tim Tebow” and celebrities like “Si Robertson,” you know word is getting out.


Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Hang Out
With Celebrities While Your Teeshirt Business Is
Depositing Money In Your Bank Account…

Introducing PeerTap!


Selling t-shirts, managing high-profile facebook pages, working with celebrities, and MAKING a TON of money is fun but we also LOVE to give back and teach people what we do and how we’ve done it.

We have a deep rooted belief that everyone should use their opportunities to give back and help others and that’s why we’ve decided to create “The PeerTap” where we can release ALL our techniques and tactics to a small group of motivated individuals who want to literally CLONE our success.

peertap_fb_member_only-300x223After months of planning and building a team that functions like a “Social Money Making Machine,” we have formed an all-inclusive membership called “Peer Tap” for people who want to learn how they can duplicate that success we have experienced, and the ask questions about how to take their Teespring or Fabrily business to the next level of profits and freedom.

Having been doing this longer than most, I am confident we have tactics and techniques that can make a measurable difference in your results. Not only that, we know what you’re missing when it comes to taking the next leap in revenue and profits… and will help you fix it. Things like how to create winning designs, how to better target and optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns, and even the possibility of providing you working capital to scale your winners!


Here’s What’s Included In PeerTap?

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